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Originally Posted by mamalemon View Post
Well, my daughter's name is Lilah. I wanted to name her Delilah but DH dislikes biblical names so we compromised and I am happy with it. If our third is a girl, we are considering the names:
I love Freya and Juniper! Only thing is, Freya is my SIL's name and Juniper was my dh's cats name

I'm kind of stuck on Johanna, Opal, and Bernadette...but I just don't know
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My daughter's name is Qualia, pronounced KAL-ee-uh. It's pretty unique, in that it's a real word but it's not used as a name and she's the only person we know of who has her name. Qualia is a Latin word for a philosophical idea describing the essence of something and how a person must experience that essence firsthand to really understand it.
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I had to go look it up on babynames.com, but here's my list when we were trying to decide on DD's name.

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DD is Cecily Juliana. Cecily is the medieval variant of the name Cecilia, the patron saint of music. Juliana is also a saint's name (she supposedly tied up the devil!) but we chose it rather to honor dd's birth which was near Christmas ("Jul" in Swedish means "Yule").

If we ever have another girl (which I doubt since we strongly want dd to be an only), we are considering:

Aurelia Ivy
Beatrice Clara
Adela Constance
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We went with traditional for my first dd name: Grace Judith, and with dd#2, I wanted something more original but meaningful. We chose Veda Rose because Veda is sanskrit for "wise woman" and Rose is after my mother. DD#1 middle name is after my dh mother. We've had our share of looks when we tell people her name, but lots of others love it. However, if I hear one more time..."Wasn't that the name of the little girl in My Girl movie?" I may scream!
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When we found out we were having twins DH and I didn't want to know their genders, so tried to come up with b/b, g/g, and b/g sets of names. The same gender name were easy for us.
b/b Silas (we were set on this as a boys name) & Avery
g/g Iris & Sylvia
but we could not agree on a girl name to go with Silas. The tech slipped up at my 20 week u/s and let us know we were having b/g twins, so we started making lists. It wasn't until a few weeks before they were born that we finally agreed on Silas & Mira (meer uh when people read it they tend to pronounce it Myra). Now almost everytime someone asks their names they've heard of another toddler named Silas, but no other Mira's. It's funny, because I don't think of her name as uncommon, but she does get compliments on it regularly. And though it's not her name, we frequently call her Mirabella.

Other faves:
Olive (my mom's middle name...good thing we didn't use it, DD is skinny, dark and tall!)
Jane (couldn't get over the plain Jane saying, even though I think it's pretty)
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When considering names before I know ds was a boy I really liked Ani.

I also liked

Sigh. I'm pretty sure ds will be my only, so I am a little sad about parting with these names!
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DD is Morgan - easy to pronounce/spell, common but not too common although people frequently hear Megan when she first says her name. As a general rule I dislike the fact that so many girls names end in either an "a" sound or and "e" sound so generally I like names that don't end in that sound (although not always)
I like:
Alexandra (but called Alex)
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Wow, you guys hit on some of my favorite names right away and suggested some more!

I like my name, but didn't want to name my DDs after me:


Instead, we named them:

Annabel Eve
Isadora Rose

We picked Annabel pretty quickly, but have come to really love the sound of Isadora. Both are good for nicknames, you can see our in my siggy below.
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Phaedra- brilliant, fiery
Sylvie- of the woods
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rings like a bell through the night

I have no kids yet, but as a Rhiannon, I have given plenty of thought to unusual names.

My top girl names are:


I think I just really like that "i" sound. Husband likes Lorelei best. I hope my sometime-in-the-future kid is a girl because I can't think of a single boy name.

In the meantime, if anybody else asks me if I was "named after the song" I'm going to scream (the answer is, "sort of but not really").
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It's been mentioned a couple of times but my DD's name is Ivy.
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My dd is Sidonie Pascal, pronounced like Sydney. I also love Genevieve and Josephine. I guess I'm partial to the French names! Also Eliana and Ellianne.
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My DD's name is Zakiah . I haven't met any other Zakiah's
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My dd's name is Aellyn - pronounced like Ellen with a long A (also rhymes with Palin, as in Sarah Palin).

I don't know of anyone with that name currently
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My girlies are Liberty and Iris.
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Dd1 is Aurora..I've only ran across one other in 16 years

I also liked Azarae, Theda & Lorinda.
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Our baby's name Chiara (kee-AH-ra), another name I had for her was Leticia.
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mnj77 - we have a sidonie too!! i didn't like the look of a "y" in the spelling and the "o" gives it character.

our other dd is analeigh; easy to pronounce if you see it written and also know that she is a girl.

both dds have family names for their middle names.

other names i've liked:
gretchen (wren)
alexis (alex)
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My DD is Denae.

Danae is from Greek Mythology, I just liked it with an E better.

It's pronounced like Renee, but with a D

It's uncommon (as in not in the top 1,000 according to social security) but we've come across a few others with the name in the past couple years including a Danae in the classroom right next to hers.
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