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Seriously, it just seems like I keep hurting myself and half of the time I have no idea when or where the injury really took place. Right now, my right shoulder hurts and I have no idea if I did it trying to flip in bed or somewhere else but last night it got so bad that it was keeping me from sleeping and I even got up and iced it. Before that, it was my left hand. I think that I made it sore from putting too much pressure on it when I was trying to get up and down (esp. the 200 times going to the bathroom per day). The reason that I needed help standing and sitting was that I twisted my left foot sometime this last week and it is really stiff when I first get up after sitting for even 5 min. I have to flex it really good and walk it out a little bit and until then I need a little help standing up, sitting down and walking around! Before that I kept getting a crick in my neck. Before that, we were trying to get all of the gardening and landscaping done and all of those muscles that we ignore and take for granted took turns being really sore.

It all is really just minor annoyances and I know there are many people that live with more serious physical limitations on a daily basis, but I am just thinking about laboring with whatever crazy thing that I did to myself lately. I am planning my first hb & first vbac and I just do not want to let anything hinder me from having a successful hbac.