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My newest really weird pain...

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It is a really sharp pain in the tendons connecting my thighs to my pelvis. And it's really, really sudden and intense when it happens, almost like a leg cramp or Charlie Horse, except on the inside of my thighs next to my crotch. What the heck is this?! Anyone else?
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I've been getting that too... I have NO idea what it is but it happened when I was in labor with DS too, not fun!
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I've been getting that for weeks. It seems to happen on and off when I walk but sometimes it will happen if I am just sitting or lying down. It feels like maybe the baby leans on some nerve down there. Super annoying.
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Me too!
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Yes, that is totally normal, or at least, it happened to me many times towards the end of my first pregnancy (I'm in the middle of my second now). I think it's something related to the position of the baby & the baby's pressure on some nerve. It really does hurt! Soon your baby will be out though!
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I got that a lot a couple of weeks ago but it went away, thankfully. It was so hard to walk! My midwife said it was a pinched nerve, due to the baby's position.
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I had that randomly the other day! Only once or twice though...weird!
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I get that too. My little guy's head has been crammed down in my pelvis for about a month.

I've been getting that super sharp pain on and off for a couple of weeks. More so this last week, I think he is farther down now. I tend to get it when I make a sudden movement, and sometimes after having been sitting, when I stand up and turn to move. It makes me stop cold!

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I have been getting this for about a month or so. It has been worse the past couple days, like I was in the kitchen earlier trying to clean out my pantry, and it happened so much that I gave up and dropped to my knees. When I get this pain- if I put my hand on my lower belly right above the pubic bone, I can feel LO "going crazy". I figured it was her hitting nerves, and since a pp said that aas well, I am more convinced! It doesn't feel good! I get it most after standing for 15+ minutes. Ick. Showering sucks now.
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Sounds like round ligament pain or your LO hitting a nerve to me. Its sharp and darn if it doesn't hurt!
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Oh, yeah! Got that a little with #2, and this time is awful! Sometimes I feel like my leg is going to twist off or something. I get it on both sides, back and front. Seems like if I am really careful about walking and standing up straight, I can almost avoid these attacks. I asked my MW about these and she seemed unconcerned, but sympathetic, and said, "it really would be nice if that baby came soon, huh?" Her explanation was just the usual--stretching, relaxin, pelvic movement, etc.. I have to say, my hips cannot get an wider (I had to get XL undies), and I think it has something to do with the pelvis and hips moving apart.
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Count me into the misery loves company group - I just started having that pain last week. Baby dropped like a stone, so I think it must have something to do with that. It's eased off the last couple days though. Hope you find some relief soon!!!
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Me too!

I get those, and a couple weeks ago I felt like I had major bruises in that area that were sore all the time. The bruised feeling seems to have subsided, but those sharp pains still come and go quite a bit. Chiropractor said something about nerves that are located all around the groin/pelvis area, front and back, that can cause that feeling.
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