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Getting started

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I stopped writing much for pleasure over a decade ago... and now it's time for me to start writing a book. However, as soon as I made that decision/came to that realization I was a tad overwhelmed by the 15 years worth of fiction plots and nonfiction ideas that have all been pushed aside time after time. I wish someone would just tell me, "Oooh, write that one!" and then I could sally forth. Of course, no one can do that.

It's not that I have no words. It's that there are 14 million trying to come out at once. I need practical advice about whether nonfiction or fiction is a better starting place, or just suggestions for how to gain focus.

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Which to start with? Which do you think you'd enjoy more?

If all else fails, make a list of all your ideas, number them, then take little scraps of paper & put the numbers in the paper, dump it all in a bag, shake & pick one. I'm serious here. Do something to force yourself into it.

Once you have an idea, this is my favorite method to outline a plot:

I really cannot say enough about how much I love notecarding. It's what I'm using to write my novel (I am writing by hand, & carting around my little collection of cards). It is so versatile. I've rearranged my notecards more times than I can count to make the plot flow better. I know of no easier, more flexible way to get down the bones. (Of course, you don't have to come up with an outline...but I think some sort of structure is incredibly necessary for those of us who have one idea after another jumping out of our subconsciousnesses!)

This is another method I really like the idea of, though it didn't work out for me:

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