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Container Store's ELFA shelving systems

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Are they worth the money?
I like the looks of one of the home office designs and one of the kids' toy storage/activity areas but I'm wondering if I could achieve a similar effect with materials purchased individually at a hardware store or something.
Who has the ELFA systems and are you happy with them?
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I bought the wall shelves and a desk. The shelves were really easy to install and look great. I would buy them again for the convenience of installation alone. The desk was a little high (although it looked nice) so we ended up selling it after a couple of years and bought a different kind from Target. I don't know about the kids' storage products but overall I recommend the Elfa line.
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The shelves that attach to brackets that hang from the top of the wall are sturdier than the other kind. You want the "hanging" standards, not the "wall mount" ones. Other than that little date point, I've been *very* pleased with the Elfa shelves and rolling carts I've bought. They even let me exchange the wall-mount standards for the hanging ones when I realized that what I'd bought wasn't going to work for me.
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Interesting. Thanks for that information.
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I have 2 Elfa closets - in my kids' rooms.

They're OK. I didn't want a California Closet system particle board in my home, that's why I went with this. (Though a friend whose kids closets are tiny compared to mine, ordered California Closet system from Costco and I'm amazed how much she crammed into her tiny space! So I think I just need to get creative with my daughter's

My time is valuable, and I suppose I could have gone to Lowe's (a million miles away) to figure something out, but I don't have time for a million returns/exchanges). I knew with Elfa I order it, put it in and I don't have to worry about it again. I believe Elfa shelves are DEEPER than what you find at your hardware store and I'm trying to maximize closet space here, so that matters too.

I made sure to buy during their annual sale. If you go with ELFA, make sure to keep your receipt and return anything you do not use. I kept my receipts and items in my garage for 3 yrs, returned a bunch of stuff, and got back over $100. Elfa will sell you things you may not need (bumpers for the edges) and everything adds up.

My son is 9 and I put his in about 3 years ago. I bought their mesh drawer shelves for one side of his wide closet and that was a giant rip off because it was very pricey and I think IKEA sells a smaller, cheaper version.

I think his shelving (I changed things up recently) works very well for his needs.

I just put in a closet for my daughter, but I feel like I made a mistake in the design. Like there isn't enough shelf space for all her stuff. But maybe I just need to play with it a bit.

I NEED to post pictures so I can show you what the heck I'm talking about.

What's the easiest way to do that? Flicker? Where I can highlight areas???
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I bought some this year to organize the kitchen pantry and LOVE them. They are very well made and sturdy. Even with some loaded with cans they do not bend easily. I also have the less expensive kind (i think rubbermaid?) that looks similar. They are definately a different quality. The wire is a lot thinner and the plastic white *coating* on the wire is thinner as well. I like how the elfa componenents are interchangeable within their designs so I can change them. I got mine at the container store when they were on sale.
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Ooh! Responses!

We went ahead and ordered them and will pick them up on Tuesday. I am currently trying to clear a path into the toy room so we can install the shelving. I will put pictures on Flickr when I get everything in.
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Any pictures??? We are really wanting to install an elfa desk in our den. Is it hard.
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OK, I'll post pictures tomorrow... but I'll need to tidy it up a bit.
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We had the shelves in our old house and DH put hundreds of pounds of books on them and they held up great.
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my dh just installed the ones for the toys yesterday and is doing my home office right now.
they look so great! photos to come.
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Originally Posted by Hazelnut View Post
Any pictures??? We are really wanting to install an elfa desk in our den. Is it hard.
my dh did it and he is not handy. it took him a long time to gather all the bits but installation was about 2 hours i think.
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