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Breastfeeding swimsuit ideas?

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I'm dreading buying a swimsuit!

Tummy that held my beautiful baby, but now is still round!
Huge Lactating breasts!
Stretch marks on thighs!
Hairy armpits I am refusing to shave.

Oh MY! I'm an empowered woman but the swimsuit thing is making me feel small!

Help me ladies!!!!!!
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We just got back from vacay, and I can tell you that after even a year postpartum, I'm still leery of those swimsuits! Money was kind of an issue, so I wasn't about to spend 40 bucks on something I was going to just cover up most of the time. So I cheaped out and bought a cotton layering camisole one size too small, in BLACK mind you, and just the swimsuit boyshorts. Kept the tummy covered with modest cleavage coverage but easy access for ds just in case. I'm not a big swimmer anyway, so getting it wet wasn't an issue. I just didn't want to be the toolbox out there in a tshirt and shorts at the pool! Ba ha ha ha!!! HTH
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I shouldn't laugh, I know. But you sound just like me! I actually started an almost identical thread a few weeks ago.
The best advice I got was, mellow out mama. Since when do you care what people think? You are what you are. No one will notice what you are wearing. Anyone who glances your way will say, "look at the mama with the pretty smile playing with her adorable baby, she looks so happy."
That said, a rash-guard style swim tee would cover your belly & pits, you could just wear a regular nursing bra underneath. I found a shirt for running that I think will be okay braless in the pool. I did find a few bottoms that actually look pretty cute on my new post-baby figure. One is like boy shorts, the other is like regular biggish underwear with ties on the sides that bunch up the fabric. Both are forgiving of my bulges and fully contain my pubic hair. I've survived many summers in bike shorts, and the 80s are back in style. Another option I considered was a nursing sports bra, but I couldn't find one that looked more sporty and less bra. And, I ordered this gorgeous top:
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I just bought a Lands End tankini. The top is a halter, and the bottom is a "tummy control" skirt. It is super comfy and flattering. I spent more than I normally would on a suit, but we are going to be spending the summer at pools and the beach, so it was worth it to me to feel comfortable. It isn't a "nursing" suit, but the top pulls aside easily. I tried it out the other day in a friend's pool and had no problem. Sears carries them in their stores to try on, too.

ETA: The suit I got will do nothing for the hairy pits.
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I'm having this same exact problem - huge lactating breasts and stretch marks on thighs and needing to find a swimsuit. I would also like to surf this summer since we moved to San Diego in January, so I do to be able to get wet. I need a swimsuit that's supportive but no underwire (I put up with it in some of my bras, but not a swimsuit, so uncomfortable to me), easily accessible for the baby's lunch, hopefully covers some of my stretch marks on my thighs, and is cute so I feel good wearing it. AND doesn't cost an arm and a leg! Help!
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We like sun protection at the pool and beach so I simply match my kids. Plus, it hides a lot. And it makes sense to the kids.


We all wear long sleeve rash guards and some kind of bottom, often quick dry shorts or a swim mini or a bikini bottom.

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We do long sleeve rash guards as well. I just wear a regular bathing suit top under it for support. 

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I am getting this swim suit, and I've had something similar and I loved how the cut of everything fits.  And isn't it just too cute? The top covers big milky boobs well, the bottoms give you a waist and cover up any "tummy" and the crotch part is nice and covered.  


I always feel like the "retro" styled swim suits flatter any body. 


Whoa, I am just seeing that this thread is from '09! Well, maybe someone will like get some ideas from this... :)

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