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Originally Posted by maxwill129 View Post
I don't mean to scare you, but sometimes you really don't know if it's real or not. This is my fourth and I *think* I'm in labor right now.
It doesn't scare me. I'm just getting impatient, even though I had told myself I'd be "fine" about going a week or two over. Suddenly, I am *not* fine, and I am watching the clock. Bad! I hope you're in labor, and that it's easy and beautiful!

Originally Posted by dmariev View Post
different for everyone though.
Yeah. I know. *sigh* I guess I wanted to hear differently, even though I KNOW this is the deal.

Originally Posted by simplykate View Post
I've personally experienced ones that are 1)just tightening where my abdomen gets rock hard but it doesn't hurt,
2)tightening where my abdomen gets rock hard and the whole thing cramps up and i have to get down on my hands and knees,
and 3)waves of what feels like bad period cramping.
Sometimes they go on for an hor or two and the only reason I ignore them is because they don't progress in intensity ykwim?
So, I'm super curious to see what the real thing is!

I second the birth ball suggestion, that's supposed to be real good for wiggling baby down into position.
I'm so sorry about your back pain!
This sounds a LOT like me. Oh, the back pain is just...a pain in the butt. I think the big belly and boobs are straining my back. I'm mostly just cranky and grumpy. :

Someone mentioned (on another thread?) that the baby CAN go lower than zero station prior to labor. Is this true? If so, I'd get on the birth ball. Maybe I will switch out my desk chair for the birth ball tomorrow.
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Maybe maybe maybe...this morning I woke up around 5:15 with a backache and contrax about 7 mins apart, quite a bit of consistent blood-tinged mucus (still).

The contrax are different from BH because they are down low and my back is killing me (so much so that it's hard to tell when one stops/starts)

I think I am starting! I'm scared! And I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night...get your rest mamas!!!!!!!!!!!!
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WooHoo! I hope it's the real thing!
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No sleep is a sign your body is preparing. GOOD LUCK.
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Originally Posted by Thistles_in_Snow View Post
You'll know it's real labor because a baby comes out at the end?

I love this! I think that may be the only way to know.

I claim to have super short labors, but I strongly suspect I am in labor much longer than I actually realize it. My grandmother is famous for having her second child born in the toilet. Obviously, she was in labor, but just didn't realize it, I guess. On the other hand, I hear stories about people being in labor for 2-3 days, and sometimes it sounds like the first 24-48 hours are really what I'd call "labor." So I guess the whole "everyone is different" line is all we can really count on.

Personally, I'd be happy not knowing until the last minute and the shortest labor possible. It ain't too much fun, folks. Having a baby in your arms--much more fun.
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