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Today was my due date

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For what all that is worth.

Funny how life works. Almost cried yesterday about this. Of course, DH doesn't get why it should take morethan 10-15 minutes to get past all this and deal with it. Oh to be a man.... blissfully logical, unemotional, and able to avoid the traumas of estrogen.....

Luckily today hasn't been as bad as I feared. Sitting here pumping and getting ready to go conduct graduation band. It would have been nice to have ONE year with a break from pomp and circumstance and graduation band.
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I am sorry you missed out on the last months of pregnancy, even though you have your sweet, healthy Lilah at home. And men don't understand many things : let alone much of the hormonal mystery surrounding pregnant and postpartum women
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I'm sorry you missed out on the end of your pregnancy. But, I am also glad that little miss Lilah was able to be home safe with you on your due date.
She is beautiful, and so are you. You are a strong mama. I know it's hard to come up on the due date and wonder how it might have been otherwise. My son was only a month early, and only had a 10 day stay in the NICU, but when my due date came along- I felt a bit cheated. It goes away.

I hope you are holding Lilah and enjoying every cute little baby thing she does! It definately helps the healing process!! Little baby smiles- they warm the heart!

Can't wait to see new pictures of her!!

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Just wanted to send along some big hugs!
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I understand and I hope you are feeling better. Funny, this caught my eye because today is my due date and my daughter is 2 wks. old today. My last was over 3 weeks early. But you definitely had a hard time. I am so glad you are both doing well. Keep smiling!
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yep, we're doing better. should probably post an update.
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