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Pictures of the twins

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Jocelyn on the left and Sam on the right

The heart shaped lips

Samuel sleeping on daddy
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They are adorable!
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They are so beautiful!::
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OMGoodness!!! Double to cuteness. So happy for you guys!!!
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They are gorgeous! I'm so impressed at how long you were able to go with them, they are two perfect good sized babies! There is something so sweet about seeing little twins together, I just love it!
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:: They are so cuuuute! Twice as much love
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Oh! Double adorable! That first picture is utterly precious.
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They are so beautiful! And big! If I feel like complaining about how big I am, I'll think of you and appreciate that I am not carrying around 13+ lbs of baby So impressive!
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Wow - that's precious!!!!!!
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They are SO cute!!!
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Awwwwww... They are just too cute! I hope you all are doing well.
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Awww they are so cute.
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Beautiful and perfect! Congrats mama!
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Wow! They are so gorgeous...can't believe you carried two big babies like that! Go mama! :::
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ohhh, they are so sweet. Congratulations!
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Thanks mamas. Having them here is an absolute blessing. I am healing well. Still very sore and tired.. The twins are amazing. They nurse every 2 hours. I am trying to get them on the same schedule. We are all adjusting well.. Thanks again for all of the kind words. They are adorable.. Take care
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so cute!!
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awwwwwwwwww! So sweet!
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They're beautiful!!!
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