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VM : Hope you have a great birth.
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Hi everybody! Had a little bloody scare today but OB says don't sweat it.( "I see bleeding like that all the time," she says. ?!?) US too early to show anything (embryo 5 weeks) but we think we saw the beginings of the gestational sac (?) and will have another peak in at 2 weeks.

VM Easy L&D thoughts going out to you gal.

next cycle to all those whose Aunt Flo caught up with them.

: everyone in TWW
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hello everyone...I still think about you and am alway hoping to see your bfp's

just wanted you to know that i am out here trying to send babies to you all...

and very very sticky vibes to you who have gotten lucky as i have
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Hugs Lisa, I am sure that was scary even though I do know it is very common!

Hi Soarise. I can't believe your due date is approaching so quickly!

Me: Still here at 39w3d. Kind of suprised since DS was born at 39w2d but I am Ok with it.
Still at work. There are always things that need to be done!
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Hello all!

Checking in.

Veganmama, I think you will go into labour 40weeks and one day .

I am 9wks 4days. U/S on thursday. (last weeks appointment was postponed). I am bursting to know and let out the excitement. I was checking my charts and I had started my 1st m/c (which was a missed m/c) 9wks4days, but I recall losing symptoms a few weeks prior.

I have been feeling consistently blah and tired. Nothing too much, but enough.
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Yay for blah and tired, SunRise! Wow that you are 9w4d already. : for your ultrasound.

about the scare Lisa. I'm so glad all looks good.

Way to use that extra time VM! Still keeping you in my thoughts.

AFM, I'm CD20 still no temp shift. This is getting on the late side of normal but still in the normal range for me. I've basically had ewcf for the past 6 days--though not today. Not huge amounts, but still some each day and the creamy has been wet/creamy. Lots of good BD tries. I had the exact same temp (97.2) 6 days in a row, despite some fluctuation in time. That consistency is unheard of for me. Then this morning I had 97.1 at a later time. I hope that is the allusive temperature dip.
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I keep checking in here to see if VM has posted.
Me I am cd 4 and my acupuncturist is out of town until the 28th. I will be at O then. Hmm what to do???
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I will be checking here daily if not more to see how you are!!!
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Need some positive thoughts....

Hi ladies, there is always so much going on here... I've been feeling lost lately, not feeling like I fit in with this board so much because of my high tech journey and not knowing the ladies on other threads or boards... seriously MDC rocks and there are a tonna people talking about IVF in other places but haven't clicked or posted anywhere else.

DH and I have been moving forward with IVF and egg donation, picked a donor, completed mock cycle, suffered through bw, ekg, uterine sounding, mammogram, and I have kept my "eye on the prize" tolerating the contact with the medical community because I truly believe it's the only way I will have a baby.

So, the mammogram. Not the best news, I am going for a biopsy in an hour after abnormal findings. I'm terrified of course, of a diagnosis I don't want to hear, and I am not sure I can continue with all of this even with a clean bill of health. Sometimes I don't know what I am thinking, I have had such a bad experience my whole life with white coats- not the worst of it being my csection for failure to wait. I'm not sure sometimes I am cut out for the IVF marathon, jeesh the women who do it are so strong.

This has just pulled us up short, put our desires on the shelf... and it's crazy but more than scared I am just pist at the whole thing, we may be derailed after this... and the worst part is that dang digital mammo (just kidding)! If I'd had an old fashioned film done they wouldn't even have seen this little stuff for another five years. I know, I know I need to take care of it.

Anyway, if you think of it today, send me some vibes...

VeganMama I'm thinking of you too.

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Aw, Buzzer Beater. I hope all goes well today. Lots of good vibes. I am sure it is a scare and has sent you back a few steps to re-evaluate. But just remember, baby steps. One step at a time. Hopefully everything will be clearer for you after the appointment.
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Gosh Buzzer Beater, that sounds tough! What a lot to have been through lately. I really hope you get good news at your appointment. Update us as soon as you can!

This is the most PG I have ever been without being in labour at least. 39w4d. DS was 2 days old by now and I was in the middle of my 47.5 hour labour with DD.

Just as well though. I have to go to a wake tonight and a funeral tomorrow. My next door neighbour's 23 year old son, her only child, died in a car accident Sunday night. She was away camping and didn't find out and fly home until yesterday.
DH has known him since he was a ittle boy, he jsut moved out last year. We bought this house from my ILs 6 years ago, it is the hosue DH grew up in.

My kids are pretty rattled. This is the second time this year I have had to tell them about a young person they know dying. Their 3 year old cousin died of cancer in october.
My DS, of all people, is very worried about Cathy. He keeps asking me if she is sad, then saing her is sad for her and climbing on my lap. DD hasn't said much but has reverted to sucking her thumb.
Cathy is a retired pediatric nurse and loves kids. She and my kids have daily chats over the fence. I often tease her that she must feel like a rockstar when she comes out to garden or hang up her laundry, my kids are so happy to see her.

Anyway, it's just such a tragedy.
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Buzzer Beater i am thinking of you and a big ol' belly
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BuzzerBeater sending you positive vibes. Hope your appointment today only reveals good news. Sounds like you have been through a lot. It will be worth it in the end.

VM so sad to hear about your neighbors son. What a sad thing to have happen.
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Mammogram and biopsy

Buzz, there are a lot of false scares with mammo's - these things usually turn up to be nothing and I hope that is the case with you!
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I hope your mammo was like mine from a couple years back...just a scary callback to double check something....and nothing more!!! I am trying the old fashioned way to get a baby but I imagine the high tech path must feel so scary....hugs for you,from me on this day when I know for sure my game is over for this month....
but I'll persevere,and I'll bet you will too.....just get past the mammo,and do what you need to do to get a baby........
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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
My next door neighbour's 23 year old son, her only child, died in a car accident Sunday night. She was away camping and didn't find out and fly home until yesterday.
How awful! I'm so sorry... :
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BuzzerBeater, I'm sending lots of good thoughts. Let us know what happens with your biopsy. Also good wishes with the IVF, you are so very welcome here and certainly not the only one going that route.

I walked with my dogs after reading your post and was thinking about it. Here are some thoughts I have. If they resonate and they are useful great, if not leave them be: it sounds like you've made a decision that part of you (maybe head and heart?) is on board with, but another part of you (maybe spirit?) isn't. It seems like it would make this path to mothering sweeter if you brought it all together. I imagine you praying, or journaling, or talking to yourself in the mirror, or sitting quietly whatever helps you connect deeply, taking a look at the areas of discomfort and really getting on board with what you're doing, maybe in a tender way. It touches my heart that you want this child so much you are willing to step deeply into a world that is uncomfortable for you. It is easy to miss the humans in their white coats (been there myself)--maybe look in their eyes, so you really see them. I hope some of that helps.

Veganmama. I am so sorry. My heart goes out to the mama next door and all you mourning such an unexpected loss. Sweet story about your ds. I think little ones have much more wisdom about comings and goings in life than they typically get credit for in our culture.

AFM, I'm so confused!! I'm CD20, I think I ovulated. Last night I felt a little nauseous something that happens in my luteal phase. Also some tingling boobs, I thought maybe from progesterone starting. I've had 97.2 temp for the last week (weirdly consistent) except yesterday when I had 97.1 at 7:00a which is on the later side, so I thought maybe temperature dip? So this morning I woke up a little after 4:00. What to do? My sleepy self debated--it will be confusing if I temp...but what if I go back to sleep and don't wake up until 8:30? So I temped: 97.1--a little high for that time of day but didn't seem post-O. Then I went back to sleep and woke up again at 6:20 and temped again 97.6! Definite O temp. That was confusing, so to reassure myself I temped again: 97.1. Extra confused I went for the tiebreaker: 97.6 and rising when I took it out of my mouth in frustration. I'll be getting a new thermometer before next cycle (though I hopehopehope I have no need).

Even weirder today I feel crampy. Crampy! What a weird time of the month for that. So I'm confused (and feeling nauseous again as I write). I guess I'll know more tomorrow. Have to decide whether to BD tonight. We've been enjoying of BD fest, but feeling the need to use that time for some other things!

Thanks to any who got to the end of this long post.
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WaturMama - it's a mystery, your temps! Having a week long of the same temp though, that is good! Maybe you ovulated earlier, but your temp rise / progesterone is kicking in a few days after ovulation (that started to happen to me...temp spike much later then end of mucus / o day)

SO, it is official, EDD Feb 21, 2010! Saw a 10 week very squirmy baby on the ultra sound. 163 heartbeat. My stomach and u/s measured a few days ahead (EDD via u/s is Feb18). BUt they are not going to change the due date since it is so close! I think my excitement is still all bottled up inside! I am in disbelief; I couldnt believe that what the U/S showed was inside of me!
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Congrats SunRise!!!

I wanted to share my sad news I went in for an ultrasound, and found that I don't have a viable pregnancy

iguess I am back here.
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I'm right with you Beloved K, and I'm so sorry for your loss!

I'm Jennifer, 40 years old, 3 kids, and trying for # 4. I'm currently waiting for AF after my third (self diagnosed, but I've been through it twice before, so I know) chemical pregnancy, I had two before ds2 was born, and now this one. Basically for me I get a really faint BFP, and then like an idiot I keep testing, it never gets darker, and then turns negative. I'm strangely OK when this happens, but I do hope I get af soon so I don't need any outside intervention! DH and I are going to TTC until December, at which point he has decided he is too old, but I'm trying to respect his feelings.

I have no idea when I will O again, but I'm very regular, so I should know pretty soon once AF starts.
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