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Calling all moms who gave their DD's unique names! (a sister thread)

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I thought it might be fun to do a sister thread for the ds' with unique names. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I think girls names are SO much harder to come up with! Dh and I are planning to start TTC in August so I've already got baby names on the brain.
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Hello sister thread poster!! !

Well, for the possibility that this baby I'm carrying is a girl...I've got a list made up!

I'm really loving the name Eliza, right now, and if this baby is a girl (find out in four day! Eek!) she will most likely be named Eliza! We love the way it goes with our DDs name, Avery. Avery and Eliza...best sisters ever!

Some other I love:

Hazel (I know, common now)

I think girls names are so much EASIER than boys! Boys are hard!
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Eeek, I think it's so hard to think of girl names! LOL

We like...
Eila ( pronounce i-la),
Rue, and
Aurora ( Rory).

I also like Remi, but can't decide if it's a girl or boys name.

ETA: I'm iffy about Rue. It means regret and I don't like that!!
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Well, my daughter's name is Lilah. I wanted to name her Delilah but DH dislikes biblical names so we compromised and I am happy with it. If our third is a girl, we are considering the names:
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my DD's name is Alina. The i sounds like a long e.
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Our daughter's name is Carmen. I have always loved the name, the opera the ballet... I once had a plush (real, but plush) black cat I named Carmen.

Our considerations were:
Easy to spell and pronounce, but not too common (at least around here). We actually like that it's a common name in a few languages. People always say they love the name when they hear it; but we haven't heard of a single other Carmen anywhere, child or adult.

Ideally applicable to either gender. I loved that I could name my child without knowing what the sex would be.

Feminine, but strong-sounding.

If we have another girl, I SO would want the name Bella. It's probably my favourite name ever. But dh thinks 2 girls named Carmen and Bella would sound a bit much. I just love the romance and drama.
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I'm looking for a unique girl's name to go with our DD who is named Corinna River. I'm having a very difficult time!!!
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Not a mom yet but I work in a day care and had a Holland and a Marta in my class. In the class just below mine there is an Adelaide. In the 4s there is a Hadley.

My favorite girls names are:

Eleri/ Ellery
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My DD is Owyn (pronounced like Owen). Not such an uncommon name, but it is for girls.

My top choice was Gretta, but DH nixed it. On another thread here, I saw Fable for a girl and am currently in love with that name.
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My name is Thyra, pronounced like a "tear" in your eye, with an "a" at the end.

I love it. It's the female version of Thor - which fits me perfectly But, there are many other variations as well. I get a lot of compliments on it, and although I always have to correct people on the pronunciation I don't care b/c I don't know anyone else with my name.
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I was waiting for this thread!

Natalie~ I also love the name Eliza and think it goes well with Avery! I'm all about sibling names "fitting"

We have 3 girls and 2 on the way. Their first names aren't unique to me just old fashioned. Their middle names are Tolkien related. Still people think they are "different" names so I hope it's ok that I share!

Ok my 5 girls are (I'm adding their middle names because I love their full names and I am one of those moms who uses both in addressing them )...
Lilith Luthien
Mable Mirkwood
Olive Onodrim
and coming soon...
Birdie Beren
Poppy Peregrin
(of course they aren't born yet so those could change)

Other names we have thought of (first names only)...
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DD is Eloise, which is a very uncommon name, it hasn't made the top 1000 for 30+ years. Some of the other names we were thinking about for her were:

Hazel (getting more common)
Willow (getting more common)
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We love Moira, Portia, and Millicent!

I forgot to add Blue and Bluebell.
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My oldest is named Lael. People have trouble pronoucing it but we all love it.

And my full name is Jacqulyn. It hasn't been on any of the Top Name lists in 10 or so years.
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I plan on naming my daughter Clarity Leilani (Hawaiian for heavenly flower)
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My daughters name is Janelle Ashlynn, not as unique as her brothers Kincaid Chance and River Anderson, but more unique than her other brother Travis Neil.
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my dd's name is Judah Magnolia. Other girls names I considered were Ada and Annika.
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My children are Shaye (I also liked the Shea and Shay spelling, but DP liked Shaye better), Naia (pronounced Ny-uh), and Laela (like Layla).

I always loved the name Sage, but DP said we might as well name her Celery.
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I like Sage.

We have a Celeste she really enjoys her name, though for some reason people have trouble spelling it.
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My dd's name is Maaike, pronounced my-keh but people around here tend to say Mike-a. DP and I couldn't agree on any female name except this one- I had a friend in high school with this name, looked it up and found out it was dutch (and so is my DP) so he liked it. I love it!

The only annoying part is that no one can spell it! There are a few kids around here named micah so they tend to spell it like that, and of course never say it right when they see it written.
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