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Thank you DH!


I am so happy to have DH. I too had some really bad prior experiences, so I'm so privileged to have DH. He cooks (loves to grill), cleans, loves, takes care of the kids (even going above and beyond and actually entertains them), still takes me out on Thursdays and Saturdays. Is driving to Florida with me to pick up my 3yo dd. He regularly brings me flowers, still opens the car door (okay, so a little less often). Puts down the toilet seat Encourages me. Gets me what I need or want when I ask. Best of all, he loves me and our kids, and it shows. I hope we get to share this bean!


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Originally Posted by blondemom2bstl View Post

I'm SO happy for you! You deserve a sweetie, and I'm happy Roger is so great to you.


Oh mama! Hahaah! His name's Harry Oh man, now I'm laughing too hard to do any work....ooohhh Loordd...
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Surprise Surprise, I got another name wrong :-)

Originally Posted by JayJay View Post
Oh mama! Hahaah! His name's Harry Oh man, now I'm laughing too hard to do any work....ooohhh Loordd...
You know, I think it was your *Roger Rabbit* quote that did me in. Seriously, I've been SO bad with names while I've been pregnant, and I'm taking that as a sign that things are still going well. From my first visit to the DDC, I called Erika Keri...and I'm usually one of the best when it comes to names.

Sorry, but if I were you, I wouldn't tell Harry about Roger LOL

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Well if the baby's Roger's, I think it'll be REALLY obvious when its born, no?
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The best thing my dh has done for me is to remind me that I have to take it easy and listen to my body. When I look at him feeling bad because I am not getting all the things done that I want to, he reminds me that it was a list I made myself and that he is in no expecting all those things of me.
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wowza, DH let me sleep in til 10am this morning and then made waffles & eggs. It was phenomenal! If I could have that every morning I think my days would be going much better As it is, I'm usually dragging myself out of bed with DS at 7am and gagging my way through morning burps while I get something in my tummy super fast... oy. Anyways he's a sweetie and I loved it. He also keeps pushing for me to take naps and ignore the housework... not hard to do, but it's nice being supported in that kind of choice!
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DH is doing everything! He's fabulous. He has been taking 2.5-year-old DD on "adventures" almost every morning before he works (2 to 11 pm) and doing any housework that's getting done right now. I just am not a productive person at the moment. Really ready for this friggin' morning sickness to subside/lessen.
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Yay!!! Dh let me sleep in today until 7:30 AM. I felt like I was on vacation The kids usually get up around 5 or 5:30 AM. Getting to stretch out in an empty bed, bury my face in the pillow and crash out for an extra couple hours totally rocked.
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my partner has started sleeping in another room, to allow me to get some much needed rest. he has taken the futon in the spare room because he snores. i find it impossible to get back to sleep after getting up to pee several times a night with his snoring, so he now sleeps in the other room and we both sleep great!

while he finds all my cravings and mood swings "cute" and chuckles about them (which infuriates me), he means well and is being supportive.
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My DH has been fabulous!!! :He makes me food, drives if I'm tired, plays with the dogs, goes to get groceries, and tries to get as many chores done as possible while I lay on the couch and drool. He hasn't had a choice in what we eat for a month and he is completely taken over the kitchen (even cleaned out the fridge so that I didn't have to smell it!!!
He is super excited about the future offspring, so he researched midwifes, scheduled appointments, and already signed the babe up for a really awesome montessory daycare (I will have to work to help us pay our bills, sadly, once the babe is 4 months or so)
I am so glad to have him, since right now I don't even want to think about being pregnant right now. I guess my loss jaded me a bit, so I'll believe it when I see it, and right now I'm just feeling miserable from nausea and drool. He's been wanting to be a dad for a long time now, and he has definitely stepped up to the challenge.
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Ok, I have to add one--DH sat and held my hand in the ER until 3:30 AM this morning. And he cracked jokes to help me feel better. Love him!
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He bought me flowers and he's been going to pretzel and slushy runs for me
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DH has been fabulous! He tries to keep DD from driving me bonkers when he's home and lets me get my naps in. He makes me breakfast on the days where he's home in the mornings. He's been really supportive but not too "ohhh you poor baby" which is good.
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last night i said i fancyed a jam sandwige at about 1am
he went and made me one even cutting it up into little quarters and making it look all fancy and then brought be a glass of milk and rubbed my back

he can be a pig too sometimes
but then he reminds me why i love him.

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My husband has not made rude comments about me being sick nor has he said to stop complaining! I dunno why I think he would do that... he's not that type of person anyway. I just think I'd get tired of me complaining if I were him. lol

Also, he made me a really yummy smoothie the other night. It was the only thing that sounded good, and it was perfect. It hit the spot & made me feel better.

He's also done other sweet things - take care of the kids, let me take breaks, long showers, etc. - he's a great guy. :
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Originally Posted by StrawberryFields View Post
Hmmm..... let's see..... OH, I know!! He went all day today without saying, "You're pregnant, not dying of cancer!"

Seriously, my dh is great and he is a great dad. But he is lacking a little (ok, a LOT!) in the pregnancy sympathy department. He was kind of sympathetic with #1 but with #2 he was pretty much telling me to suck up and deal with it. Now that we are on #3 I don't think that he could possibly be a shred less sympathetic without turning into a cold, hard rock.

He actually truly believes with all his heart (and says it often) that he has it just as tough as I do during pregnancy.

Kudos to all the doting daddies on the board!!!
That sounds a lot like my DH! I am lucky to not have the morning sickness, but I have been really TIRED and am definitely eating more than before. It is pretty much business as usual around here.

But, he DID go to the grocery store last night so I would not have to drag the 6.5 year old that likes to grab everything and the 3.75 year old who gets bored and whiny there.

I do think part of his deal is feeling kind of shell-shocked yet still too. We have been debating back and forth on whether to have a third (I wanted to, he was not really sure he did), and this one came as a surprise to both of us (we use NFP, and I ovulated sooner than I thought I would that month). So, I think he is still trying to work through a lot in his mind how adjusting to 3 kids will be for our family. I think as things progress though and given time, he will come around.

When I was 9 months pg with DD, and could not reach my feet, he gave me a pedicure and even rubbed my feet.
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he cleaned the microwave up.

i was reheating something and wandered away for a moment. when i got back i could hear the sauce popping and spitting... my god what a mess inside the microwave.

i took my food out, ate it, and ran back to bed, fully intending to clean it out when i got up.

well, i got up several hours later and grabbed the 409 and opened the microwave door.... to find it already spotless inside. it was wonderful. i swear i cried i was so happy.
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