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Help, I can’t find my Dd’s fav toy phone. It had been a very long day waiting for my step mom to finish surgery and my diaper bag fell off my lap and her toy phone slide into some sort of liquid on the floor-YUK! So I threw it away, thinking I would go online and buy another. I have looked everywhere and can’t find another one that is the same. I don’t know the brand. I know it is silly, but I am so upset about it. It is red on the back and has yellow number buttons on the front. When you push a number it says the number then beeps that many times (like a scale). It also has sayings like “do you want to come to my party” and “do you know my home phone number”. I have looked at other phones and will probably have to settle. If anyone has one, or knows what brand it is, or can help me get one…please let me know.