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Originally Posted by CheapPearls View Post
That is a little weird to me as well. I can understand getting some money out of clothes but offering to sell clothes to someone who has given you lots of clothes for free is a bit tacky for lack of better words.

Personally, I would just ignore it. If she asks again and just say "No thanks." and smile. No need to say anything more even if you are thinking it.
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I think the timing combined with her offering it out of the blue with no request from you makes it definitely on the tacky side, but being only 9weeks PP, I can see how she may not even remember you gave her all those clothes. I would either say no thanks or take a look if you are interested and see what she is offering. Maybe she is just looking to recoup a bit? Maybe most of it is really nice stuff that she doesn't feel she can just give away? I dunno, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I definitely would have had the same initial "Huh?" reaction you did!
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