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What time did labor start?

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If you have had a baby before and naturally went into labor (i.e. no pitocin or AROM to get things started) what time of day did your contractions/labor start?

Both of mine have started in the middle of the night, about 4 hours after going to bed (woke up because of contractions that eventually progressed into full labor.) I always imagine that's how all my labors will start, so now everyday when I wake up with no contractions, I just think that today's not the day. I'm almost worried that if I start having contraction any other time of the day I'll just ignore them because its the wrong time of day, lol! So I'm curious what other mama's might have experienced.
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not in your ddc but...one started at 8 30 am. one at 5pm, and one at 330 am. im wondering when this one will start because it sure is nice to slep through at least the beginning.
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Oh, me too!!! I've always woken up around 2-3ish with each of my children! That's why this prodromal labor crap sucks, because I've been having consistent contractions every night for over a week that hurt but don't progress so I'm up wondering if "tonight's the night".

And I hear you about not taking contractions seriously during the day. I probably will end up ignoring day contractions and then have the baby at home (which isn't planned but would be fine by me!)!
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My one fully natural labor started at around 10 pm. We went to the hospital around 12:30 am and she was born at 6:47 am.

My partial induction {pit and AROM} I had been experiencing prodromal labor for 2 1/2 weeks. Went to the hospital the night before and was sent home with a sleeping pill. The next night went back to the hospital around midnight, was admitted and he was born at 2:04 pm.

My two inductions were both began during the day {around 11 am and 3 pm} and baby was born in the morning, 7:47 am for both.

ETA: I have a strong feeling this one will start at night, so I kind of think the same as you ~ that if labor does start during the day I'll just ignore it, thinking it's not real because it's the wrong time
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One started around midnight, and the other at 5am, with both babies being born at night.
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My first was 8 am, second my water broke at like 1 am but no contractions at all, ended up induced at midnight, with the quads my water broke at 7 am, then the next two c-section before anything could happen, and last one I started having contractions around 6 am or so.
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the stroke of midnight!
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It was about 2:30 A.M. with my DS.
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About 8pm, delivered around 1am.
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Water broke at 3pm. Steady regular contractions were by 9pm.
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With both of mine, labor started within 3 hours after having sex with orgasm and ejaculation when I was 37 weeks + pregnant. Because with my first, labor started at 37 weeks 6 days after sex, I purposefully abstained from sex with ejaculation with the next baby during the last weeks after 37 weeks. The night I gave in (at 40 weeks 3 days) was the night I went into labor. And this time I had been hoping that I wouldn't "induce" labor with sex. But it happened, both of them on a Thursday night too! But that's about the end of the similarities between each labor and birth.
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