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HOLY COW (cow crop) MOMMA!!! You ROCK!!!

I will save these tips for future use (Just in case someone I know needs em)
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Originally posted by Ms.Doula
HOLY COW (cow crop) MOMMA!!! You ROCK!!!

I will save these tips for future use (Just in case someone I know needs em)
Thank you daaaahhhhlings. No applause - just throw money.

Really, truly, I'm a very nice person. I know I sound slightly insane in the post, but I truly believe that people will lie to women about their health as long as they're not held accountable. Now, if you've been traumatized, I am not arguing that you must pursue any particular course of action. It's your choice to take whatever action you feel is necessary.

But there are always alternatives to silence, if a person so wishes.

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FrumDoula How late after th fact can this matter be persued?
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Alegria, the statute of limitations varies by state. Here is a site I found. http://www.medical-malpractice-lawye...lpractice.html so you can look yours up. In NY, it's 2 1/2 yrs, so that opportunity is lost to me now.

FrumDoula: You are a total kick-ass warrior. I wish I knew about this site back in '99. I'm saving this list you put together. It's too late for me, but I think it's a pretty safe bet I'll run into another woman who felt mugged by her c-sec, instead of rescued. I know this might not make any sense, but you have no idea how validating it is to read about my fears coming true with someone else. I never said out loud before how much I was afraid of having them take my baby away. It sounds crazy and paranoid, but now, reasonable as well. Only dh and 2 of our closest friends even know the whole story. He was subject to all the manipulations and deceptions that I was. I don't think I have to describe what a grenade that diagnosis of herpes was, lobbed into our new marriage. Thankfully, we never lost faith in each other, and reallly, only we know what a total vindication that negative herpes culture turned out to be. When I decided to go for an HBAC, he was behind me 100%. Feeling very wam and lovey toward dh right now. He's sound asleep and I should be too.

Goodnight, moms.
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The statute of limitation for medical malpractice may be past, but what about coercion, assualt and battery?

A case could be made for those, as well as, if you really got a pushy lawyer, conspiracy, since they doctor and nurse lied togther about your condition in order to get you to aquiese. (sp)

I do not think it's a done deal quite yet. I would need to check the statues in your state regarding assault, battery and conspiracy.

I think it would be worth checking out with a good lawyer. Because you were threatened, you're more like a rape victim in the sense that the trauma and sense of isolation caused you to take a long time in reporting.

Add to that the cultural "shame" put on things like a herpes diagnosis, and you have a recipe for silence that protects your health care providers way more than it protects you.

NEVER, EVER BE ASHAMED. And know that you are far from alone.

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lollaleeloo...Oh sweetie, s to you. My soul cries for the horror that you experienced.

Ms. Doula...you are awesome
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lollaleeloo: about the ob and his staff..

Why not contact the ACLU? This is a forced treatment issue after all. Coersion, lying, blackmail....


And I had similar with my son over GBS! Never mind the 1hr gt I failed - even though my body was trying to get me to barf to get rid of the sugar crap. I was told by the tech that if I had barfed, the test would have been invalidated!??!!

Gee.. pucking up that sugar crap - wouldn't that mean that my body is handly sugars well?
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Originally posted by lollaleeloo
"Natural childbirth is overrated in my opinion, and probably not the best choice for you anyway. I mean, look at you. You can't even keep still during an exam. Do you really think you're cut out for labor?" Swear to God, people.
my OB said the same thing to me when I showed her my birth plan.

thanks so much for sharing your story.

I am so pleased to rea din your siggy about your next births I hope to triumph as well
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Ms.Doula-- thanks for posting the article. I am horrified. And very concerned about the precident this could set.

ANd the women's stories here.. I too am speechless. ((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))) to the brave mamas whoe suffered.

more later...kids waking up.
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Am in awe that I missed this thread when it first showed up. What an incredible story.

lollaleeloo your story is mind-blowing. Glad your babies and you are okay

And FrumDoula
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