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Get out

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Ok, I just have to whine, vent, scream, what have you.

This pain is seriously more then I can handle and I am in a mental break down right now. This kid just needs to GET OUT. I can't sit, I can't lay down, I haven't slept more then 3 hours at night in a week now and that is WITH medication (tylenol PM). Every inch of my body hurts so much I just cry and the thought of even another week, let alone two weeks it more then I can handle.

I just want him out NOW.
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Maybe this is a sign that the end is near. I'm sending you lots of labour vibes!
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Sounds miserable
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Oh, honey, I feel your pain. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my contractions started off and on and since Monday afternoon they have been constant at 10 minutes apart and to the point that I can't do anything through them, but they won't progress. I feel so much rectal pressure that I'm pretty sure the baby is going to fall out my *ss. I feel so bad for you. Physically it really hurts, but emotionally I can't take this anymore. Hugs to you!!! I hope you have your baby soon, mama!!!
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I'm so sorry! I thought I was uncomfortable, but you sound completely miserable!
Here's vibes for your babe coming SOON!!!!
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DDC Crashing

are you able to at least get a massage somewhere? Those last few weeks are miserable for me, too and it's always helped.
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I'm sorry, phrogger. I know what you mean about the continuous pain causing a mental breakdown. I really had no idea it could be this way. I'll be think lots of baby come on thoughts for you.
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I had constant pain with my pg with ds1. It sucked. NOTHING helped- sitting, laying, pillows, nothing. Well, ok, except sitting in the pool- that helped. But you can't do that forever.
The pain started at 35w, and didn't stop until he was born at 38w. I was so so so ready for him to be out. I would probably have taken any intervention that was offered to me.

All that just to say that I totally feel ya. Being in constant pain is NOT fun. I hope your babe is born very very very soon.
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Thanks all. The pain has been there since 12 weeks, but really started getting bad at 20 weeks.

Massage isn't even an option. 1. I live in a small town, no where to go, and 2. when I did the physical therapy and they did massage it hurt so much that I could hardly stand it and did nothing to relieve the pain. That was at 19 weeks when I stopped going there and it has only gotten worse.

My poor kids, they are scared to be around me. My oldest keeps cracking jokes. He is trying to make it better. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. Well most of the time I just get really irriated with his jokes.

DH has been working a lot, and avoiding the house a lot. Not really on purpose, but he keeps going about his life like nothing is going on, then asks why I didn't get to the store today. WEll because I wouldn't even walk to the bathroom to PEE how am I going to go shopping for 2 hours at the crowded grocery store?

Seriously, this kid just needs to get out, or I need drugs to make me just pass out for another 2 weeks.

At times like this, I miss when the OB could just do your c-section at 38 weeks.
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