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Lucas is here...

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Lucas joined the world on June 3rd....10:04pm

I labored for 17 hours and pushed for a few hours with no progress (his head couldn't get past my pubic bone or whatever) so I ended up with a c-section.

He was 9lbs 5 ounces and 22" long...

He's the light of my life!

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Congrats mama!!! He is gorgeous!
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Yay!!! : Congrats, Mama!!! :
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aw how cute!!
love the name lucas!
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Such a beautiful picture! Congratulations!
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Lucas is super adorable!!! congrats!!
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Beautiful baby! Congrats and thanks for sharing the pic!
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He is a cutie Welcome, Lucas!
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cute is an understatement!! congrats mama!!!:
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what a beautiful baby!!! congrats mama. wishing you a speedy recovery and a happy babymoon!! :
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beautiful boy!
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Yay! Welcome Lucas...he is so adorable! :::
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He is beautiful! Sorry you had to labor and have surgery! Congratulations on a healthy gorgeous babe!
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congratulations. he looks so sweet!
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Congratulations!!! He's picture perfect!
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Congrats!! June 3rd is a fantastic birth day (i may be a bit biased since its mine ) He's handsome!
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:: Welcome Lucas, you gorgeous boy!!!
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