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Coffee in Oahu

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I am traveling to Oahu next Thursday and while there, would like to go to a coffee plantation/farm and sample coffee. Does anyone have a recommendation of where to go? I want to try some of the lovely sounding coffee that I have been reading about!

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not sure about oahu, but if you really want to check out the coffee scene come to Kona :-)
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I wish! But, we will be busy on Oahu. My DH family lived there for years so there is a lot of "aunties" that I get to meet We had thought about a day trip to the Big Island, but we could not figure out when we could squeeze it in, unfortunately.

I am packing right now for this trip! I am so excited. :
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Your best chance might be Wailua Coffee on the North Shore.
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Does the mac nut farm have coffee too?
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