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I am out again....woke this morning to a significant temp drop, a menstrual migraine (I don't get them every month, but a few times a year they kick in around the start of my period, started getting them once I turned 40), and now have started some light spotting....not a great start to my weekend.
A gray day with a risk of showers/thunder showers... I was hoping for good weather, but I think this fits my mood better.

Anyway I hope everyone has a great weekend. Take care!
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Sorry AF arrived Halifax!
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Mine is here too!!!
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Originally Posted by massaginmommy View Post
Mine is here too!!!
OK, we've got some cycling women together here! I am expecting AF tomorrow

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Halifax and Massaginmommy. I hope your migraine is gone by now Halifax.
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HI Folaboye! Where have you been, and what have you been up to? We miss you here.

VM....best of luck with the delivery! Can't wait to hear baby news from you. Sitting on pins and needles.
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Darn...just updated my chart and it looks like I may have o'd a few days ago. I'm totally grouchy today, and feeling physically out of sorts. Maybe AF is around the corner? I thought I had a few more days before O time. Oh, well.
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chart to add to first page


could this be added next to my name on the first page?


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Sorry about AF Halifax and Laurie. MsGBs, thanls for thinking of me!

Nothing really to report right now. Just some menstrual type cramping but it's not regular or anything. I am 39w1d and DS was born at 39w2d.

I am not in a huge rush though, I wouldn't mind getting in a nother day or 2 at work so I ahve absolutely nothing to worry about while I am away.

I am still pretty comfortable. No swelling, still wearing my wedding rings. Thinking of going for a jog later if I have time. Depends since it is Dh's birthday and the kids are putting on a play and we are going out for dinner.
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Just got back from my two-weeks-with-the-in-laws "vacation" - I've skimmed the thread so I know there are some : and some in order, but I can't remember for who

11dpo - We did manage do get some BD'ing in at the right time (well, 3 and 2 days before O). I've been feeling a little nausous in the mornings after breakfast...was thinking it was the altitude but I had it again this morning (all vaca was above 5,000 feet, and we live at nearly sea level). Thinking of stopping at the dollar store on the way to/from this afternoon's acupunture appointment.

I hope everyone is having a good July!
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Thinking of going for a jog later if I have time.
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Halifax and Laurie to, sorry to hear about arriving. Better luck next month.
VM, wow, sounds like you're close. So amazing you can still jog. I haven't been able to jog regularly in year, my knees are a mess.
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Told myself I'd wait, but couldn't - I took a dollar store preg test. It was negative, which, really, I was expecting. Why else would I have had wine on the flight home last night? So now I'm looking forward to AF on Tuesday and better planning (and better luck) next cycle.

Someone mentioned or linked from this thread - I think - to a place where you can buy packages of OPKs and preg tests....anyone have that link? Thinking of buying a package for next month. Seems to me it was cheaper than the drugstore...
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One more impressed with Veganmama's jogging, right here.

: to Pookietooth's knees.

Karen1968, one negative pg tests at 11 dpo doesn't seem conclusive to me. Are you historically and early BFP gal? Even then it wouldn't be conclusive. I'm still : for you. Way to work in the BD at the in-laws. I'm impressed with that too.

I'm CD17, still no temp shift. That's not unusually late for me. We BD last night, and this morning I had a little spot of red-brown, and some yellow-brown (sorry if tmi). I guess that was from our activity? I'm guessing it's nothing to worry about unless it keeps up, which it hasn't. I hope that stuff doesn't bother the swimmers. I'm hoping they're kicking back and settling in comfortably, waiting for the big event.
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Beleive me, my jogging is very unimpressive looking at this point! I have to be very careful of my knees Pookietooth. Currently I am down to 5 sets of 5 minutes with a 90 second walk break in between each set. Given the extra 29 lbs, I am trying to be extra nice to my knees. When not PG, I run 10 minutes on, 1 minute off for 30-40 minutes.

I am sorry about the BFN Karen. Good luck this cycle!

39w2d, which is when my DS was born. Kind of surprised to still be here actually!
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good morning VM
I was thinking about you!!!

you are soooo close

i will try to watch this thread to see how you are doing

I am 37 wks and can barely walk for a 1/2 hour...lol
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Vegan - We expect complete reports on every little things from here on out!
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Yes, we want you to keep us posted Vegan.

AFM FF says I may have ovulated between CD14 and CD25 way to narrow it down. I didn't think I had ovulated but whatever. Just anxious to get a new cycle started with normal signs and symptoms and hopefully, a healthy egg.

My chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1dfb40
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Well, the midwife said the baby is definitely engaged which is unusual in subsequent PGs until you are actually in labour and I have had menstrual type cramps on and off for about a week.
She offered to check my cervix but it doesn't really tell you anything, time-frame-wise, and I might be disappointed if I am not dilated at all. Plus, it increases the risk of infection so I said no thanks.
So, it is possible I am in labour and am dilated 4 cm. Who knows?
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Thanks for the update VM I am going with your latter asumption and good fo ryou for not getting antsy.
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