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Closing the DDC

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Appears that they will be closing our DDC soon I adore being pregnant because it is such an exciting and special time. I will miss y'all and hope to see some familiar faces in the "Life With A Babe" forum from now on!

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Thanks for all your work with the birth announcements! It was fun looking them all over after everyone had their babies. See you around!!
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aw...i'm gonna miss this!
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Bye everyone, thanks so much for all your good vibes while Maggie was in the NICU. Hope to see you all in the "babes" forum!
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Sniff sniff. It was so awesome having you guys around.
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I've been missing all the chatter for awhile now. I hope to see some of you in future DDCs in a couple of years or so. : If anyone wants to keep in touch on Myspace- PM me & I'll give you my info.
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i wouldn't have gotten through everything without the support of all of you wonderful mamas!! it's been such an amazing journey!
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I agree- thanks!!

Although I was mostly a lurker (but not a creeping one ), I was on here daily. And I'm really going to miss it.

Here's to happy, healthy kiddos!!
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I know I haven't been on here much (I'm immersed in cloth diaper land at the moment, so I spend most of my online time @ diaper swappers now!), but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here for helping me through my pregnancy! I can't agree w/ the OP, as I much prefer the baby out than in, but it was definitely nice to have people to talk to who were going through the same life changing event that I was!

If anyone would like to keep in touch, I'm the same username on myspace
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