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Smiling Babies

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Are all of our babies smiling yet? Post some smile photos!

Ryan is almost 8 weeks and smiles so much, especially in the morning after we get out of bed. Here he is on the changing table: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chocosa...n/photostream/ and in a cute Threadless hoodsie:http://www.flickr.com/photos/chocosa...n/photostream/
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Hee hee! Those photos make me smile!! I really have to get my camera out more!
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This is going to be the best thread ever!!!
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Cute pics! LO actually smiled ALOT at DD1 and I this morning. It's precious to wake up to a smiling baby next to you. DD1 thought it was the coolest thing. I didn't want to miss them so didn't get up to get the camera...hopefully will get more later!
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whoa! I dreamed about this thread a couple of days ago...and i just now remembered it!! LOL


I can't seem to catch a good one of her smiling, and I think I dreamt this after I tried for one whole day to get one, I miss it because of the delay or she turns or both, but here's a close one....
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aww they are super cute! i don't think i've gotten a good smiling picture yet. ill have to try today. she likes to smile in the morning too.
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These are the cutest pictures.
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oh goodness! I love this thread! makes me smile and say awwww
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I posted this in the chat thread, but here is a progression. Finally she stopped looking shocked when I point the camera in her face!
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Mathias has been smiling for a while. I'll post a couple pictures later when I'm not nak. We did professional pictures yesterday, since he is 3 months today, and we even caught him smiling then.:
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ooooo - this is super fun.... and these babies are all a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!


DH has an amazing camera that he borrows from work, we snapped these photos one morning when he was in a particularly great mood... then, yes, he peed on the bed like any good baby would do! LOL
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Here's a picture of Mason smiling at his Ikea playgym thingy...
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What cute babes!!!

Just added some smiling pics on my website...
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here's a couple



they're all so cute! how did we get so many cute babies in one ddc?
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These are all so, so lovely
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Upping the ante --
How about a smiling video? My husband is convinced that Mason said his first word today.
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Eden does this!! i always thought it was a coincidence that it sounded like hello! maybe not???? so cool you have it on video!
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Kate - I like the pic with the "see my muscles" caption.... funny

I agree, our DDC has so many cutie pies!
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Oh my goodness, this thread would make Attila the Hun smile and say "Awww." I am totally coming back here next time I feel crappy.

I'm working on getting video of River smiling, so once I get a good one I'll come back and post a link.
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