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How much time is your DH/DP taking off?

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I was looking through the 'guess Baby's birthday' thread and I saw that some Mamas are hoping for a weekend baby because their DH is not able to take ANY time off work! That is so sad!

How long is your DH/DP going to stay home from work? How did you guys work it out? Are you starting to stress as we get closer?
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My DH doesn't get any paid time off. We have been able to work it out money-wise that he can take two weeks off. He works nights and summer is the busy time so it can be 10-14 hour shifts with driving.

I am SOO afraid to be home alone with a tiny, two week old little person for 12 hours a day!
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Yeah, DH does not get any paid time off, and we have no vacation left (used for bills bills bills Realistically, we could manage if he had to take 3-4 days off, but i would not like to be in that situation, we are poor
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My DH will take 2 weeks off after the birth. And he also gets 4 weeks vacation during the summer.
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Every dad here gets 2 weeks off paternity leave.
DH will take 2 weeks off, but he may have to do it in August: if the baby comes in mid July, DH will need to leave for a 2 week camp to teach. My sister will be here in July though.
He also gets 4 weeks off holiday every year, but we won't touch that for the leave because we plan on traveling later on.
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DH has been saving up his vacation time for his paternity leave, we definitely could not afford unpaid time off. His plan is to take two weeks off, work 2 days the following 2 weeks and 3 days the two weeks after that. I really wanted to have him around during the first 6 weeks because we have no one else near by, and I have no idea what being home with a newborn is going to be like. Realistically he will probably have to do a little bit of work from home while he is off, but at least he will be here.
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DH will probably take the day after the baby is born off and then go back to work half days for a while. He owns his own business and hired someone specifically to cover him but we aren't really sure how well that is going to work out. But my mom and sister are both around all summer so I will have help from them.
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Dh is a real estate agent so he can make his own schedule, but unfortunately for me that usually means he is working 15 hours a day. Even if he is home, he is working. I am already a little worried about the role his Blackberry will have in my labor and birth. It is constantly making noise and demanding his attention. I knew all this before we married so I have learned to accept it, but it is frustration sometimes. I think after the baby is born he will make more of an effort to be around for a few weeks, but he cannot take any real time off.
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My DH has paid leave, but, we'd rather save it for vacation later in the year! My MIL and SFIL will likely be in town around the birth (depends when our little guy comes and if their vacation is approved) and I have some other family too.

We are going to play it by ear--but, he'll probably be around for about 4-5 days, we're just hoping it uses as little vacation time as possible lol...this could work out, he works 40+hrs Wed-Sat, and then Sun-Tues off.
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My DH is going to take about 2 wks off. He has been saving up his PTO time. They don't get paid leave, unless they save up their own PTO time. The only other, "help" I will get is mil or my mom will watch my older two kids while I am at the hospital, but I doubt either one will stick around when I come home from the hospital, b/c they both drive me kind of nuts.
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I'm in the no time off club. Boo! But, MIL will be here to help with DD and whatever, and I have a post-partum doula, so I am hoping things will be ok.
I just feel bad for him, cause it would be nice to bond with your new child!
Also, my midwife wants me to stay in bed for a whole week after birth, and that will make things hard!
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DH can take two weeks off. He is going to take the full first week, then do half days for two weeks after that. He won't want to go back to work when baby comes...he so insanely excited!!
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Luckily our work gives partner's a week paternity leave (DH works at the same university as I do) and then he will take 2 weeks holidays in addition to that. He has a lot of time saved. That should take us to late July/even early Aug. By then I'm hoping to be fine with two ! we'll see! I'm sorry for the mamas that are going it alone. In time you will get into a groove!
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Mine is taking 2 weeks. and it is almost over! Monday morning it will just be me and the girls! I am a little nervous, but plenty of people have 4 or 5 or 6- including some of you! So surely I can handle 2.

The whole family has started getting out a little each day, for practice. This has actually been sort of overwhelming for my 2 yr old, since I haven't left the house with her for a month, so I am glad we have been doing it.
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Dh is planning on taking 10-14 days off from his full time job, but he will still need to work his part time job since he just switched stores and he doesn't have any vacation time. His time off from his full time job is unpaid, but he is going to use his vacation/PTO.
We don't have any family close by so I won't have anyone around on a daily basis, but my mum and sister's are planning to come down for a week and other family members are planning weekend trips.
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Crashing from August club, DH will probably take 2-3 days off, unpaid. But he will be caring for our three olders while I enjoy the baby...
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We have no paid leave off for DH either... he JUST started a new job in May and I think he only has one day paid off so far, maybe by the time DS2 comes he will have 2 paid days off, and that's all so far.

His boss told him he could take one week off after the baby. He works out of town so, he will only be here on the weekends as well. So I will be doing all the night-time and day time parenting alone.

However, we rent MIL's basement apt so she will be around to help out some.
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I'm very lucky because DH gets a TON of vacation each year (10 weeks!). So he's taking 3 weeks off...the week before I'm due and the two weeks after I'm due. (He needs to schedule his vacation in advance, but if I go into labor more than 1 week early, he should be able to re-arrange things.) My ILs will also be here for the entire month of July, and I know life will be better with DH there to diffuse the IL situation...and to play with DD.

When DD was born, he took 1 week off. (I had her on a Saturday, and he took that next week off. Well he also took the Friday before off because I was in labor all day.) My mom came that next weekend, so I wasn't alone with the baby for another 2 weeks.
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DH has the Paid Family Medical Leave Act that he gets to use, but since it's only at 55% of regular pay, he's not going to take much of it
He'll probably take 1-2 days off when baby comes, and then wait and take 2 weeks off with the Medical Leave Act, for a trip to see our parents in September.
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Crashing from June... DH gets 10 days off theoretically but it IS the Army we are talking about so that isn't set in stone. My mom is here and hopefully baby makes an appearance ASAP (EDD was yesterday) so that she can be here to help as long as possible then we are hoping that DH can take his 10 days after she leaves.
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