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Dreadful article about doulas!

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I apologise if someone has already posted this link, but a friend sent me this article today:


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A new journalistic low. It doesn't even give the appearance of being unbiased.
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the enormous gap in this article was explaining why women need them: they way the medical community manipulates women into agreeing to procedures they don't want that may not be medically necessary. They rely on ignorance for compliance. So doulas get the crap for doing exactly what they are paid to do...interface with hospital staff while the mother is busy laboring! Dealing with hospital staff is enormously intensive even when you're having a hi-tech birth..like moms aren't a little occupied. Besides the fact that nurses are rarely present as support during labor, and OB's never!

I'm soooooo sorry the nasty doulas interfere with their routine of fetal monitor, epidural, (keep quiet and stay in bed), don't eat or drink so you get weaker, and here's the c-section if you take too long.

This article made me so mad when I read it yesterday I didnlt feel up to posting it.

Today's WSJ article on breastmilk contamination. Virtually no defense that even contaminated BM is STILL better than formula. Frickin' frackin' WSJ. And you know what I REALLY want to say.

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The WSJ sucks. It's not enough that they're a total mouthpiece of the rich elephants, they now have to get into birth and breastfeeding?

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I was soooooo bothered by that article I had to send an email to the editor right away and my letter is just waiting for tomorrows post man! If they want to print such biased information it really should be listed as an editorial, not news!

Sheesh, I'll try and calm down now. If any of you ladies want to read an article on the flip side, this was about my birth:

Hope it works
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I hate to say this, but after the doula interview I had last night, I can understand some of the perspective in the article.

I am really looking for someone who is going to be supportive of my birth process and the decisions I have made and will make. I am going for a hospital VBAC--that is how/where I want to have my baby (and I strongly believe that the right place to have the baby is where the mother will feel safest). Right off the bat in the interview, she was recommended I do a homebirth instead, or at least switch practices (to a family practice instead of my ob practice). But I like my ob practice, and besides, I have an ongoing gynecological problem which is being monitored during my pg, and I feel like the best place for *that* is right where I'm at...

Anyway, I felt like she didn't listen to what I was saying and that she was borderline giving me medical advice during the interview. I didn't get the feeling that she would be making me feel comfortable and safe during labor--that she might secondguess me and/or try to give me more medical advice...

I'm thinking very seriously now about whether I want a doula at all. My best friend was at my last birth, and the main reason we're considering a doula for this one is because she's now in another state. Maybe I should try to fly her in for the birth...
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KKmama, I would recomend interviewing other doula's. Please don't let one mismatch turn the whole experience in your mind. There are lots of great women out there who will respect you and your choices.

That said I know there is nothing like a close friend who knows you as well as you know yourself. That would be awful hard to replace.
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There are sooooo many reasons to be ticked off at that article that I don't even know where to start.

How sad.
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I didn't think the article was as bad as everyone seems to think. Being a chiropractor though, maybe I am just used to negative publicity from the medical community...: I can see how the doctors/nurses think it is the doulas doing that a woman doesn't want a c-section, induction, etc. However, it is the women who hire doulas that are more likely to want an unmedicated, natural birth. I do think the article shows the typical ignorance of the medical community. But who is surprised by that?

I think the educated minds that read this article will see the good points as well as the bad.
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ok, know why I am so cranked? I subscribe to the darn thing. I *am* their demographic, if not their politics. And they are not reflecting my opinions thank you very darn much.
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"Dr. Coleman, head of obstetrics and gynecology for the Palo Alto clinic of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, one of Silicon Valley's largest medical groups. "I felt so powerless.""


How do you think your patients feel.

But I agree. t here are probably a good deal of doulas ou thtere trying to give women thier idea of a perfect birth instead of what the woman wants or feels is appropiate.
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Interesting article. I like how they really didn't talk about all the GREAT things a doula can do for a laboring mom and that they only told horror stories. Also the doctor at the beginning only assumed it was the doulas fault. THe doula could very well have just told the mom her choices and options and not talked her out of the c-section. She sounds a little paranoid!
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