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so i'm new to your tribe.. here's the deal..

i've posted in the last 2 days on my ddc about having a 20wk u/s that turned out pretty eventful. we went in 2 days ago and everything looked great until the tech checked for cervical length which they found to be only 5mm. i was sent to l&d for monitoring and consultation with mfm's. they discussed three options - bedrest only without interventions (since i have no history of short cervix, no contrax/ptl thus far, no history of loss), progesterone or rescue circlage.

they seemed pretty undecided about which route to go.. basically saying that in their view all routes would be equally as valid. we opted for the circlage and had it done the next morning - yesterday - but also asked for progesterone (which is still a lil bit of an open issue at this point, more on that later). but most of all we decided that bedrest no matter what is the best course of action going forward. mfm's didn't seem to be too gungho about bedrest - but i'm really adamant about it.

so here i am.. i've been scouring the internet for research on how best to proceed with my bedrest. today is officially my day 1 of bedrest, so i'm devising a schedule to make a routine of sorts.

i was thinking crochet, maybe brush up on my french- which is going to be a long undertaking!!! lol!!! and then some prayer time; maybe do some hypnobabies for relaxation and labor prep, and make some milestones.

i LOVE this resource of having you ladies share your stories and i hope to share mine with you as we get to full term and delivery. my baby- its a BOY:::: is due 12/17 and we both intend to get there!!!

my next appt is a follow up with the mfm's on tuesday but they plan on transferring me to a regular ob practice (i was with a m/w practice before). so i am looking for an mfm/peri (in philly area) to follow my progress.

thanks for reading/listening. any advice, recommendations or referrals greatly appreciated.
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welcome precious. seems like you've got an excellent plan underway. i did not get the rescue cerclage because i didn't start to significantly shorten until after the point where the rescue was deemed unsafe. i started taking the procardia and the 17-alphahydroxyprogesterone injections at 20 wks and also placed myself on bedrest.

good thing...my ob said 'take it easy' and when we noticed significant shortening of the cervix at 26 wks, i told her i was giving up sitting on my porch for 20 mins and watching my DD play. she said don't give it up...i did anyway. at 27 wks, i was back in for ptl, and again at 27 wks 6 days. i've been in the hospital since then, and am 29 wks today.

the hardest thing about bedrest is actually listening to your body and knowing when you need to just stay down. since i've been here, i was 100% bedrest NO up for anything, then I got a bedside camode, then i was allowed to visit the toilet, then a short wheel chair ride, and now i get to walk down to the nurses station once/day and take a 15 min wheel chair ride. i think the big thing for me is now i don't have to keep getting out of bed to see about a 3 yr old and to make sure she eats, drinks, pees, etc. we put our daughter in daycare on monday.

take care and keep us posted!

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I am newly pregnant, but high risk. I had a placental abruption and uterine rupture that lead to the death of our baby girl 3 years ago. I have Rh factor, and there is no where in my records where I was given rhogam after my last delivery. I was too distraught to remember anything that went on. So I'm waiting on bloodwork to see if I am sensitized...if I am..I'm even MORE high risk.
Pray for me!!! I may end up on bedrest in the 3rd trimester. I hope not.
Nice to meet you all.
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hugs, shantell! congrats on your new pg and i hope things go well for you.

me: just hangin at the hospital. dr. wants me to be up a bit more walking today so we'll see how that goes.
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Just checking in.

Week started out with good news but ended with not so good.

I passed my 3 hour GTT. My numbers were good, not too high or low. Seems it's just low blood pressure that is making me pass out, not blood sugar or thyroid.

But then I started in with the contractions on Wednesday. : Having more than 4 an hour at 18 weeks plus a repeated history of PTL isn't so good. My OB had me come in since I wasn't due for another visit until the very end of the month. Cervix looks good, good length & closed.

They are deciding on how to proceed (meds, etc) since 2 out of 3 of my past pregnancies had PTL issues with strict bed rest & meds. I had 1 preemie (baby #2) but was induced due to low fluid, didn't deliver early from PTL. I showed up at the hospital in labor again (was already on bed rest & meds) at 33 weeks but when they did a u/s & saw how low my fluid was, they induced me immediately. So we don't know if I would have made it full term or delivered early from PTL. My other PTL pregnancy (baby #1) went full term after dilating to 2 at 28 weeks & very strict bed rest & meds. And my third pregnancy went just a few weeks early due to low fluid but no PTL.

So my 20 week u/s has been moved from the OB's office at the end of the month to the high risk dr next week. Hopefully if this does turn into PTL, I won't have the low fluid issues this time. Though based on past pregnancies, it's possible that I'll be dealing with both.
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oh hugs, girlzmommy! i hope things turn out well. no one would believe me that at 19 1/2 wks i was in ptl. good thing i was already seeing an mfm and an ob and they immediately put me on meds and bedrest. now, here i am in the hospital at 29 wks and still holding on even though it takes VERY little to change my cervix. i've been able to hold out because of the preventatives and the bedrest.

i'll be thinking good thoughts for you!!!
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Hi all! Just checking in real quick from my mom's. I am now 33 weeks, 2 days. My boys start school Tuesday & I start the 25th. to all!

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Just checking in again. We moved into our house last week and didn't have internet for a long time. But I am back again! My best friend came up to help us move, so I sat and ordered people around. I think they were all quite sick of me.
I'm 26 weeks and 5 days now! YEAH! And I actually feel really confident now that I'll make it to 37 weeks. I think because my stress level has gone down significantly since moving out of my inlaws house. So even though I still get contractions all the time, they don't seem as strong as they did before.
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nice to hear from you calimommie! my kids start school next wednesday...my dd 2 starts highschool and i am sad to miss it all.

pam...so glad you got moved and things are looking up for you!!!

smallish update on me:

dr was in today and said we would do a cervical length, fetal growth u/s, and a fetal fibronectin test on monday!!! pending the results, he will write new orders for me. there is the SLIGHTEST of chances that i will get to go home!!!! so, anxiously awaiting monday!!!
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Welcome precious and Shantell!! Here's hoping to close-to-term healthy babes!!
Jen - I hope your tests go well! Are you thinking you'd like to try to go home for a while? I know you've been a little hesitant about being so far away from the hospital.

Not much new here, I was without internet for a few days. I start non-stress tests next week 2x/week. Then I see the peri on the 19th, and meet with a neonatologist and lactation consultant. I'm measuring so big it's getting harder and harder to eat and breathe...I keep wondering how far I'll make it. Another 5.5 weeks is the most they will let me go, but the thought of going another 5.5 weeks makes me almost want to cry - I'm so uncomfortable already!! But, what will be, will be. I just want a healthy baby, have the surgery and get home!
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Originally Posted by boobs4milk View Post
i hope things turn out well. no one would believe me that at 19 1/2 wks i was in ptl.
I dont really belong here, but I saw this and had to respond. I was in PTL with my last one at 17 weeks, they KNEW this was the case-they could see it on the monitor and on the US. Perfectly healthy little guy on the US. What did they do? Told me that they dont stop labor until the baby is viable and to go home and expect to miscarry. O_o At that point I was very very glad I had midwives around-I started taking crampbark every 6 hours, at their suggestion, which stopped the contractions. I ended up being on it until 28 weeks.

How sad though that they send moms so far along home to miscarry just because the *baby isnt viable.*
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we had an u/s today. dh got to be there and he was very excited!!! we only got one crappy picture but we did get to see her little face several times. this kid has her daddy's nose and lips, that's for sure!!!

one thing i've worried about (probably stupid) is that her hand is never open. it always looks like a fist. i've never been able to distinguish the whole 10 fingers thing on her hands. i wish i could go get a 3d, but for now i'm comforting myself in the knowledge that she is otherwise healthy and if she has some sort of physical limitations, we will deal.

her measurements were all between 30 and 32 wks, with her head being measured in at 31 wks 5 days. i'm 29 wks 4 days, so the tech kept measuring her head again and again trying to get a different measurement. at the last u/s, her head was 29+ wks and i was 28 wks 0days.

her estimated weight was 3lbs 5 oz, with a +/- factor of 8 oz. so, best case scenario, she weighs 3lbs 13 oz (not likely) and worse case she weighs 2lbs 13 oz. my dr. errs on the low side, so he is assuming that she weighs 2lbs 13 oz right now.

we didn't do the other tests, but they did measure my cervix. at first, they did it with the hand held and said it was 3.95. well, at 15 wks it was 3.34 and that's the best measurement i've had in this pregnancy and natalie's, so i wasn't buying that. i asked her to use the transvag and she got measurements of 2.0 and 2.1 and a third of 1.9. that's still about the same as the last transvag measurement. so, it hasn't gotten any worse and we were hopeful that the dr. would see that i'm doing well on just my procardia and my bedrest.

nope. he said that he feels the baby is too small to survive an ambulance ride from our house into the hospital. we're about 45-50 mins from the hospital and he doesn't trust that we would be able to manage it with her being less than 3 lbs. he said he'd like to see her over 3 1/2 lbs before he would consider letting me go home.

so, we will reassess in 2 wks and go from there. i'm back to being resigned to stay here until at least 34 wks. that would put me at a sept. 10th release date. so, one month and we should be good to go home.

he said baby gained well in the 11 days since the last u/s. she gained about 200 grams, even though i'm still down 3 lbs since being admitted,
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ugh i failed the GTT yesterday. it was the 1 hr, so now i get to carb load for 3 days and try the 3 hr. i crashed about 3 hrs after the test yesterday and got horribly shaky and sick. then i started cramping. fun times.

i hope the rest of you ladies are fairing better than me. did i tell you all we are SO DONE after this little lady? LOL
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Oh Jen, that sucks!!! You'd think they could just check your blood sugars a few times a day, seeing as you are laying there at their disposal anyway! I can understand your...frustration (is that the right word?) I'm to the point when something is off or wrong, it's like "Why not?!?!"

Almost there! Only a few more weeks!
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thank you joann. i'm carb loading and feel like total crap. tomorrow i do the 3 hr and i'm nervous because i got sick and crampy after the 1 hr. i just keep telling myself 5 more wks 5 more wks!!!!
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New Here

Hello mamas. I haven't read through your whole thread yet.

I have been put on modified bed rest.

I'm wondering what you all know about being partially effaced (but not dilated) early (29 weeks). I'm all freaked out about my cervix now, and having a hard time not worrying about anything. I thought some dialogue and information might help.

I was put on modified bed rest because I am partially effaced, and am having trouble with vulval swelling and varicosities. My first dd's birth started with my water breaking just before 35 weeks, with no prior indication of preterm labor.

So, I'm not confined to bed all the time, and the hardest part for me is the worry, especially in bed at night when I'm often having a few contractions and the baby is doing acrobatics.

Any thoughts on this effacement thing?

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I had written a long post a few days ago and then somehow lost it.: I'm feeling sick today because I had my 1hr GTT test this morning, but I'll try again.

Hi mamas

Welcome Precious, Momz3, and Sunnygirl

Girlzmommie- How'd your appt go with the specialist? I hope you got good news.

Calimommie- Good to hear you're doing okay.

Minsca- Glad you're safely moved and your stress level is down.

2amigos-How are your non-stress tests going?
Hang in there, your almost done.

Jen- The hospital is no fun, but happy Amelia's doing so well. I saw your update on the IC board. I'm glad you passed the 3 hour test. I'm in agreement with 2amigos that they shouldn't have put you through any of it.

Update on me:
I was in the hospital for a few days due to 3rd tri hypermesis and preterm labor.
I had a dr's appt and told her about cramps/backache/pressure. Also when I put progesterone in I could feel my entire stitch, not just the end thread. She checked me and said I was 1 cm dialated and still long. Cerclage is definitly loosening a bit due to baby getting bigger. She sent me to the hospital to get steroid shots and IV fluids because I was only keeping 2 foods down and barely eating. With Rose, I had HG from 7 weeks until 2 weeks postpartum so shouldn't be too surprised. While I was there I had blood drawn and found out I'm anemic. Was sent home and then returned again next day for 2nd shot. I hadn't kept anything down since the night before so my dr's backup ordered a banana bag of vitamins and minerals, a shot of anti-nausea medicine, and I had my 2nd steroid shot. Later while being monitored, I began to have regular contractions. I had to have a terb shot to stop them. They had me stay overnight until after lunch next day to make sure I could keep some food down. During all this baby was doing great. Very active and was constantly kicking the monitor off. I did have a U/S to check baby growth. He's a little over 4 lbs and doing great. My fluid levels are measuring over a week ahead. FFN test came out negative, which is good news as well.
I'm probably going to get the stitches out on Sept. 8th at almost 36 weeks, unless I go into labor earlier. My dr and I agree that I will probably go into labor soon after that. I just hope my body holds out til then so we can avoid a NICU stay.

I've been home for a few days Still feeling sick , but keeping some food down. Back on bed rest til next week, to keep pressure off cervix. Just thankful my baby is doing so well.
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awww, amanda i'm so sorry things have been rough for you. hang in there and try to stay down as much as possible. are you on phenergan? b6 and unisom? those are the only things that helped me when i was super sick this time. i'm hoping you can hold out until sept 8...that's only a few weeks away!!!

sunngirl, 40% effaced at this point would mean that your cervix still has 60% of it's length. if you are average and had a cervix measuring 4-5 cm in length, that would mean that your cervix is still 2.4-3 cm long. in terms of cervical shortening, that's not so bad. as of 29 wks, my cervix was 2 cm and dilated 1-2 cm so that coupled with a small baby are my reasons for being hospitalized.

i'd say if you feel more that 3 contractions an hour or if you have consistant, period like cramping either all over your belly or even just localized, call your HCP and get an opinion of what to do. when you go back, ask your HCP what your plan of action should be in re to any thing changing like amt of contractions, cramping, mucus changes, etc.

me: 3 wks here today...we thought we'd shoot for 34 wks and are still using that as our next big goal, but after 35 wks i'm going to request to go home for a bit. i'm also going to request that labor not be stopped. does that sound unreasonable? i'd like to get her as close to going home with me as possible, but i'm beginning to wonder what all the meds would do to her after such a long period of time.
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Jen- My dr did prescribe phenergan suppositories, but they don't help much. I don't get relief from meds usually, not even Zofran. It's takes delivery and hormones settling down before it goes away. I don't have that much longer. Just need to keep hydrated enough to stay out of the hospital.

I think your plan is very reasonable. The meds worry me too.My dr said she wouldn't stop labor after 34 weeks because of the cerclage possibly tearing my cervix. We're also only 8 minutes from the hospital. I know your situation is different with short cervix, fast labor, and being so far away from the hospital.

I'm praying you make it past 35 weeks so you can go home for awhile and nest before Amelia's birth.
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Jen - thanks for the thoughts; I definitely need to ask my midwife more questions at next week's visit. Thanks for the suggestions about what to ask.

I, too, think your plan is reasonable. My first dd was born at 34&6, so we went to the hospital instead of having our planned home birth. Labor started with ruptured membranes and no previous symptoms of PTL...total shocker for all of us. We did not go to our local hospital, but to a nearby city with a good neonatal ward. Nobody at the hospital suggested that we try to stop labor, although I'd had only a few contractions at that point. Dd was fine, and we took her home 24 hours after birth. She was a slow nurser and jaundiced, but we were able to take care of all of that at home. I think after 35 weeks your chances of bringing her home are very good.
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