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Sore nipples anyone?

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For the past week or two I've been having super sore breasts but mostly my nipples. I feel like I'm back in the first trimester, cringing everytime I take off my bra. I've even started using a bit of lanolin (which seems to help a tiny bit). This is my first so wondering if this is normal.
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It sucks, but it's completely normal. I get stinging pains in my nipples all the time now. Your bb's are getting ready for baby!
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I haven't had nipple pain (but I didn't last time either) but my breasts have been sore similar to the sensation of the milk coming in...they feel bigger too. Hang in there and use your cream if it helps them feel better - the end is almost here!
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Oh yeah, cool compresses help sometimes. Worth a shot.
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I never had nipple pain at all before my DS was born. I'd be careful it's not thrush. If after baby comes, you get a "shards of glass" feeling in your nipples, then it's definitely thrush.

Sorry my news isnt' more upbeat - but I just never dealt with that so ?? Even now my nipples are totally fine.
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I just started noticing this a few days ago too. I assumed it's just my body gearing up to feed the lo.
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Whew! Happy I'm not the only person dealing with this. I figured it was my body getting ready for the baby to come but wasn't quite sure. Thanks Sherri I'll keep thrush in mind too.
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Definitely - I am still nursing dd so its super intense now but I also remember feeling it as her delivery approached. The lanolin seemed to help me then as well as making sure to wear a supportive bra.
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