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Starting a new "who's left" thread

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Ok, so starting with the week basically of June 8th, who is left and still pg??

I am here, 37 weeks. Hoping and praying that something will happen.
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Me, 38 1/2 weeks and nothing happening whatsoever. I don't expect anything to happen for a while though. This baby is happy where it is. I need Bun to wait til after next weekend anyway ~ I have way too much to do this week to have a baby. My schedule is full, kid. Stay put til after Saturday
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me too! 37 weeks!
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I'm still here! 38+ weeks! Ready to be done!!
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37 weeks & still here. All I've had are random contractions but lo is still breech so I guess that's okay too(unless they happen to convince him to flip head down!).
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I'm here...now 40w1d. Anytime is fine with me, but it'd be nice if she could wait until Thursday-then her dad can take Thurs and Fri off work without having to use vacation days. You know if we're trying to make it convenient for everyone, that means it'll be tomorrow, lol!
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I'm here! 39 weeks 1 day, and 3 days into my 10 day herbal protocol for GBS. Fingers crossed that it works and that baby stays in long enough for me to finish and retest. I'm visualizing a summer solstice baby although anything after the 19th works fine. Other than that, I'm more than ready, although not super miserable so I guess I have nothing to complain about.
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37 Weeks + 4 Days here I had all-day-long cramping and lower backache for 2 days, but then it all stopped today... my cervix has been effacing as of 36 weeks but I'll find out more about any potential progress I've made on my midwife appointment on Tuesday... After all my weekend house cleaning/organizing, I finally feel "ready" to have this baby, so he is welcome to come any time... the earlier, the better, because my sister is only here for a limited time, and I want her to be here during labor.
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40w exactly here and SO ready to be done. But, I did discover my ankles today!
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39 weeks today. Honestly, I wish that she would either be born or the on and off contractions would stop. I am tired of having several in a row and thinking, "hmmm, maybe this is it...." only to not have it be it. Either come or don't come, kiddo
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channelofpeace, I know exactly what you mean. I go through a period every day when I think Oh, this might be it!" And then they fizzle away
40 weeks and 4 days tomorrow....
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40 weeks 3 days. I'm ready for him to be here.
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I'm still here at 38.5 weeks.
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Joining you with the on and off contractions. I never experienced this with my son and I agree, it is kinda frustrating!

I hit 40 weeks tomorrow. I guess I had the 7th in my head for so long (even though it wasn't my due date) that now that it has passed I am just trying to relax and see the advantage of having a few more days/weeks. Go read some of the PP threads in the May 2009 DDC, definitely makes me appreciate a few extra days w/o the ups and downs of a newborn. (After-pains? That is starting to freak me out a bit...)

This babe is still very welcome to come ANY TIME. Please send him or her the memo....we are ready and waiting!
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Still here, 39 weeks and still basically comfortable. People keep telling me I am too comfortable and it means the baby will be late - do you really have to be horribly uncomfortable and desperate for the baby to come before it does?!

Anyway, I'm enjoying having some time to clean up my umm not-so-clean-and-tidy house!
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Also still here - 39 weeks here. I'm actually (gasp) hoping to go a tad bit late - I would like to spend a few more days by the pool with dd now that my massive to do list is slowly getting wrapped up. We just finished her "big sister" playset late Sunday and were working on organizing the garage until about 11:30 last night. My only complaints are the stupid reflux that wakes me at night and how I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck if I don't drink enough water.

Today's plan - get a bunch of stuff to free-cycle, cut the grass, take dd to music class and generally just keep moving - it makes the days go by SO much faster. Hang in there mamas, it won't be too much longer!
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I am 38+ a couple days. I had June 1 in mind from early pregnancy. BUt seeing how that has come and gone nearly weeks ago... ha!

Anyway, woke up from my nap yesterday and BabyPie had moved. I am ever so thankful. It seemed to be struggling to find a good position and felt like 'his' (dont know gender) head was caught on my pubic bone. PAIN-ful. Now, all that pressure is moving down and out. Feels so much better. Much more like it should. I also woke with the urge to go walking and clean my house. Wow. All that after having Zero energy all week and feeling pretty useless.

Now it is 2 am and I can't sleep. Was having odd cramps and just could not go back to sleep so I got up to eat and see what "the internets" had to offer.

Thinking going back to bed may be a good idea. I have a dreaded appt with my oversight OB tomorrow and I need to be rested. They want a fluid level check and my blood pressure always goes up when I have u/s. Man I hate those things!!! If only I could call and say I am in labor instead of going...
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37.5 weeks. Don't expect her anytime soon. Not too anxious to be done either - just trying to enjoy these last few weeks with my son and final preparations (no matter HOW prepared I think I am, there's always something I can do before she gets here....sew more clothes, finish that quilt, etc)
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41 weeks 4 here. NST tomorrow, scheduled to be induced Thursday but so hoping for natural labor before then ...
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Originally Posted by mynameisMom View Post
41 weeks 4 here. NST tomorrow, scheduled to be induced Thursday but so hoping for natural labor before then ...
Sending labor vibes your way...come on baby! : :
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