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thank you for the recommendations, spu! i'm already on sidelines...LOVE it! i'm also on another bedrest support group for women with IC. i was on it back when i was pg in 07.

here's a link if anyone else is interested!

amanda: : for a great appointment and for getting to 24 wks! there are some charts over on the IC forum, and 24 wk babies have a good survival rate and their intact (meaning amounts of complications/disabilities)rates are decreasing every year. when i had my son, i went into labor at 26 wks and was told that the likelihood of him even living was low and then that he would have an 80% chance of having severe issues. now, 24 wkrs are given even better odds than i was at 26 wks back in 1998. and 26 wk babies have about an 80% chance of survival and only about a 20% change of disabilities or severe issues!

we are setting our sites first on 24 wks, then 26, then 28...after that it will all be icing on the cake!

cake...that sounds WONDERFUL. it's too hot to bake so maybe dh will pick up something LOL pg brain!!!

i had a horrible night last night. something upset my tummy and i had horrible diarrhea. i feel better today just really weak and icky tummy. i hope you all have a great weekend.
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boobs4milk- I've been a lurker on the ic.hobh site since I became pregnant. One of these days I'll get the courage up to post.
I'm sorry to hear you were sick. I hope you are feeling better today.

I celebrated 24 weeks with a coconut milk popsicle. :
My next goal is 26 weeks. Tomorrow is my Obgyn appt. It will be a manual exam. Maybe my last for awhile.

I've been taking an online college nutrition class since April. My online final exam is on Tuesday so I've been studying all weekend. It kept my mind occupied for awhile at least.
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Congrats, Amanda...but hold the coconut, I'm allergic!

Good luck at your dr and on your test! I wish I could take an online course, but IDK what I'd take. I need one class, Anatomy, to finish up at college and move on to university, but that one is an in-person with a lab.

I've always wanted to be an IBCLC, but right now I need to start repaying student loans and get that in order before I start anything else.

We had a loss on our DDC and I'm just beside myself with grief. This is so scary, why does it have to go so wrong sometimes?

Amanda, I don't post heavily on the IC board but I do read daily. I had to turn off siggies, though because some are a bit disturbing for me at this moment. I am not opposed to angel pics, but I'm on the cusp right now and I just can't let myself get discouraged. I've been reading VERY positive stories about 25 and 26 wk preemies online, so that is giving me hope.

I hope everyone else has a wonderful day. I was getting some back/rectal kicks last night that were freaking me out, so I'm taking it very easy today.
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I read the post today. Very, very sad.

Boobs4milk (or Jen?) I know it's very scarey but there's so many encouraging stories as well.
As for feeling baby kicks in the rear. I've been feeling this on and off. I told my dr today but she wasn't concerned. My baby was moving and kicking all over the place. Sometimes he's low and sometimes he's higher up. Mine seems to prefer kicking low especially around my bladder. I sometimes feel the kicks vibrating through my butt. Freaks me out too.

I only have 2 more classes I can take online. The rest is science or my major and requires class attendance. I'm a fine arts/painting major. Most of it will have to wait another 2 years or so.

I went to the dr's for a manual exam. Cervix is closed, same length. I had to have a papsmear while I was there. Not fun.:
My dr was pleased I made it to 24 weeks. She said I'm out of the danger zone for IC, but I'm still at risk for PTL. Next week I can go to the craft store if my dh or sister drives. The rest of the time she wants me to stay down until 28 weeks.

I may pick up some crochet needles. Knitting seems too tough for me. I'd like to make something for this baby.

Does anyone have names picked out?We thought we were having a girl so had a name already picked out. We were wrong, it's a boy. We are happy with either gender, just finding it easier to name a girl. My mom keeps texting me boys names, but so far I haven't liked any of them. In the meantime, I've been calling him Thumper.
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: Amanda, congrats on the new baby BOY! We thought we were having a boy and lo and behold SHE'S A GIRL! We are toying with the name Amelia right now. I love it, DH is lukewarm but is getting warmer saying it out loud. He said he'll have to do the yell test on it. You know, go around yelling "Amelia get out of there, " "Amelia stop hitting your sister," "Amelia do your homework!" LOL

Oh and you can call me Jen, Boobs, or B4M..those are the most common online handles for me.

Congrats on a great appt, too. I don't go in until July 3 and I'm so hoping things are normal and unchanged.

No offense, but I'm really relieved that you are getting the butt vibrating thing. I posted about it on the IC group and it does seem common. I think I'm just super sensitive this time and I am a bit lower which is normal after 6 pgs. I propped my hips up yesterday when it got a bit too uncomfy and that helped.

I'm jealous...I'd love to go to the craft store. We aren't buying a lot of new stuff for this baby, but DH is keeping me in yarn so that I can make a whole slew of things to either use for her or sell. I've spent .99 on her so far...I bought a pair of white Old Navy slip on pants at the Goodwill back before we even knew the gender. That's been the extend of my actual spending on her and I feel bummed not being able to do just a TEENSY bit of retail therapy. When I get to 34 wks, I will be allowed out in a wheel chair!

Have fun!
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amanda...i saw that you posted on the october board i love that board the ladies are so wonderful!!!!
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Jen- I finally did post my due date info. They are really nice there

I love the name Amelia. We ruled out some boys names using the yell test.

I haven't bought anything for this baby either. That's why I was thinking about making something.
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Hi everyone,

I did go to the craft store on Wednesday. I lasted about 5 minutes. I went to the car while my dh paid for the stuff I was able to get. I've been dreaming about going out but the reality was so different. I don't remember waddling until I was about 8 months. I'm almost 25 weeks and it's already starting.

At least I got the urge to go somewhere out of my system. I think I'll be able to get through the next 3 1/2 weeks of bed rest. I am worried though about how I'm going to get stronger after 28 weeks. I get so tired. I need my strength for labor.

My next appt isn't until July 2nd. I'm hoping all is well.
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b4m -- Did you know you can shop online for craft supplies at www.joann.com? Might help the time pass...
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ty, amanda! i've been shopping and writing down orders for dh to pick up. there's a fabu place called loops in tulsa that i LOVE and he's going there next week to get me some noro wool/silk blend. it's at www.loopsknitting.com and their shop is awesome. they have knit alongs and gatherings, local artists, how to's...oh i wish i could just go hang out on their sofa lol

amandamarie...i'm sorry you felt so bad. did he get you a wheelchair? when i was let up at 34 wks with natalie, dh borrowed a wheel chair for me and it was so much easier. just be sure to take a pillow to sit on.

my appt is july 3 and i'm getting super anxious. hoping for looooong cervix and maybe some let up on the bedrest. my shots are only lasting about 5-6 days, so i'm not hopeful that the bedrest will be relaxed.
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I originally posted to this thread as a former bed rester in past pregnancies but I am now on bed rest with this pregnancy. I started bleeding yesterday & have a subchorionic bleed. I'm on bed rest until further notice.

Bad timing as this was the first week of summer break & I now have all the kids home.
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b4m -- thanks for the info on Loops! I just linked the shop site to my BFF in Tulsa. She's been knitting baby things for me all this time and is coming to spend four days with my big kids when I give birth. I think I'll get her a Loops GC to say thanks! (So original!!)
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I'm new here and new to bedrest. I'm expecting my ninth child in late December. I have partial previa and a subchoronic bleed. I lost a ton of blood last Monday while at the dentist with my 12 yo and 4 yo. I have never had anything like that happen before and I'm still shaken by it. I spent one night in the hospital and the rest of the week on bedrest. I hear conflicting views on whether bedrest helps the outcome of a SH or not. I can tell if I do much of anything I bleed or spot but would be curious to hear other people's views/experiences.

You are some amazing moms!! Reading your posts are very inspiring. Thank you!
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oh amanda that would be wonderful for your friend! i love loops, there stuff is a bit expensive for my tastes, but if i want to make something really special, i'll spend the extra $$$ to go to loops. i bought some hot pink wool there and made kalyn the COOLEST EVER (her words) tapestry crochet skull scarf. if you ever make it up here, we should do a lunch. i'm thinking that we won't make it down there (Bill is from irving) until the holidays and i *might* squeeze in a lunch but things are always crazy at the holidays.

welcome stephanie and amy! looks like you two have some things in common. although i'm never happy for anyone to join this group, i am glad that you've found us and will enjoy everyone's company during your down time. i had some slight bleeding issues in the beginning, but my main issues are preterm labor and incompetent cervix.

did i put up the sidelines link? it's www.sidelines.org and you can browse around on there and find a forum for discussion, chat times (scheduled chats are sunday and thursday evenings), a form to fill out so that you can be paired with a bedrest veteran who can help support you on your way, and helpful links.

i haven't found any other exclusively bedrest communities besides the sidelines and hobh lists (see first post on this page). the others i've run across are just boards or lists on other forums for pregnancy that aren't very active. i'm high-needs bored so i need to talk!

if anyone is interested, we can do chats off-site. pm me and i'll see if i can find us a place.

did i tell you all that we've decided on a first name? amelia. i love it, dh loves it now, too. i turned it around and made it seem like it was ALL his idea lol men are sometimes just too easy. now the battle of the middle name begins. i want rae (said like the male ray) as it is HIS fav aunt's middle name. he wants something more feminine. he likes anne and ellen. to me, amelia ellen is too stumbly. we have a cutesy last name (UGH) and so anything flower, candy, food, or cutesy related is out. i know that mn aren't generally used, but dp is James William and goes by a nick name for his mn. i want to give amelia that option, even though i think amelia is a lovely name. natalie's mn is elizabeth, so she's got options.

hope you all have a wonderful sunday. bill is at work today making up for next friday when he will take the whole day off so we can go to my appt.
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Originally Posted by girlzmommy00 View Post
I originally posted to this thread as a former bed rester in past pregnancies but I am now on bed rest with this pregnancy. I started bleeding yesterday & have a subchorionic bleed. I'm on bed rest until further notice.

Bad timing as this was the first week of summer break & I now have all the kids home.

So, what did your OB say you *could* do. While I definately don't have a lot of "laying around" time I feel that the best option for good healing (my bleed is pretty big) is to rest ALOT. But my OB was kind of murky about what exactly *he* thought I should do. So, until I go in tomorrow I've pretty much been on the couch/in bed/sitting for 95% of the day. I don't want to blow this out of proportion but I don't want to do things to endanger my baby's life either.
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b4milk - I love the name Amelia!!! It's beautiful! And I really like Rae with it. I like the names Ellen and Anne but I think Rae sounds really nice

We're thinking Simon Peter Pio (Pio is after a favorite Saint) if it's a boy and Margaret Rose Pia (Pia is the female of Pio) if it's a girl. I really think it's a boy, though.
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Welcome Amy, Stephanie, and Amanda

Amy- I had spotting and bleeding in the beginning, but that stopped around 6 1/2 weeks or so. I have IC and possible PTL issues. I'm not sure about what type of bed rest with bleeding/previa. With IC I have to lay flat or with pillow under my hips. Just stay off your feet as much as you can. Ask friends or family to help out, if they are close by.


B4M- I don't have a wheelchair and my dh says we don't have the money to buy one. I don't think my state insurance (Medi-Cal) will cover it because they're paying for the cerclage surgery + bills for two doctors. My dh did say he would go to the craft store for me since he now knows what to buy and where to find it.
I hope you get good news from your doctor on Friday.
Maybe you need to get the 17p shots more often before they wear off each week. I use the suppositories but I don't think they're as strong as the shots.

I'm crampy tonight. There's no pattern to them so I'm trying not to freak out. I'll drink some Gatorade and see if that helps. The baby has been kicking me very low so maybe the cramps are from that.
On a positive note. My son (no name yet) did respond to my voice today, with kicks.
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amandamarie-too cute about the baby kicking you! we borrowed a wheel chair last time, but if you call around to home health you could probably rent one. most stores will reserve one for you...just call them and ask. or you could contact your church or your local health department to see if you can borrow one.

amy-i'm on modified bedrest. strict is down, flat, only up to potty. shower 1 or 2 times a week. i'm sitting up to eat, getting SOME of my food/drinks for myself, showering 2-3 times/week, going to potty and eating 4 meals or so a week (quickly) at the table with my family. I'm resting 23-24 hrs/day so i feel like i'm doing my best. i don't do housework of any sort. i hope you get a good report at the dr!

insomnia is kicking my butt! i can not sleep, or can not go to sleep, or can not go back to sleep. ugh. dr said i need 8-10 hrs sleep???? yea right not happening. i go friday and we are going to discuss the shots and their frequency. oh and yesterday, not ONE SINGLE contraction, not even the tightening i usually get when i have to pee!!! and i only took the procardia 3 times instead of 4!!!! i hate to jinx myself, but i do think the rest helps keep things in check and i'm hoping this means GOOD things for my poor, worn out ol cervix
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The Dr. said the baby looks great so that's good. He/she is growing fine. The blood is still pooling in the uterus, though, and the placenta is still in the same spot over the uterus. The thing is he said I don't need bed rest of any kind (except resting more b/c of my blood loss). I feel very uneasy about that diagnoses. He's not a high risk OB (maybe this doesn't even make me high risk. IDK) but he said I should expect a big bleed again. I just feel like if I rest I'm more likely to heal or at least not lose as much blood as last time? Also, I'm contracting alot but he said it's from the blood being in there. It irritates the uterus. That makes sense. I've never gone through anything like this before so I really don't know what I"m talking about. I just get a really STRONG feeling that resting is better in the long run. Or maybe it just makes me think I'm doing *something* to make this better? IDK.
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