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What position is your baby in?

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What position is your baby in.

Ours was perfectly positioned and we were so proud. That is until 2 weeks ago when baby decided that maybe two months on one's head was not the best plan. Baby flipped over and is now transverse with his/her head on my right side and butt on my left (feet and arms continue to flail about to find the most uncomfortable places to pummel). Now at 31+ weeks I'm really hoping that baby will resume the previous ideal position. I keep trying to reassure both myself and baby that there is no pressure and we still have plenty of time, but I'm not sure that I'm buying it. Hopefully there will be a wide range of answers that come back and I'll feel better.

If your baby is not ideally positioned, what, if anything, are you doing to encourage a better position? (I am becoming good friends with the cat/cow positions from my yoga class, though any results are temporary so far.)
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How can you tell? My OB said that it was "hard to tell" at this point but from the position of the heartbeat he was probably upside down. In that case, he is jabbing the left side of my pelvic bone with his fist or elbow. This is his favorite activity
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My baby was transverse until 30 weeks. She's just turned head down at 31 weeks, but she still seems to have plenty of room in there so who know?
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He's head down, but that's about all I know. He seems to go back and forth between kicking me on the left and then the right. LOL I can tell the head is down though (my midwife showed me how) and then I can feel the line of his back and find his bum.
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head down and LOA. he was flipping pretty regularly until a few weeks ago though. I practice optimal fetal positioning (see www.spinningbabies.com) and I see a chiropracter who does the Webster technique.
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I have no clue.
He is still doing 360s in there pretty regularly. I have always carried SO low and all of our girls have been head down and engaged by now... this is kinda nice.
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head down, but still pretty mobile from LOA-ROP.

I'd suggest using good posture to try and encourage your baby to get into a better position.
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I haven't paid attention, could care less. Baby will settle in position best for him or her.
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head down like a good little baby.

I can palpitate my own belly to feel where my little one is.
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She's head down, back along my right side with butt angled over toward my left ribs, feet down by the head.

She moves a lot though. I think she pretty much stays head down, but anytime I roll over, she rolls over. She has a preferred way of relating to gravity apparently.
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flipping back and forth. I don't expect him to go head down for another few weeks if DS is any indicator.
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My dd was head down from 28 weeks on, but this one is all over the place still and I am 30+ weeks.

I was so happy that the baby was head down yesterday, but I think it is curled up again.

I am not too concerned.
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transverse here....arms and legs all over the place....
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Ours is oblique...
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he's back and forth. he loves to flip. at last check he was head up. now i think he's back down but sometimes he feels completely sideways.
I'm not concerned tho. he'll settle in when he's ready.
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Has been head down for a few weeks now...hopefully will stay that way

I've been trying to pay attention to my posture....not slouching, doing lots of cat and dog yoga postures, pelvic tilts, etc. The last couple of births I attended as a doula were posterior babes and looooong labors. I'm trying to avoid that!
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ROA, been that way for a few weeks. Although i have been feeling some strange movement in places that don't quite match up with that position. I'm hopiong shes working on moving to LOA as the boys had to twist that way during labour to come out. I've been making sure my sitting position is good, leaning forward and not crossing my legs and sleeping on my LHS to encourage her to roll that way but not much else.

As for the baby being in transverse position, i think there are lots of cases where the baby can be transverse and move into a good position as late as in labour, so not as much of a problem as people might think.
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Head down in the last week, but all over the place before that. He/she will still turn facing left or right once in a while, but I can definitely notice it's getting less than before. The kicking is getting stronger, and this babe is the first to really hit me hard sometimes. DD and DS were more gentle, lol.
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She hung out between transverse and breech for about 2 mos then decided that head down might work too. She's been head down for 2 weeks now but I don't really expect her to stay that way. She likes to flip around a lot.
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Im 32 weeks and 2 days and Gloriana is engaged at a -2 station and head down. She still turns i can feel her head scrape across my tailbone a lot.
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