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Tribe for bedresters and high risk pregnancies

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anyone else on bedrest? i;m 21 wks today, this is day 8 of rest and i get my second progesterone shot today.
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I just came off of bedrest a couple of weeks ago. I had been on modified bedrest from 27-35 weeks due to PTL. Those were a very long 9 weeks, but well worth it to get babe to a healthy stage. Amazingly I am 37 weeks today and she is still staying put.

Good luck with the duration of your bedrest and hopefully babe keeps cooking.
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Thank you, Linds. I was on bedrest from 16 wks to 36 wks with my youngest and she decided to need to be induced at 37 wks. I was on modified bedrest at first, then at 23 wks I started having more complications and spent the next 13 wks on full bedrest. I didn't have a toddler at home then and my others had gone to live with their father. This time, I've got everyone at home and a 3 1/2 yr old to boot!

I was also in the hospital with PPROM with my son from 26 to 30 wks. Looking back, I hated every second of it simply because nothing was explained to me and I felt like a prisoner. Secretly, I'm longing to be in the hospital this time so that I don't have to look at my dirty house and so that I can have the reassurance of medical staff and care around me. I'm still getting up too much! I would miss my kids...terribly, but I really want to get to at least 28 wks.

Good luck and happy birthing!
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Good luck to you. I spent months on bed rest when I was pg with all 3 of my girls for everything from PTL to fluid issues to chicken pox. Two of the three went full term but my middle dd was a 33 weeker (though she's 9 now & doing amazing). My fingers are crossed that I won't get bed rest this time but the odds are not in my favor.

I remember reading a lot of magazines (you can find tons of free subscriptions online & I donate them to the drs offices when I'm done or Freecycle them) and video games. I'm not a video game person at all but we had an old school Nintendo system that I pulled out & hooked up. I spent my days with Super Mario Brothers & Zelda.

Hopefully your little one will stay put & you can find some things to help the days pass a little faster.
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Well, technically I`m not on bedrest but practically I am. They tell me I can move around and do stuff around the house but the spotting returns if I`m not laying down.
I also have a busy toddler at home so I know what you mean by not being able to rest. Can you request to go to a hospital if you feel safer there? I`ve come to realize that feeling safe/positive about it helps a lot.
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stephanie, here's hoping you get a bedrest free baby this time. this is bedrest #4 for me so i should know the drill.

katica...sending you hugs! if i'm up more than 5 mins i get contrax, so i know how you feel. i can't be hospitilized until 24 wks, and really i'd like to stay home but just have home health or someone to clean for me. i'll be less stressed once i get to 24 wks.
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no bedrest for me (knock wood), but I just have to say that you mamas are AMAZING to go through all that.

Hang in there!
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So glad to see others here with this thread.

I am on week 2 of complete bed rest (only allowed to get up and go to the bathroom). Started last week Monday at 29 weeks and I am here for the remainder of the pregnancy. How long that will be, no one knows. I do also go in to the doc once per week.

The docs are hoping to get me to 32 weeks min. 34 weeks preferably.

My first child (this is only #2 for me) was born 6 weeks early way back in 2003. I thought this might be different this time around but no such luck.

What meds have you guys already been on or continue to be on?
I was on a magnesium sulfate drip ALL of last week (in the hospital) and have been on progesterone shots since week 18. They also administered steroids when I was in the hospital last week with PTL.

I also have terbutaline for use "as needed" since I have been home. Have only used it once.

What are you taking, if anything?
Thanks for your input,

Faye (age 34), mom to DD born 1-15-03 and expecting DS anytime now (due date officially August 14)
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I'm on modified bed rest. I've been on it since I got a cerclage placed at 13 1/2 weeks. I'll be 23 weeks on Sunday. My peri and ob said at 25 weeks I'll be able to go out once or twice a week as long as I'm not walking or on my feet for long. At 28 weeks, they'll add on more activity. Of course, this all depends on if I'm doing well and not having PTL symptoms or cervical funneling. I've been on progesterone suppositories as soon we conceived. Instead of the shots, they just had me continue on them. Less side effects that way, for me. I've been having BH contractions and some back pain on and off for a couple weeks. I go in and get checked and so far everything's fine. I'll be able to breathe a little easier when I make it to viability. I have daily talks with my son (it's a boy) about staying put until at least 36 weeks when they take the stitch out.

Other than having HG with my first daughter, I didn't have any problems at all with that pregnancy. My second was fine up until 17 1/2 weeks when I noticed membranes bulging out. My dr was going to put in an emergent cerclage, but the amnio showed infection. My water broke 4 days later and there was nothing we could do. I was diagnosed with IC and this pregnancy a cerclage was put in.

Bed rest has not been easy for our family. I've been thankful my dh has been home to take care of my daughter and I. The only thing he doesn't do very often is clean. The house is really dirty and it's bugging me, but I don't want to take any chances. My 4 year-old gets upset when I can't pick her up or play outside with her. We do cuddle and read books together or do art projects in bed so she does get some mama time. She is very excited to have a brother though
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hugs, amanda! i'm glad you're doing well this time. i am looking forward to viability and beyond. i try not to be gloom and doom but pre 24 wks, the hospital really won't do anything. i trird to talk my dr into a cerclage at week 15, but she is reluctant to aggrivate things.

faye, my son was 30 wks in 1998. having preemies is so scary!!! i'm 35 so i'm old (lol) and i've got a history of ptl. i'm on progesterone injections and procardia 10 mg every 6 hrs. i have to take it like clock work or the contrax come back. i chose the procardia over the brethine because the side effects are less for me. i'm on day 11 of bedrest, but i do get up to eat one meal (quickly) with my family per day, shower every 2-3 days. i go to the dr every thursday afternoon to get my injections.

i hope you are all well and bedresting away!

anyone interested in a bedrest project???
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bumping for any newbies who want to post...also, changed the title i hope it's not inappropriate to start my own 'tribe' here!
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I see the title has changed so I think I can join this tribe now. I've had two pre-e pregnancies and am 14 weeks along with my third baby. I was on bedrest for 3 weeks last pregnancy before delivery @ 35 weeks. DD was in the NICU for 10 days but is a happy and healthy almost 1 year old now! This pregnancy is high risk and OB is fully expecting me to have pre-e again. I'm still hoping I won't but the odds are stacked against me. I would at least like to have a full term baby this time though if possible. Of course pre-e is tricky so there's only so much bedrest and waiting around a mama can do before the baby really needs to come out. I will admit that I actually enjoyed my 3 weeks of bedrest last time. I haven't had that much quiet time to myself in forever! Although I don't think I could go practically a whole pregnancy on bedrest like some of the mamas here!!! That takes determination! I will admit I got antsy a few times and would have DH take me to the grocery store just to get out of the house. I would ride around on one of those motorized chairs that they have so I wouldn't be breaking the bedrest rules too much. I was so happy to be out of the house that I couldn't even bring myself to be embarassed. I embarassed DH though the first time I tried to back one of those chairs up and it made that "beep beep beep" noise. Oh the memories!!!!
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I get antsy too. I look forward to my weekly doctors appt because I get to see new scenery. In two weeks, I'll get to go out a few times a weeks. I'd like to at least go to the local library and the craft store.

Saving Grace- Are those motorized cars easy to operate? I'm so afraid I'd either run into a display or bump into another shopper.

To keep busy I've been learning how to make felt food. I found tutorials online. I'm also learning to knit, although that's been much more challenging to learn. My dh thinks I'm a little nuts right now.
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Boobs4milk- Did you have a doctor's appt this week? How did it go?
Before viability is so scary. Your right, the hospital doesn't do anything prior to 24 weeks. It's great your doctors prescribed medicine for the contractions. My doctors won't give me anything until I'm at least 24 weeks. My only option at this point is fluids, very short term ibupropen, and staying down.
I'm an older mom too. I had my first at 35 and having my last at almost 40.

What kind of project?

FayeO- I'm just on progesterone suppositories. The doctors won't give me anything else. I'm mostly trying to stay hydrated, since dehydration can irritate the uterus. I hope you can make it to 34 weeks.

I have a peri appt Thursday afternoon. I'm praying that everything is still good. I'll be 24 weeks on Sunday.
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The motorized carts aren't too hard to get the hang of. Just go slow. When I sped up, that's when I had a hard time stopping. I broke my leg last year (had a huge bright pink hard cast from the knee down) & had to use them to grocery shop.
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hi ladies!

amanda, thank you for asking about me! i had an appt today, here's a link to the post if anyone is interested.

back from mfm

i didn't go out last time until i got closer to term, more like 33-34 wks, except appt. my dh borrowed a manual wheel chair and i just took it easy. i'd been on bedrest for about 15 wks by then, first on strict then on modified when things calmed down. i go to my dr visits every 2 wks and to get my peogesterone shot every thursday. last time, i lived 10 mins from dr this time it's 1 hr!!!!

we found out we are having a girl today ::: and i'd love to shop, but that can wait. i'll be 22 wks thursday, so i might get to shop in about 10 wks or so if i'm still stable. i have all of dd's stuff, so we don't need anything really just something new for baby.

as for a project, i can crochet and i have knitting looms. i've made up some hats for some ladies on my ddc, but i haven't got pics up. camera is broken :

maybe something fiber art related? if we find a cute knitted project, i could use the loom.

i hope you all had a great day!!!

ETA: almost 24 weeks, amanda!!! woohoo!
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happy june 17th bedresters! this marks 2 wks in bed for me!!!: 2 down, 14 to go!
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Hi everyone,

It's a beautiful day and my dh took our dd to the local pool. I wish I could have gone with them, but I'm happy dd is outside having a good time.

I'm been crampy all week. I'm hoping it's just constipation/gas pains. It also could be dehydration. I can't keep water down so I've been drinking Gatorade or OJ blended with ice during the day. At night it's more challenging.
Tomorrow's my peri appt so I'll get my cervix checked.

Boobs4milk- You're doing great. Happy to hear there's been no change in length and no funneling. Congrats! A little girl

I think I'll just start with going to the craft store. I won't linger and just get what I need. I get winded from just walking from the bed to the bathroom so I think that will be it for activity. My dr doesn't want me driving til I'm at least 28 weeks so my dh will have to take me.
I do need some new clothes and a bra. I have two shirts that fit and a skirt that is getting too tight around the waist. Everything else I own doesn't fit anymore. I don't think shopping is an activity I can do anytime soon so I'll have to order them online. I've always had to order bras online. The stores don't carry bras larger than a DDD.

As for knitting, I'm a beginner. My sister is coming over on Friday to take care of my dd. Maybe my sister can teach me more about knitting. The online tutorials are so confusing.
I'd like to learn how to crochet. My mom says that's easier than knitting.
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I was on strict bedrest for 4.5 months when pg with the twins - my cervix completely opened up at 18 weeks, so it was nada from then on out. One thing that helped me tremendously was sidelines.org - they provide trained support for moms on bedrest - with all different kinds of issues - and they will match you up with a bedrest buddy who's been through what you're going through. It can be a very challenging time, and having good support is crucial.

here's the link:


I kept telling myself "one more day down is one less day in the nicu."

Set up milestones (for me, it was every friday - a piece of really good chocolate!!!). And also the various 'weeks' milestones -- 24w, 28w, 32w, 36w... We had a big cake at 32 weeks!

Set up a routine for your weekdays. Vary it on weekends. ie: breakfast, snack, lunch times... etc... time for activities such as tv, crossword puzzles, games, reading etc... time for phone calls / email, etc... time for hobbies... time for thinking about you and the baby...

By having somewhat of a routine throughout the week, you'll feel purposeful. Your days and hours will feel meaningful, and you'll see time pass more positively and quickly.

Stay positive, mama's! Hugs to you all - you can do it!
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Hi Mamas,

I had my 24 week appt with the peri and everything looked great. No changes, no funneling, and my son's heart was normal. He refused to move his position so the tech couldn't see his heart in prior appts. This time he was cooperative. :

My peri wasn't in so I had another dr. His first comment was that my cervix looked very normal. He asked me about my previous loss and also when I had the cerclage surgery for this pregnancy. I was just happy about no changes I didn't say that when the cerclage was put in both my drs. said my cervix looked very abnormal and it's a good thing we all decided to go ahead with the surgery. It's really frustrating explaining my history to doctors who weren't there from the beginning.

Spu- Thank you for the encouragement. I like the idea about celebrating the milestones. I'll have to think up something non-food related. I can't keep any type of dessert down, so no cake, chocolate, or ice cream for me. My diet is very healthy, but so boring. :
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