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Moving to NY - need school info!!!

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Hi all! Haven't been on MDC in ages. We are finally taking the plunge and moving to NY (where DH is from). We are looking to live in Brooklyn or Queens and need info on schools and how to find out more about them!

We will have a 3rd grade boy and a pre-K boy this Fall. Our kids are super-smart, but we are not seeking an overly academic setting. Our oldest was at a charter school in Los Angeles, where the program really focused on group settings, group learning and teamwork. Our ideal would be to find a small school (2 classes/grade?) with a good family network/community and with a generally strong academic track record. I think priority, though, would be more on the community and feeling of the school overall. We can always supplement academic stuff if we need.

Please weigh in! We need to get enrolled for Fall 09!

Thank you!
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Welcome to NYC! I would start at http://insideschools.org/ and start poking around. There's a ton of information on there, although sometimes the parent reviews of schools are out of date. Besides neighborhood schools, there are also charter schools and unzoned schools, so some places have a lot of options.

There's an advanced search function, where you can select, for instance, a neighborhood and click options like "charter school," and see what it comes up with: http://insideschools.org/index12.php?f=adv

There's also a book by the same organization. Again, it can be a little out of date, but it's a good starting place to start narrowing down neighborhoods.

Also, for exact lines of a neighborhood zone, check out the NY Dept of Ed website. When we were looking to move, I made a customized Google map with all the zones outlined, so I could tell where a given apartment was located.
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Thank you Nabigus!!!!

This is great information! We considered moving about 5 years ago and I think you weighed in with some info for me, but I can't find the thread! I really appreciate this! DH is out there now and is starting to look for a place to live, so this is soooo helpful!

Anything else you might suggest, like neighborhoods?
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on the dept of ed website, there are also school report cards. look up a school and find their report card. they should have multiple reports. don't just look at what other parents report. also look at what the kids report and what the teachers report as well. i used this to research a school i went to interview with and a good thing. the teachers warned about the principal and sure enough, i overheard her conspiring how to blacklist a teacher from the entire system. not only wouldn't i want to work there, i wouldn't want my child there. too much friction and turnover of the staff.
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