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I think it's hilarious when some people first walk into our house and one of the first questions is "Where is your tv?"
The conversation is a little strained at times when we inform them we don't watch tv. People do get really defensive and put off.
I'm glad I remembered this forum because I've been having some trouble with this lately...... I'll be reading eagerly!
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Zinemama, that essay is HILARIOUS! I love the Mothering jabs, too!! Yet another reason I'm unpopular! My kid DOES play with acorns!!
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zinemama, I really liked that article. I haven't got there yet in my parenting, as DS is only 18 months. So far it has just been with family (IL's) who think I am depriving my son and live in a fantasy world where the reality is TV, and it is un-natural to not have TV for babies.

This triggered a very interesting discussion, as to why they think it is 'natural' to have TV available for babies and toddlers.

Since we got rid of the TV, our house is much more peaceful and we are listening to music we haven't listened to in ages. And the house is more organised and we actually get dinner on the table. DH and I do watch movies on the computer when we have the time. It is working really well for us. I just need to get my computer time under control.... but for now that is my main source of support
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I'll admit that after being a SAHM for 2.5 months now with an infant I watch a lot of stuff on the computer...but I also spend a lot of time "tied" to a chair nursing or cuddling a fussy baby. (He's a bit high needs and high energy) DH and I do make a point to eat together at the table at night. Actually, one of the first nights we had dinner at our new place I said, "Lets eat at the table like a normal family." He replied, "If we were a normal family we'd eat around the TV."

I do get a lot more done without a real TV though. Watching things on the computer means I can pause it and actually do housework or prepare dinner...I'm not racing commercials.
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I have one friend who thinks we are absolutely crazy to live without TV. After many conversations and questions about what it is like for our kids to be growing up without tv, one day she said, "But how do you learn the news?" She apparently imagines us as being extremely disconnected.

My husband likes to say that TV is passe these days anyway. ;-)
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Funny thing happened last night. A friend had ref me to watch a little boy. So we met with the parents. The little boy is very cute and was playing with my son. BUT WAIT!!! The mom just noticed that the TV was not ON??? OH NO WHERE IS THE TV??? LOL

OK not to sure that I'm going to get that job!?
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We have a t.v.(old/hand-me-down) unplugged, for the odd movie..when we decide to dust it: We do have a computer and ds watches movies/t.v shows on it(a short movie in the am while I get me and dd ready for the day) and DH and I LOVE to watch Lost! We tell people this and they still wonder wth we do? It doesn't help that if we go to peoples houses that have t.v. DS stares glued at it people think he's missing out on something....

The main reasons we don't have cable is like a previous poster said...We'd watch it ALL THE TIME! It's addicting! and not to mention the cost! Oh my goodness! People act like the AT LEAST 50 bucks a month is a NEEDED cost! Like food and heat! I just don't understand it
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we have a TV and DVD/VCR machine that was a gift from another soldier that came to our house when we first moved to Korea, and we watched a movie on the comp, the next time he came over, he came w/ those two things. I was very thankful, and still am but use it alot less. we were addicted to TV then, and looking back i can't imagine why, we had korean cable which meant most channels were korean shows spoken in korean. all though there were 10 channels that had english on at least some times, you could find law&order SVU (the best L&O IMO) and CSI. some times you can find house, desp housewives and really BAD VH1 reality tv shows. and one lindsy lohan or hillary duff movies played over and over for a whole moth b4 playing another. HOw did I watch that all day w/ a baby? ahhhhh
but then we moved back to the US where we would have to pay for cable, and chose not to, not bc we can't afford it but bc there is really nothing good to watch anymore. we get 2 netflix, and DH listens to nascar on AM radio, and i like to listen to dr.laura (sp?) in the eve if all goes well.
all though my 2 1/2 yr son watches one dvd a day, i wish the things we had him watch were a little more useful. he usually watches cars, shrek, thomas, or jungle book im looking for veggie tales for cheap somewhere, and thinking about getting sesame street on dvd; the few episodes he's seen he has absorbed alot. we haven't gotten any really bad comments, but it's funny to see ppl's faces when we tell them we listen to AM radio, it's like they are saying...."that still exists?" and so far our netflix has been 90% documentary. and even though i only have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 2mo old, the only time i sit down is when im breastfeeding and when we go out side to play w/ neighbor 2-3 hours a day.
I use ds tv time to get as much housework done that I'd rather him not "help" me with....lol
but it's weird he asks to watch tv ALL the time, he knows he gets one and that's it unless mom and dad want to watch a movie. dose any one else have a LO w/ limited screen time but asks all day long to watch something?
sometimes ppl say "how do you know if somethings happening" you know like weather or disaster....we do have internet, and radio but the thing that i find really sad is that a few times that lights have gone out due to tornadoes (we live in GA) we are the ones w/ the battery powered radio, no one else knows what to do. (i know that's a MUST HAVE in upstate NY, along w/ candles batteries and a generator when powers is gone for a week or more...lol)
oh yeah, the other day at church, the pastor made a comment about a new show and we both looked at each other and asked "what's that?" neither of us has even heard of if it. and then tonight we were trying to put more movies on our netflix list and are running out of documentaries, and couldn't come up w/ much to put on the list b/c we don't know what movies are out there and haven't taken the time to look....it's refreshing to be a dork sometimes.

sorry so long i don't have too many friends so i tend to type everything when im on here...lol
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We have a tv with basic cable and everything, but it mostly only gets used during football season. When we set up our house, we deliberately put the living room with tv in the finished basement, so it wasn't on the main living level. That was really helpful.

I watch some shows here or there while DS is napping, but DS doesn't watch tv. Sometimes DH will take him down there during a football game if I'm busy, but DS doesn't really seem to notice the tv (until people clap - then he stops what he's doing to clap along). He's just happy to play with his toys. I think he thinks tv is just not interesting.
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My partner's granny said to us; "You'll have to get a tv, babies love tvs!" That's the last thing we want to do; our daughter won't be watching tv until she is at least 3. Even then it's unlikely since we don't watch it in the first place. They seem to think she's missing out because we don't watch tv.
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well we do own tv's but one is for the late night movie for mommy and daddy and the other is for the ATARI on the odd night that we do screen time. without a Netflix we are dead in the water! We know we are addicted to cable even though we dont have it!! SO we had an attena before the digital switch and now all we have is that odd cartoon channel. We choose not to watch tv other than the small Charlie and Lola dvd and grownup late night movies. Now with that said.

People are horrified that we dont have tv/cable. They ask "what do you do?"
I tell them the "retort de jur". (sp) I'd weigh 500# if we had cable, we shag, make a home cooked meal, help children with school work, spend time with friends, read, learn to ??? (insert fun thing here - this fall is learn spanish for us), go do xyz., etc. we are just so busy that tv doesn't fit into our schedule very well. But we dont put people down for doing tv - I hope we show them what you can do when you limit it! Tv just does't work for us - it works against us.
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I liked the article, zinemama!
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I never considered us to be tv-free, but I guess we kind of are. We own 2 (very old) tvs and one vcr and a dvd player. We watch videos occasionally, but the dvd player is mostly used for CDs (no cd player). I've gotten some VERY odd comments about our lack of tv.

1) You have a 4 year old and don't have NOGGIN!? How do you entertain him? (FTR I don't even know what noggin is, I had to look it up )

2) (time warner sales rep after I told him we were plenty happy without cable) Oh well I guess there are a lot of good shows on the regular channels. Me: Oh we don't get reception either Him: (eyes bug out of head) Really!? Wow. Um, what do you DO!?

3) I don't know how you live without TV, your house is just too quiet!

I find it quite funny. I used to have cable but I'm not much of a tv watcher. If there's something I really want to watch I have my mom set her DVR and I'll go there and watch it. DS doesn't have TV at his dad's house either, but they do have a dvd player and a Wii. His grandma doesn't have tv either (she baby-sits him and so he's there a lot). They watch religious videos sometimes.

I find it so odd that so many people feel dependent on tv!

I have a lot of respect for those of you that don't even own a tv. I don't use videos as a babysitter at all, but sometimes it is nice to pop one in so I can get the kiddo to let me read a book for a half hour.
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I had an interesting response once.

Back when I was in college, and I still had a TV in my room with cable paid for by my parents, I still never turned it on. Literally for months at a time. Anyway, I had to take a communications class as a requirement. The first day of class we had to go around (it was only like 20 students) and talk about our favorite show. Of course I had to be last and I was positively squirming - I had no idea what everyone was talking about, nor did I want to lie and make something up - I had no idea what shows were on. I guess I should have said "news" or something generic like that, but no, I had to be honest and I said "I don't really watch TV" when it came to my turn. The teacher confirmed it and I admitted that I hadn't turned it on in about six months. The teacher then stood up and started clapping for me. I think he was genuinely impressed (because after that I was his favorite student) but as someone who doesn't particularly like to stand out, I felt like such a complete weirdo dweeb for that moment.
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