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Intense, inconsistent contractions...

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So around 11:30 this morning, I started having contractions. They were very intense right off the bat, and started out at about 10 minutes apart. They went down to 8, then 6. As soon as DH called the midwife, just to give her a heads up with what was happening, they tapered off and started being very inconsistent. They've been all over the board, being as far as 11 minutes apart or as close as 2 minutes, ever since about 1 pm. I've been in bed or the shower for most of them, and they are seriously painful, especially in my back/hip/thighs. I got out of the bed about a half hour ago and took a walk with DH, and so the last few have all been closer together...farthest was 4, closest was 2. But they are still not consistent. It's scary because I never know when I'm going to have them, and they go from mild to extreme in about 3 seconds, so I don't even have a chance to get comfortable or into a position in which I can be still and ride out the contraction. I'm really hoping they even out soon, because right now I'm terrified that I'm going to continue having really intense, horrible contractions inconsistently for the next 5 days or something...

Hopefully next time I post I'll be holding my babe!!
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The end of labor sucks! I've had pretty consistent contractions (every 20 minutes) since last Thursday off and on, although the intensity/duration changes. I don't usually go more than a few hours without them!

As of right now they are 10 minutes apart, though not very painful, but I'm hoping this is it.

I'm thinking of you, mama! I know how bad you want to be holding your little one! Good luck!!!
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I hope you are finding some relief (or holding your LO!!!).
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For both labors my contractions were just like this.

First labor, it took the better part of a day to make even a small dent - I was about 2 cm dilated when the midwife checked me after what seemed like an eternity of painful but inconsistent contracting. I really felt disappointed by my lack of progress but looking back, I now know it was because I was very stressed and felt totally unsupported (by the back up midwife) during the labor.

Second labor - the contractions started at 5pm as being very intense but not consistent in terms of being only X minutes apart. They varied in length and duration. Then by 10pm, they lasted at least a minute, still varied in terms of how far apart they were but were incredibly intense. So painful I was screaming. Not what I expected for the second time around. When we got to the hospital around 10:30, my midwife checked me. I was 7 cm dilated! So the second time around, they were more productive even if they didn't follow the gold standard for what's supposed to happen with contractions. Heh.

I'm really hoping your contractions are working to open you up and get your body ready for this baby. Fingers crossed and positive vibes heading your way!
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::: Good Labor vibes to you!!!
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Any update?
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Hope you're holding your baby this morning!
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Hope it really was labor and you're holding your baby by now!
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