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First PPAF

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guess that explains a lot.

graduation went well tonight. i actually have to go to work tomorrow, but then it's the rest of the summer with my sweet little lilah! my mom is going home on tuesday and dh is taking wednesday off. maybe we can go to the beach (early am or evening- no sun for baby or pasty white mama)!

was hoping for a little more time before AF reared her ugly head. now i have to really think about BC... but really, we're ok since we can't seem to find time to DTD. could be all this extra company!!!
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Glad graduation went well. Hope you get to enjoy your summer and time with just your little sweetie finally.

Sorry about AF, that part really sucks.
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Sorry about AF, but glad you figured out why you were feeling like that! I hope you got some relief! Enjoy summer with your beautiful Lilah!!
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