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Babe is here!

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Our babe was born four days early on June 2! All went well and was uncomplicated. The midwife was very hands off at the birth center. I'm not sure if that's because I mentioned in my birth plan that we were doing hypnobabies or because they had like 5 babies born there that day! In the end, I didn't really want a lot of "support." I kind of just wanted to be left alone.

So we are happy and well!! :
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Congrats mama!!! ::
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Congratulations on a healthy baby and birth!!!


Name? Stats? Anything you feel like sharing, we'll celebrate with you. Hope you are recovering and enjoying your little one.
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Wonderful news!
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: congrats mama!! enjoy your babymoon!
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:: Congrats on the birth of your healthy babe, I am glad it went just as you wanted it to
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Congratulations! There is something powerful about being left alone and letting your body go I think. Cool!
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Congrats on the new baby and having a good birth.:
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Congrats mama!
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