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Piercing ears

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What age would you allow this?
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When they ask for it and don't forget the next second. My dd was 4.
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if and when they ask.
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I'm waiting until my dd decides herself that she wants her ears pierced. She'll be entering the third grade in the fall, and so far has no desire to have them done.

My other rule is that I want it done by a piercer, and not at a mall. I used to work at a jewelry both at the mall, and you don't even want to hear the horror stories I witnessed while working there. Plus it's not clean, and heals funky. I know many piercing/tattoo shops have an age limit, so it might take some time to find a place to have it done, if she's still on the young side.
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Originally Posted by PoppyMama View Post
When they ask for it and don't forget the next second. My dd was 4.
: my dd is 8 and still dosnt want them. She knows a needle is involved and that is the end of that
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Here's a thread from awhile back with some good comments and food for thought...

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My mom said we could when we could prove that we would take care of our ears, and earrings, and keep things put away. I think I was 12 or 13. I'll probably just go for age 12, if I have daughters and if they're even interested. Sort of a coming-of-age ritual?
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When they ask for it and when they can take care of them properly.
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When they ask for it and when they can't take care of them properly.
this, but when they CAN take care of them properly!!
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I got mine when I was 4, and my mom didn't mind taking care of them for me. Then again, what did she know - I got it done at the mall, they healed funky, and she used hydrogen peroxide on my poor ears and they were always infected. Finally I switched to stainless steel when I was 10 (my idea)(they were gold-plated before) and only used saline solution. Cleared up immediately. Funny when kids know more than parents. 10 perfect piercings later, this is how I feel:

I'd say whenever she wants 'pretty ears'. It's just one more small thing to take care of (and if taken care of properly, the work should end in a few weeks as they heal).
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My daughter had hers done when she was 2mths old. Dh talked me into it, I wasn't sure. I had mine done at 13 and I remember it very well. I am a wimp and figured I'd rather her have them sooner. I am sure I am the minority here but if we had another girl, I'd opt for having them done early again.
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Originally Posted by PoppyMama View Post
When they ask for it and don't forget the next second. My dd was 4.
I agree with this. My dd was 5 (in kindergarten) when she got her first ear piercing done. She's now 11, and she just had 2nd piercings in her ears, and is taking care of them wonderfully
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First off I am 48 years old. When I was a little girl I can remember asking my Mom to pierce my eyes as young as 3, and she refused. I kept asking her at 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Every year the answer was no. She commited suicide when I was 9. That is a whole other story. She had pierced ears, and I could never understand why I could not. So at the age of 10, my dad took me to a Dr. and I had it done. And man did it hurt! It was done with a hypodermic needle, and a cork behind the ear lobe. I love having pierced ears! But I really wish it had been done when I was an infant. Please no flames, that is how I feel. Now I wish I had at least 2 piercings in each ear, but I hate needles.
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When she asks for it.
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When and if she asks for it, and I'm reasonably sure she'll take care of it herself. DD is 6, and hasn't shown any interest at all. I wasn't interested myself until puberty, and even that was after my little sister started pushing for it for herself. I loved wearing earrings when I was younger, but rarely bother, anymore. I don't think I'd care if they healed over, except they'd still look funny. My mom was never really into having her ears pierced, either (she did hers when my sister and I did ours). I wouldn't be surprised if dd just isn't interested.
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I agree with pp's, when they're old enough to ask and to take care of them. I wanted to pierce dd's ears when she was a baby (mine were done at like 2 weeks and were ALWAYS infected and nasty, so I let them close), but dh was very against it. Now I'm glad he was because I don't think that even at 6 she's ready to take care of them.
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My mother's mother never let here pierce hers. So she did it in college. She swore I would have to wait until I was 18 as well. But after much begging and keeping my room neat as a pin for months straight she took me to get mine pierced at 15 or 16. Looking back, I don't think that was too bad really. I was old enough to take care of them, and at 7 or 8 I probably would not have been, and they would have been infected.

My dd is not old enough to know what it means to have pierced ears now. But I'll probably try and put it off as long as possible with her as well. Not 16, but maybe at least 10. When I know she can take care of them, like others said.
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DH and I both had to be 13 before we were allowed to be pierced. This is what we have decided for our children as well. We want our children to be able to properly care for any piercing they get (they will get to decide the piercing. . .any nonsexual piercing is okay). Right now we live in a culture where piercing is not the norm so my DD isn't interested yet. At one time I thought small children with piercings were cute, but after seeing so many children in the elementary school I worked in with infected ears (it was the cultural norm where we lived at the time). . .I quickly changed my mind. I also remember once my niece coming to our home for a weekend, she was 3, and her ears were so badly infected. DH cleaned the earrings, her holes, and really tried to help clear it up (we both have piercings so we know how to care for them). Part of the reason was that her parents bought cutesy cheap earrings, didn't have time to properly care for her ears. . .blech!
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If they want them, about five.
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My twins are 3 and want it done. I told them that we will re-think it when they were 4. I want them to understand that it will hurt and they need to take care of them. I was 4 when I had my first ones done so I can't really tell them no after that
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