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I'm in California - in a big city. My family left because my brother was just
marrying this incredibly insecure woman who was angrythat I got pregnant before she
did, saying I was stealing her spotlight from their wedding - and she forbidthem to come to the hospital
or support me in any way.

My friends were not my friends I have learned. A lot of them don't see us because they are affiliated with my brother too and he has better parties and more money so they can't jeopardize that by being my friend too.

I just really want my DD to have lots of friends of lots of people to adore her and right now it seems like she will be deprived of that and it really makes me sad.

I just wanted to warn you. Becuse even people who SAY they think single mothering is fine back out on you and stop calling when it becomes real that you are going through with it. Even in this day and age there is a stigma.

I don't mean to rain on your parade. I love my daughter so much - I can't believe how lucky i am to have her. It's just hard wanting her to have family and support too and not getting it anywhere. No one ever bothers to come and see her and that makes me very sad. She's beautiful and so deserves love and attention.
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I'm in LA. If you're anywhere near me, give me a shout some time! madisonlinfield@hotmail.com

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Don't forget adoption in single parenting

I don't think a child needs to birth forth from your body for you to have that never before known rapture of love and joy.

Adoptive parenting brings that too. And up the love and joy by breastfeeding the baby. This is what I have done, and I have been overwhelmed and mystified by a tiny creature who suckles at my breast, and depends on me to give him or her everything.

Now that I am a single mother, one of my plans in 3 years is to adopt another child. Maybe a boy so I will have two girls and two boys. I don't know. I will most definately not hold my expectations to Indian kids only like my nsdh did. I will be happy to adopt african american, biracial, indian (from India) chinese....from anywhere really.

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Yes, adoption is an option

I agree! I would really like the physical experience of being pregnant and giving birth. But, if it doesn't work out, I am ready to start the adoption journey. I hope to have more than one child, so perhaps I will adopt even if I do give birth first.
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