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Originally Posted by maciascl View Post
Why is it 65 degrees in June in Southern CA, it should be 85-90???
I know! I live by the coast and I'm used to May Gray and June Gloom but I work 10 miles inland and have hardly seen sunshine at work all week.
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I'm gonna try this recipe tonight:


and I'll pick up some Naan at the supermarket.
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Originally Posted by hakeber View Post
I'm gonna try this recipe tonight:


and I'll pick up some Naan at the supermarket.
That sounds yummy!:
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Was in a friend's wedding last night and Thurs night was wedding prep stuff, so I haven't eaten at home the past two nights. Tonight is the reception, so it will be another night of not eating at home.

For lunch today, I have planned falafel, pita, hummus, greek salad w/ feta and olives, stuffed grape leaves, and a big fruit salad. My mother in law is coming over for a belated mother's day lunch.
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We had leftovers from dinner at MILs. I don't know what they are called, but they are sort of empanada made with corn meal masa & stuffed with beans or cheese. We had refried beans & mexiacan rice on the side. I love that DS2 had 2 servings of beans & rice & nothing else : DS1 won't touch beans unless I hide them in patties or something like that.

Tonight DH has a bike race at 4:45 so we will probably grab something after that is over with the inlaws. Tomorrow is Sunday dinner at MILs house. We spend alot of time with the inlaws lately....
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Tonight it's Greek beans and roasted potatoes along with leftover hummus, pita, and tabouli.
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Originally Posted by CourtneyY5 View Post
Could I possibly get the recipe for the tofu sour cream?
Sorry it's taken me so long to get the recipe to you...been out of town. It's from Garden Cuisine(the gardenburger cookbook)

1 10.5 ounce firm silken tofu(I use whatever I have on hand)
1 tsp cider vinegar
1 TBLS rice vinegar
1 teas sucanat(can anyone tell me what that is lol)
1 TBLS Lemon jiuce
1/2 tsp salt

Blend until smooth
I don't put in the salt and I add garlic.

I've been out of town all week(cooking for omnis, which isn't fun for me), we had

Taco salad in tortilla bowls, with refried beans
mock chicken nuggets and fries
tofu(the meateaters made chicken) stirfry with coconut powder mixed with apple juice sauce.
veggie maki rolls-avacado cucumber/carrot peppers/sweet potato
hummus wraps for lunches

We got a huge organic shipment this week and I went to the farmers market on sat. We've got a ton of great looking yummy fresh stuff, so we'll be eating a lot of raw...There's a local hemp farm that was at the farmers market and I got 3lbs of raw hemp hearts for $20! They are the freshest I've tasted...so good! I also got a 50lb...yes I said 50lb bag of potatoes for $15. So I'll be making some perogies/samosas to freeze
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Last night I made palak paneer and basmati rice. That took care of the food service sized bag of baby spinach that I got at the produce store. Ds was overjoyed that I used paneer cheese instead of tofu.

Tonight will probably be some type of pasta and sauce with a salad. Monday evenings we are busy with activities.
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Last night I made tacos. Tonight is Quorn nuggets, tater tots, and melon. Obviously falling into a rut again!
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tonight for dinner we had sweet potato-spicy walnuts wrap and apple slices. the wrap consisted of sweet potato, mexican spiced walnuts, broccoli, green onions, zucchini, and homemade ranch dressing. for dessert we had a delicious chocolate chip cookie from whole foods and a zevia. :

tomorrow we are having white bean rosemary soup with croutons and a salad.
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Tonight we had taco-chickpeas over baked potatoes, topped with cashew cheese, guacamole and lettuce from the garden.
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We're having friends coming over and she is bringing home made eggplant parmesan, garlic bread & wine. I'll provide the mixed salad and a home made German apple cake.
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Last night was pitas, wraps, hummus and veggies with hemp seeds....Simple yummy and felt great after

I tried to make a kale,hemp seed spread, but our blender bit the dust and the hand blender wouldn't work. So I've got the kale inthe dehydrator with oil, salt and garlic...made potato chips in it yest.
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I'm going to try the recipe for mushroom and artichoke lasagna that was linked here.
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last night we had takeout from our favorite burrito place. Yummy black beans, rice, guacamole, tomatoes!
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tonight DH is going to make double bean tacos while i am out picking up our first CSA share of the season. : tomorrow i will make snobby joes from veganomicon (first time!) with oven roasted broccoli and caulifower on the side.
not sure what we'll make the rest of the week, it will depend on what i pick up tonight!
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Take out Indian food tonight- chole peshawari for me, and vegetable curry for DH. And naan of course! YUM!
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Last night was Morningstar Chik'n patties with roasted rosemary potatoes & asparagus. Tonight we are having apricot ginger tofu & snap peas. I haven't decided if I am going to bother with rice yet. No one seems to like it much around here lately.
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The mushroom and artichoke lasagna was a hit.

Tonight will be something with kale, white beans, and TJ's meatless Italian sausages. I don't know if it will be a soup or a pasta yet.
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Hi all!

I've missed several months of this -- used to post a lot, and then got out of the habit. Now that summer is here and we started to get our farm box again, I'm feeling excited about cooking and sharing and learning new recipes!

Yesterday we got our first box of the year, and per usual for mid-June, it was heavy on the leafy greens. For dinner last night we had a big salad with lettuce and radishes from the box and peppers, carrots, baby corn, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries from the grocery store. I also made a basil focaccia (using the rosemary focaccia recipe from v'con, subbing basil), and we had strawberries from the farmer's market.

Tonight, we're having a spinach rice casserole (spinach from the box), zucchini bread (zukes from the box) and something called Ginger Butter Choi (choi from the box) that we've never tried before. The choi we got is just gorgeous, but I really don't know much about how to cook it. I'm using the recipe from the cookbook we got with our farmshare last year: The Real Dirt on Vegetables. Wish us luck!!!

Excited to see what other folks are eating during this lovely growing season...
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