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Need Help Quick!! Petechiae in toddler

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I just noticed that my 21 month old has purple pinprick spots on his arm. He also has a slightly rasied hard to see rash near the pinprick spots. This rash seems more like dry skin.

He is not sick or running a fever. These spots are definitely peticheae (sp?) because they do not blanch when we put pressure on it with a glass. I was worried about meningicoccal, but didn't know if that had to have an illness with it...he has no fever and is playing with his dad and a ball right now.

I don't know if we should put him to bed or take him in to the ER? Does anyone have any advice? Thank you.
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ok, I just found out that my 14 yo daughter was spinning him around earlier in the day, holding him right where the pet. on one arm is. Do you think this could have caused it? I was thinking she might have squeezed his arm while spinning him and it broke some blood vessels? Is this possible? He is acting completely normal and has no fever, etc.
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i think that sounds perfectly possible! i don't know much about petechiae except associated with strangulation cases...(i work as a domestic violence/sexual assault advocate) but in that instance it is from the amount of pressure put on a part of the body, resulting in petechiae.

i think that makes sense for your kiddo, though.
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My son gets petechiae on his chest and stomach. He has since he was a year old. He has had blood tests and it ruled out any problems. It seems he gets it when he has a cough or is sick.

I would definately say its possible from spinning him around.
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If it's only where she held his arms it could definitely be from that. If it's more wide spread than that I would definitely take him to the doctor. It can be very serious.
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I agree that if it's in an isolated spot on his body, it is much less likely to have a problematic cause. My daughter has gotten petechiae (sp) from coughing, vomiting and excessive crying at various points. Usually, it is just on her face. A couple of years ago, before I realized the cause of the broken blood vessels, I brought her in to the pediatrician for them. The first thing he did was examine the rest of her body for more, indicating this would be a problem. He was especially interested in her torso/chest and stomach area. When he didn't find any there, he dismissed it as caused by something other than illness.
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