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The all powerful EDD

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This article was posted on another board I'm on and I thought I'd share it with you ladies, as I know there are a few of us who have now reached and past that magical edd.

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Interesting! By that calculation method my EDD would be June 11 (tomorrow) instead of June 8 (two days ago.) And still, that's an estimation. Glad no one's pressuring me! Although the midwife offered to strip my membranes today since we're moving on Monday the 15th (ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!)

I declined politely. I'd rather let the cricket decide when she's well and truly done.
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I have that article marked to read today, good timing I'm taking a "baby time" approach to this pregnancy instead of a "expiration date" approach and it feels muuuuch less nerve wracking than the others, so from the little I've read of the article so far it sounds like I agree.
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Thanks for the article! I've always wondered how they came about the method they used to calculate EDDs.
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Great article, I've been wondering about how the EDD was figured anyhow.
I'm 40 w 6 days today, but according to that method, baby is due tomorrow! Haha, that'd be cool!
I do believe I lost my mucus plug this morning too - brownish pinkish discharge all over my panty liner when I got up. However I've been having so many false alarms, I've begun to doubt everything. My body just likes to play trick on me!
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Great article...plus according to their calculations the baby would be due on Friday which would be ideal! My MW just told me that his availability isn't great this weekend and my in-laws have a lot planned so either Friday or Monday would be great...

Again, I do feel lucky that France uses 41 weeks as their due date b/c it takes away a lot of that feeling of being overdue. Though being American and participating in American websites, I do allow the 40 week date to influence me.
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