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too sensitive?

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Honest opinions please - am I being whiny?

My mom knew I would be delivering in June and chose to go on a 4 week vacation to Europe from the end of May to June 16th....I'm due the 26th. She's planning on coming the 18th for 2 weeks. I was put on bed rest before she left and she went anyway - they had refundable tickets. She travels to Europe at least twice a year.........she calls me daily to hear how I'm doing but just wants to hear that I'm fine - any complaint or not great news is blown off........so I can't tell her this bites because she wants to feel okay about being gone when I could really use her help.
Am I being overly sensitive to being irritated that she left when I needed her?

My sisters:
They live 5 hours away and are too busy to come and see the baby until maybe August.......is it me or isn't family supposed to care enough to want to visit sooner. They are in their early 20s and can get out of work.....

I'm feeling disappointed in them - but is it because I'm hormonal?????

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I think it's normal, especially if you have a close family.

Enjoy the time bonding with your new little one before they come.

My sister is coming later this month- she was able to drive almost 500 miles for the birth, but had to go back to do the music in her church on Easter Sunday. Guess it is good that we did the c/s on Friday. She made it down about an hour before the surgery, and then left the following day. I know if killed her to not be able to stay longer, or visit sooner- but Lilah was in the NICU for 7 weeks, so really, what could she have done??

Sounds like it's hard for your family too. I completely understand your disappointment. It's not irrational- might have a small mix of hormones, but I do think it's a normal reaction.

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Okay, in all honesty I don't have a great relationship with my mom and so I would be THRILLED to have her be in Europe for a month when I was suppose to deliver!

In your situation though, I would be mad. You clearly need the help and family really SHOULD be there for you. If your mom could have refunded her tickets and she travels to Europe twice a year and chose to go anyway, I would be mad. And yes, she is clearly trying to make herself feel okay about going by blowing off any complaint you have. I'm sorry because it really is crappy of your family and I don't think that being pregnant is really making you too sensitive- and even if it is, they should be understanding of what's going on.

I hope that all ends up working out and you can relax enough to let your body rest and feel good about your upcoming birth.
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I would feel pretty disappointed too. I know you shouldn't have to but did you ask your mom if she would postpone her vacation and stay and help you? Maybe it didn't dawn on her that you would want that?? Even if you did ask and ESPECIALLY if you did ask I would still say that it is warranted to be disappointed in them not being as interested as you would like...you could have the opposite, the super imposing family that just won't go away!
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I'm just tired of mom calling everyday and wanting to hear I'm fine and doing GREAT!!!! I told her to stop calling since it just worries her and to relax and enjoy her vacation - I'll let her know if the baby comes.....I don't know if she will stop calling but if she does I don't have to put on my fake cheery voice.....

I'll buck up now and out my big girl panties on - just wanted to whine a bit.
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Originally Posted by MommaShark View Post
I'm just tired of mom calling everyday and wanting to hear I'm fine and doing GREAT!!!!
My Mom did this even when I was NOT pregnant. She only wants to hear a generic, overly happy, "Everything is great!" and it drives me BONKERS. : So I totally feel your pain. It's like she doesn't really hear me when I talk. I'm slowly learning it's just her way, and we won't have that kind of mother-daughter relationship.
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