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Yeast Infection?!

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Yikes! I think I have another yeast infection. I am due the 20th! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I will have her test me, but do I do the antibiotics she'll give me if it IS a yeast infection? Last time I had one I did natural stuff and it didn't work and got worse, so I don't know if I want to take the time to do that. Then I just did over the counter stuff, so don't know if I even killed the yeast. Should I just do the prescribed stuff?
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Antibiotics cause yeast, you don't take them to get rid of it. There are a ton of natural ways to get rid of it. Start taking probiotics, cut out sugar (I had such a horrible one once and cut out all sugar and carbs and fruit for a few days- ate only veggies and protein), you can put yogurt or cloves of garlic in your vagina, and there are more but I can't think right now. Go do a search in the health and healing section. Good luck, those things suck!
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Last time I put probiotic capsules up there for me and it worked wonderfully. Along with heavy oral dosing of probiotics, etc. I've done garlic too - but didn't think it worked as well.

I wouldn't take abx unless ABSOLUTELY necessary at this stage of pregnancy. I even declined the GBS test because I refuse to take abx just "in case" of a GBS+ result (where the risk to the baby is still very, very small).

I came down with thrush after DS was born and it was a horrible, horrible experience and literally took months to get rid of. So anything I can do to prevent that now I'll do!
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I feel for you! yeast infections can be miserable. I am, regrettably, the queen of yeast infections. I got my first one before I could drive because I was taking antibiotics for tonsillitis.

Now, I am NOT an interventionist about almost anything. I refuse almost all tests (including GBS and any pelvic exams), treat as little as possible (no eye drops or vitamin K), etc. etc. However, I assure you that the best way to get rid of a yeast infection (and many times the only way) is to get meds--they are not anti-biotics; they are anti-fungals. Antibiotics kill bacteria. Anti-fungals kill fungus (including yeast). I had a bad yeast infection while pregnant with DS and it took two rounds of anti-fungal cream. The doc gave me a RX, because at the time my insurance would pay for it, but you may be able to just get an over the counter meds, but it may take more than one round. I have had to take more than one round on more than one occasion.

I take probiotics religiously, and they help prevent yeast infections (infections are caused by an imbalance in the mix of yeast and bacteria in your vagina, and pro-biotics are just bacteria that is naturally found in your gut and vagina, but you are supplementing with a little extra to restore balance), but once that yeast is "overgrown" as it were, probiotics for me and many others are not enough. If I had a yeast infection today, this is what I would do: (1) use an over the counter cream (if you used Monostat last time, use Lotrimin this time or vice versa), (2) ask your health care provider for a RX for Diflucan, (3) start taking pro-biotics religiously, and (4) take baths with vinegar added to the water (vinegar has a PH level that is not hospitable to vaginal yeast). As you can tell, I am all about aggressive intervention!

You do NOT want to have any yeast infection at ALL when baby is born, as you can end up in a nasty thrush battle.

So far as I know, there are very, very few risks (I know of none) associated with using anti-fungal creams, suppositories, or oral meds. Diflucan is usually very effective, and is taken orally, though it often takes longer to take effect, and could require two doses.

Good luck getting rid of those yeast devils!
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Oops. I know I wouldn't take antibiotics! Duh! I meant antifungal meds! Pregnancy brain and typing too fast!

Thanks for the options everyone. Last time I DID do the probiotics, garlic, etc and it didn't help- just got worse. I really don't want my baby getting thrush. And I do take probiotics regularly...actually that's why I'm even wondering if it IS a yeast infection. I'll have her check today.

rivkah, I definately will do all of the above if I find out today that it is yeast. My second child had thrush from a yeast infection at birth and it was horrible. Spread to my nipples and took forever to get rid of and it really hindered breastfeeding for us! Thanks for all the advice!
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