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2 weeks sounds good.
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Sounds great. I had planned on hitting the pool for a few hours this afternoon (heck the kids can't wreck the house that way) but I'm really struggling with Ethan and after yesterday and then the trip to the store I just can't handle him in public right now.
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Sorry for not being more specific. I need something in the NE heights, academic but not too rigid, full day would be great, but half days are okay, and nothing too religious (if at all). Any ideas? Thanks!
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LOVE the rain!! :

crazy - I hope you feel better! Will you be able to get your car fixed? Our experience with Qwanz was pretty much the same as Emans. Went in for a simple repair, they tried to keep the truck for a week, said it was one repair after another and massively overcharged us while being really nasty about it.

asf - Yikes about the job thing! And you're so nice to be helping out that mom. I found some 3T dresses if you want them too. I can drop them off when we go by your house today.
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The rain was wonderful but too short lived.

I'll think about preschools but I'm not familar with that area.

Can I just say that I love an old house : Our swamp cooler is not happy, again.
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thank you all so much for the clothes for those kids.
The baby now has enough for a bit.

The toddler girl is decked out super cute (and can i say that i was near tears seeing her in stuff i had seen C in and then your kids in and now her *sniff*)

She was so excited trying on all the shoes.

A few of the things even fit the tiny 7 y/o girl.

Comommy - the dino stuff was the biggest hit ever!

Rach - the stuff that was between sizes for her kids either would work for Crazys N or for baby C. Thanks.

Yall are good people.

Cate - unfortunately, having worked in early childhood (and that is what my education is in) I haven't found any centers that are all day preschool. If it is all day it is a daycare.

I would look for more of a moms morning out type of thing - the best i have ever seen for more active kids are ones located inside gymnastics studios. When i taught at one it was 1.5 hours of structured dance/sports/gymnastics and then circle time and free play.

Be wary of any that tout themselves as academic as they are usually mostly forced very teacher lead instruction where there is little learning. The less "academic" usually leads to much more real learning. And with less rigid structuring there is more time for normal socialization.

If possible a NAEYC accredited center will offer the best experience as the teachers are required to have actual ECD training and not just pass a background check.

If you qualify income wise - head start is actually fantastic here. The state funded pre-k program (not based on income - is first come first served) is also wonderful.

here is one place to look


this has some ratings


hopefully you can get some info there
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Excellent. I'm glad all of that stuff could be of use. Let us know if you need anything else.

Have a great holiday, everyone!
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Glad those babies are clothed now.

Have a great holiday. I get to go play croquet. Yay...
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FYI - if you have a few drinks with your husband before bed - do not try to use the diva cup. It may result in much hilarity and diva FAIL
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Glad we could help asf. LOL about the failure!

emans - oh no! Didn't you guys just have that thing fixed recently?!

catemom - I'm of no help, I know nothing really of the schools in that area especially since we are homeschooling our kids. Sorry!

Bah, why do my family members have to all get sick or hurt on holidays or weekends?? C woke up at 5:30 this am and spent the next 3 hours throwing up every 10 minutes. Listless too, which is SO unlike her. At least she seems to be feeling better now and ate some oatmeal. I think our diet has been pretty crappy lately, and she is paying for it Time to stop eating out!

Hope everyone has a great holiday! It would be nice if we could all get together for a summer BBQ again. What do you think?
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ARRRRGGHHHH...I really don't like other people's kids. (Well, except for your kids. ) Breathe, breathe...I'm shaking I'm so mad.

Anyway, ASF, we found C's old crocs if you still need them. They are a size 12-13. Let me know.
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I'm over my little temper tantrum and realize that it's only a particular kid I don't like. That might even be too harsh. I don't like that he hurts my kids and doesn't listen to me. *sigh*

ASF - that's hilarious!

Blue - hope everyone is feeling better in your house

cate - I hope you find what you're looking for!

elm - Make sure you get pictures today!
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Comommy, what happened.

Blue it's an ongoing problem the thing is too darn old and too small for the house.

Elm, I need pictures.

ASF if you need anything else let me know, with a bit of notice I can dig a bunch out.

We are home from dinner and now the kids are making me crazy waiting for fireworks and I'm feeling old and ready for bed.
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Hope MNO was fun. I spent the last few days in a tent with screaming kid that had the pukes and diarhea , oh was it fun.....did I mention without DH.

I have a small preschool at my house NE heights (just one day a week, maybe two in the fall). I had some great success this last year with a young boy who was really struggling at his other preschool. He has moved back into a full time program and is doing much better.

ASF is right about head start or if he is qualifies for public preschool either as a peer model or because he has specific problems that need addressed there are some great programs.

Anyone up for swimming next week?
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COMommy, I don't like other people's kids either. LOL. That's not true, but there are some kids that really irk me.

Anodyne, the sick kid in a tent doesn't sound like too much fun. Hope they're better now!!

I am so full of good foods.
We were able to see lots of fireworks from our driveway. Gotta love neighbors who set off the really big ones. One was setting them off at an angle. That just did not look safe at all!!! But other than that, good times.
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COMommy, I really only like playgroup kids. Other peoples kids just annoy me. There are some few exceptions, but lets just say I should not be a teacher or child care provider.

Anodyne, bummer about the camping.

I'll send you guys some pictures. We didn't actually play croquet because the weather was sucktastic, but we took the picture anyway. And then we watched the fireworks that the country club put on from SIL's backyard and it was great. I pretty much invited us over for next Fourth of July
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Just wanted to say hi mamas. I live in Edgewood.
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Hello Mamatoabunch!
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Had to pull out the potty chair tonight. Ds was at my dads house on tuesday and my dad insisted that he peed on the baby potty while DD was on the big potty. Well tonight he got out of the bath and was running around naked. Big C went potty and he dragged his little lawn chair in the bathroom, sat on it, and peed. It was funny - once i was done cleaning it up. So out came the potty chair. Is it weird that he knows when he pees but doesn't talk? I am going to try and let him be naked at least when Big C is home since he likes to potty with her.
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That's too cute!
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