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We don't have ours installed yet -- we're waiting to switch cars with my parents, since our VW Golf will not fit 3 carseats across (at least not with 2 RFing). So I get to drive the minivan I drove in high school -- blech!

But when DD1 was born, we hadn't even bought a carseat yet. We were having a HB, and researching carseats made my head just about explode. I literally could not decide, we walked almost everywhere, so I just didn't get one. DH went out to buy one the day after DD1 was born, he picked one off the rack at Toy's R'Us, and I was so thankful to not have to make a decision!

However, installing the thing with little to no sleep and all that adrenaline from the excitement of having our first baby was next to impossible. DH followed the instructions, but was convinced it was not "safe enough" -- so he used some rock climbing gear to make it more secure. I was not ok with this (terribly unsafe!!!) but knew that he would not be able to handle me "criticizing him" at that moment. We took DD1 for her first ride, all the way to my parent's house (less than 10 minutes away) with me praying the whole way. When we got there, I asked my dad to install the thing properly and spent awhile smoothing my DH's hurt ego. The funniest thing was that DH had installed it perfectly the first time...

It still makes me laugh to think about what a crisis it was, but I'd definately recommend getting yours installed, or doing a trial run, before the baby comes!!!
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Originally Posted by pastrygirl View Post
Here are a few things:
  • Not tight enough -- should be less than 1" of movement at the belt path
  • Seatbelt and LATCH together -- it needs to be one OR the other
  • Seat protector or mat underneath the seat -- a thin towel might be OK, but generally not a good idea and not necessary
  • Handle used in a position not allowed in a car -- some seats don't allow the handle to be left up when the car is in motion
  • Wrong harness slot used -- needs to be at or below the baby's shoulders when rear-facing
  • Chest clip too low -- should be at armpit level; I see many babies with a "belly clip" instead!
  • Harness too loose -- shouldn't be able to pinch a fold just in front of the shoulder
  • Bundle Me or other bunting blankets that go behind the baby -- should never be used; only use blankets that go over the car seat
  • Heavy/puffy coats -- should never be worn in a car seat
  • Using aftermarket accessories that didn't come with your car seat -- (head supports, padded strap covers, seat belt tightening devices) weren't tested with YOUR seat, no way of knowing what would happen in a crash
  • Using an expired seat, or one that should've been replaced after a crash
  • Seat cover/harness not cleaned properly according to manufacturer's directions

It's a good idea to have it checked by a CPST. I tend to take at least 30 minutes with new parents-to-be... sometimes even an hour... and this would be more comfortable earlier on before your due date.
Thanks for the list! These were all mentioned by the safety person that came to our class too, I just couldn't remember them all. It's funny the stuff that does stick in your memory though (um, having stuff in the back window?).
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We had our in a checked at our local fire department a few weeks early.
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Our last midwives required it be installed in case of a transfer to the hopital after the birth. We had to have it installed by 36 weeks, which was the earliest they could attend a delivery at home.
I am 35 weeks and it is not yet installed this time. My 4-yr-old will have to move to the far back with his 6-yr-old sister to put the infant carseat in the middle seats, and I'm just not ready to try getting him buckled in the way back seats yet. We will probably install it in the next couple weeks... we'll definitely get it out of the basement soon and at least put it in the car.
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Originally Posted by koalove View Post
someone mentioned that if were homebirthing it would be useful if we have to transfer after the birth in case of emergency, but i visualize an ambulence at that point.
Yes, an ambulance to get TO the hospital, but how are you going to get your babe home?

Ours is installed in my hubbie's car. It seemed way too easy (but his car doesn't have a latch system). Hopefully I'll get an additional base at my baby shower so I can have the option of driving my kid around in my car too.
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We installed the base in my car last week. I need to call and make an appointment to get the installation checked since it doesn't seem tight enough to me. We probably won't install the base in Dh's car until after baby is born since we rarely use his car for family trips.
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Base is in the closet and the seat is in the back of the van on top of the stroller. We probably will not install until baby is born. We are well versed in car seat installation and could install just the seat if really needed at some point. I second the pp in saying that you should have someone who is trained show you how to properly install each type of seat as your child grows.

We have moved our 2 girls to the back seat of the van to get them used to being back there and so the move is not "blamed" on the baby. DD1 has been working on getting herself buckled into her seat properly since it will be more difficult for me to reach her with the infant base installed since the seat in front of her will not be lowered any longer.
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Probably the most common mistake I see is the belt not being locked when using a seatbelt. It needs to have less than an inch of movement at the belt path .
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I just listened to this podcast with a CPST yesterday, it covers a lot of the common errors with carseat use.
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