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Amelia Kate is here!

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Her stats:
June 1 10:32pm HST
5 lbs 13 oz 20"

I'll make this quick LOL.

I had decreased movement Sun night/Mon morning, so DH and I headed to the hospital for reassurance. NST was fine, u/s was not, very low fluid (3 according to my midwife) and off to L/D I went for an immediate induction.

My midwife inserted cervadil. It did get some contrax going but it was slow going. Contrax were like "good" brax hix kind, not doing much but they were regular.

At 945pm I got in the jacuzzi (they let me get off monitors for 30 mins at a time) and it felt sooooo good....I wanted to stay there all night. All of a sudden I started having intense/insane back labor and my legs started shaking. I have quick labors and legs shaking=transition for me usually.

I got out, threw on my tank top and went out to tell the nurse I wanted to be checked and maybe get some fentinol because the contrax were coming so fast (like every 2 mins) and lasting long and were so bad and I knew I couldn't do that all night. She quickly checked me at 10:22pm, I was 5cm so she stepped out to grab the fentinol to put in my IV.

This is where it got crazy. I had 3 good/hard contrax and then my water broke, DH yelled in the hallway that my water broke, they call came running, and by then baby was crowing and my body was in autopilot, pushing her out. There was no stopping me. They tried to get me to do that crazy quick breathing and slow dow for my midwife to get there but honestly, I could not stop it. My body just pushed and pushed and out she came, born at 10:32pm. : Apgars were all good, she's a little peanut though!

So I went from 5cm at 10:22 to born at 10:32pm...wow!!!

I feel awesome though, I did end up going all natural, no drugs and baby is doing awesome. SOO alert, so attentive, follows my voice w/her eyes! I am in awe of how my body worked to push her out, it just went into autopilot and did it. And it didn't hurt (the pushing her out part) like I had thought it would, actually, it felt really good!!!
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WOW MAMA! How intense! Congrats big time and
Amelia Kate!!:
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Welcome Amelia! What an incredible birth story - woo-hoo! I love it!

Congratulations! :::
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Awesome, congratulations!!!
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Awesome job, Mama! Welcome to the world, Amelia!:
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great story -- and good for you, mama, for catching a situation before it became super serious!!! congrats on your new little girl and welcome to Amelia!
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Congratulations!!! : Great job noticing the decreased movement and getting it checked out!
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Whoa, that sounds intense!
Amelia is such a beautiful name!
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wow!! congrats mama!! : don't you love it when your body just does what it needs to do??
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Congrats Mama! That's awesome. Love, Love, Love the name Amelia Kate! Can't wait to see pictures!
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Congrats mama! Awesome!
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WOW!! Just reading that I felt intense! Congrats mama!
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Congratulations i am glad it went so well for you.
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Originally Posted by MangoMommy View Post
Her stats:
June 1 10:32pm HST
5 lbs 13 oz 20"
So I went from 5cm at 10:22 to born at 10:32pm...wow!!!
Congratulations, sounds very similar to my birth with my first, he was also 5lb 13oz and I did the going from 5cm very quickly to birth too, almost the same time as birth as you too, 10.16pm!
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HOW exciting! That's so cool your body went into autopilot--I'm trying to manifest the same!!
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By the way, I LOVE the name! Amelia was on our girl list!
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