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Where to start? Help 101

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Basically, the gut is 70-80% of the immune system. It all starts with nutrient-dense foods, effective digestion (with adequate stomach acid), absorption of nutrients (in the gut with balanced microbials), and detoxification of the chemical byproducts of foods and environmental toxins by the liver, with adequate bio-available nutrients to support the detox pathways.

I would do whole food probiotics, cod liver oil, magnesium, vit. C, zinc, coconut oil, bone broths, green juices. Support the immune system.

Basically, you have to heal the gut to strengthen the immune system. Check out the "Healing the Gut-cheat sheet".

Take a look at this thread discussing food *intolerances* avoidance vs not (re: detoxification discussion, ie detox pathways):

Start here to learn about detox pathways:

And here are a few informal videos about detox pathways:

and here about evaluating digestion and stomach acid (beet "pink pee" test): http://heal-thyself.ning.com/forum/topics/the-beet-test

This thread about Healing the Gut with Food:

Nutrient Dense Foods: http://heal-thyself.ning.com/forum/t...nt-dense-foods

Foods to Help Phase I and Phase II Detoxification:

Then here, the threads linked at the top will help you to understand more about identifying your family's detox pathways:

check out www.eatingcultures.com to try and guess on some of your detox pathways, and figure out which nutrients will be important for you. And www.detoxpuzzle.com to identify some of your detox pathways, nutrient deficiencies/needs.

Much of the immune system support is rooted in hormonal imbalances due to inadequate sleep, due to obstructed neurophysiological chemical processes due to nutrient deficiencies.

This is a terrific diagram of chemical "Pathways to Happiness and Sleep" (Serotonin and Melatonin). http://www.understand-andcure-anxiet...Melatonin.html

Healing the gut while pregnant or nursing has MANY cautions. Actively detoxing then is not recommended.
Here is a thread about detox and nursing:

And this one "Detox gone wrong":

Consider reading "Do this, do that and you'll feel better" thread. Might cross check her ND's recs with yours.

A lot of issues lead back to mercury exposure from dental fillings in the mother. Which lead to gut imbalances and candida. Candida binds with mercury to "store" it safely.

Caution killing-off candida "yeast", if one *has, or had* mercury fillings in their teeth. Killing candida releases mercury into blood circulation to be redeposited in organs, brain and breastmilk. Taking Vit C, selenium, clay, (zeolite?) could help to bind the mercury for excretion.

Additionally, there is a "bucket effect". As the allergen exposure overflows the body's ability to detoxify the chemicals (histamine, pollens, food proteins, heavy metals, food chemical byproducts (salicylates, amines, oxylates, halides), non-food chemicals such as MSG, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, etc. imbalances in the gut develop. Foods which are mostly acid-forming, rather than alkaline-forming, cause ph disruptions in the blood, and the ph in the mouth and cells becomes too acidic. There are many natural and simple alternatives to improve gut health (and dental health). Nutrient dense foods are most effective, imo.

Here's an old post of mine about addressing environmental allergens.

Here is a link with more information about eliminating airborne allergens:

Unfortunately, the cascade of gut imbalances is associated with "C-section Syndrome": (ie. antibiotics at birth)

Btw, on our site "Heal Thyself", if anyone wishes to post a thread about your gut healing, detox issues, food intolerance, candida, allergies, etc. There are many mamas who are very informed about all of this. http://heal-thyself.ning.com/

I'm working on creating an ebook to summarize all of our research and observations and experience. But, you can learn along with us!

A heated debate is the role of iodine in our diet related to hormonal balance and the deficiencies associated with nutrients. http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1091794

This is my "Cliffs Notes" version for healthy guts.

And please, start a separate thread "About Me", and the mamas are happy to help you trouble shoot and explore Healing Thyself.

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Pat you're awesome!!:
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That's awesome. I'd also recommend a link to www.dogtorj.net because he has some fascinating information about allergies/intolerances and the declining health cascade.

And don't forget the recipes sticky at the top of the page.
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Thank you so much for this! There is so much to wade through that right now I'm drowning (hence my "detox for dummies" request thread). This is so important for us, but I have found it so difficult to know which info to start with. I really appreciate your taking the time to put together this post.
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Pat, I bow down to your awesomeness!

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Can someone make this a sticky?
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Originally Posted by Wugmama View Post
Can someone make this a sticky?
Yes please someone sticky this.
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Taking notes & trying to keep up! Thanks for all the information, Pat.
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Thank you!
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Bless your heart...this is exactly what I need right now. I was feeling overwhelmed and couldn't remember what I had read where, etc. Now I can really delve in and try to find some answers as to why LO is having probs again.

Only problem is it looks like my house is not going to get clean tomorrow either I've been reading Nourishing Traditions and the MDC boards all day today. Its a smorgasbord of info and I am hungry! :
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WuWei you are so totally my hero right now.

This is so helpful! Thank you!

Now I have a lot of reading to do
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Pat, you are awesome!!!!!
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THANK YOU so much for this. I just joined and although I have some knowledge of this stuff from dealing with candida in the past, I have so much to learn. This is absolutely what I need right now. :
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Originally Posted by Wugmama View Post
Can someone make this a sticky?
Originally Posted by Taryn237 View Post
Yes please someone sticky this.
It appears to already be "stuck" in the resources sticky here.
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Originally Posted by MoonWillow View Post
It appears to already be "stuck" in the resources sticky here.
: Woo-hoo!

Having things organized makes stuff so much easier.
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Just awesome!
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