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Amy- I'm so glad your baby's doing well. As for bed rest, if you have a strong feeling about it, listen to it. You are taking care of yourself as well as your baby. Your doctor has his opinion, but it's your decision, not his.

Welcome Calimommy

b4m- Sorry about the insomnia. I'm going through that too. That's great your needing the medicine a little less

I'm 25 weeks 2 days today My sister and sister-in-law are going to throw a family baby shower for me and the baby in August. I'll have something to look forward to.
My dh put a large cushion out in the backyard so I could lay on it and watch my dd splash in her new little pool. It was nice being out in the sunshine.
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amy-i was told to 'take it easy' and both dh and i agreed that i needed to be in bed. we are thinking that if we take precautions now, we can avoid emergent type situations later. i also think you should listen to your heart and body. HUGS!

amanda-wow, have fun outside and at your upcoming shower. i have debated going outside and sitting in a chaise but the mosquitos are rampant (we live close to a lake) and it's been 100+ degrees so i'm sticking with my sofa until it cools down a bit.

today is shot day for me. i was crampy and just uncomfy yesterday so this is none to soon. the shots are lasting 5-6 days so friday we are going to ask dr to order them for every 5-7 days.

i'm getting to sleep a bit better, but just can't stay asleep. i'm not really sleepy, just feeling exhausted and sore. i'm trying to do some exercises with my legs and arms and also trying to eat as healthily as i can because i can't eat much. no room for cravings!!!

i hope you are all having a great week. i'm in the middle of an experiment...i'm making a pair of longies with tighter fitting legs that look sorta like those yoga pants. i'm then going to hook on a ruffle/skirt thing on the waist. i'll have to post pics if it isn't a disaster.

what's everyone up to???
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I've been sewing felt food. Yesterday I made 6 felt mini cupcakes with pink felt frosting and pink and yellow thread "sprinkles" . I'm still working on the popsicles and green beans . They are not as fun to make. My dd is going to love them though I haven't started on anything for the baby yet. I had bought some green organic yarn, when I was newly pregnant, but my knitting skills have not improved.

My last peri appt is tomorrow. I'm going to miss going. She's so reassuring and my appts are just cervical checks. I don't have to do the usual pregnancy appt stuff like get weighed, pee in a cup, etc.
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Wow Amanda, felt food? Maybe I could get the kids interested in making some? Do you have any links to patterns or ideas?

Have a great appt tomorrow. I go to the regular OB tomorrow and I'm hoping for a loonnng stttroooonnngg cervix and continued rest at home.

24 WEEKS TODAY! woohoo, viability. 28 weeks here we come!

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. My DH took tomorrow off to take me to the dr and then Saturday my g'ma is coming to spend the day with us and keep us company. I'm ordering pizza, I think I deserve and indulgence!
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My appt went well. No funneling at all. : Now it's just going to my OB for now on.

Jen- 24 weeks: Pizza and company sounds like a great way to celebrate.

If you google felt food and free felt food patterns, you'll find tutorials, and pictures. For apple slices, I just cut up an apple and used that as a model. I use embroidery thread and acrylic felt. I know wool felt is better, but I can't afford it right now. I did use natural batting for stuffing. I hand sew, but also a machine can be used.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone
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24 weeks!!:Congratulations!

I am pretty much laying around but am doing some things that the kids can't do. Lucky for me I'm blessed with an AWESOME best friend who has arranged for meals to be brought a few times/week from our homeschooling group. She has also been here twice this week helping out.

Dh is off tomorrow thru next Tuesday so I'm happy about that.

Alright - 2 year old is crying Have a great weekend everyone!
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: Congrats on 24 weeks Jen!!

I'm coming up on week 3 of bedrest. I'm 26 weeks now and am praying to see 28 and then go from there! Babe has been kicking me in the butt (literally!) lately too - glad to see I'm not the only one!

My dad came over today and hooked up his laptop, which he isn't using, so I can now have internet access from the couch!!
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Originally Posted by ekblad9 View Post
So, what did your OB say you *could* do. While I definately don't have a lot of "laying around" time I feel that the best option for good healing (my bleed is pretty big) is to rest ALOT. But my OB was kind of murky about what exactly *he* thought I should do. So, until I go in tomorrow I've pretty much been on the couch/in bed/sitting for 95% of the day. I don't want to blow this out of proportion but I don't want to do things to endanger my baby's life either.
They weren't super specific but pretty much said that exertion could make the bleed inside much worse. My bleed isn't that big & I've been told to lay low until I have an ultrasound that shows that it's all gone. I'm 13 weeks now & I go back in 4 weeks so that's at least another 4 weeks of bed rest.

I pretty much just keep everything to the minimum. I lay down unless I have to get up, like bathroom or food. And then, I'll get a bunch of stuff for my night stand so I'm prepared. My hypermesis is still bothering me so my diet is mainly Ensure & saltines. At least they are easy foods that don't need preparation. I need to go to the grocery store this weekend & plan to use their electric chair. Aside from that, I just stay home. The dr I saw at the hospital also said to avoid the heat & humidity.

I have my girls help (they are 6, 9 and 15 so old enough to help each other & me, too) and try to serve easy to make foods (stuff I can start, set a timer & go lay down until it's done). I can definately see when I do things like even climb the stairs or am up too much, I start bleeding again.

I had this last time & was given 6 weeks of bed rest. It did resolve the problem. So it's helpful this time to remind myself that last time the bed rest did seem to help.

I hope that it heals up quickly for you with out too much down time needed. Bleeding is so scary whether you know what it is or not. Hugs
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thank you all sooooo much!!!

congrats on making 26 weeks, joann!!!

woohooo amanda for a good appt! my scary update is below:

I had my 24 week appointment today. My doctor is in a new office and she doesn't have u/s yet so no u/s of the cervix this time. We discussed the bedrest, meds, nose bleeds, spine/cervical kicks, the GTT testing, discharge, exercise appropriate for my legs and arms, etc. She did an internal exam and said that the discharge is probably just the norm for me and checked my cervix manually. She said it was closed tight and really firm which is good news for us!

Then she brought out the doppler. I should have known that this was a bad omen as I had yet to have FHT done with the hand-held doppler. In the past, I've always had the u/s and she just measured FHT with that. So, she puts the doppler on and looks around for a bit, finding baby's heart really low-lying in the abdomen. As she was listening, baby had 2 decels that she did not recover from rapidly. She dipped down into the 60's and slowly came back up both times. Doctor listened some more with the doppler and noticed that I was almost frantic and in tears so she sent me up to L&D for monitoring.

We went up to L&D and it was great up there. Clean and cheerful and friendly with only 2 other people on the floor. We got monitored for about an hour with no slow recovery decels and we were sent home. So, it was scary but at least we got some peace of mind and baby seemed to tolerate things better once I laid back down. Natalie got the royal treatment: juice, snacks, tv.

My doctor increased my 17P shots to every 5-7 days and gave me more refills. She told me to go home and continue the bedrest and we'll talk about modifying it at 34 weeks. She also insisted, due to my history, that I do the regular 1 hour glucose tolerance test. UGH. I was hoping to do the monitoring at home, but she seemed to think I should do the other one to satisfy both her and my insurance.

I go back on July 16 and I'll be 26 weeks.

Almost forgot: I lost 2 more pounds being on rest and not being able to eat as much. So, I was up 11 lbs and now I'm only up 7 lbs after a 4lb in 4 weeks loss. I'm eating healthy stuff when I do eat, so it's not a concern right now.
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Thanks for the info, Stephanie. It is very helpful!! I'm trying to lay around as much as possible. I have some great friends that are helping out with the kids and meals. My older kids are being pretty helpful too. My husband is home for the next four days so yippee for that! I'm going to try and rest as much as I can while he's here. I go back to the dr. on Monday. I'll be 15 wks then. I had some bright red bleeding two nights ago w/lots of cramping. nothing yesterday but more red bleeding through the night. It seems better now. I hope it clears up by 20 wks. That's my goal right now. If not then I'll make a new goal....

Wow - b4milk! What an experience. I'm glad your little one sounded fine and that your 3 year old got some good treatment in L and D Intereestingly I haven't lost weight but also haven't gained while on bedrest. I thought it would be the opposite. I was exercising and now I can't so I thought I'd really gain. Am I eating less? I really don't know. I find it interesting, though.
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I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July.

I'm 26 weeks today.: I wish I felt better. I'm starting to get evening sickness again and having bad heartburn on top of that. I'm not sure what to take. I tried Zantac but I threw that up. I heard milk helps, but I have a dairy aversion. Any suggestions?

Jen- I saw your post on the Oct. DDC. The subject title scared me. I'm glad your baby is okay.
I have to take the glucose test soon too. I don't know how I'm going keep the stuff down. I had trouble last time.

I've gained about 23 lbs so far. I'm not worried. I'm not eating junk and I eat when I'm hungry.
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Amy-I have lost mostly muscle and I know baby is using fat stores because I just can not eat. I get horrible constipation and indigestion and then I just nibble here and there. I do some foot/leg exercises and try to get up at least once an hour or so to the potty so I stretch out my legs. Glad to see you're still here with us!

Amanda-sorry for the scare! I was pretty upset, too, but I tried to stay calm because when I got upset, the contractions started! It's not difficult to worry me.

I am taking the Zantac when the indigestion/acid gets horrible. The constipation...sigh. I feel so full right now and it's been 5 days! I've tried prunes, high-fiber cereal, fiber-laxative, raisins, apple juice. I don't know what to do! I can not tolerate my prenatals right now because they make me feel so horrible. I am lactose intolerant so I'm drinking (when I can make myself) lacto-free milk.

Oh congrats on 26 weeks, Amanda. :

How was everyone's 4th holiday?
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The company "mommy's bliss" makes a great natural heart burn remedy. I get heartburn REALLY badly and have taken zantac in the past to help it. These seem to work really well so far, though. Mommy's bliss is the same company that has the Baby's Bliss gripe water. They also had a good morning sickness magic remedy that I loved.

26 weeks!! Yahoo! That seems like a dream to me at this point. I'll be 15 wks tomorrow. I'm still here. Not really on total bedrest like some of you but still spotting and feeling "high risk". Definately WORRIED! I go back to the dr. tomorrow. I can't wait to see the little one again. I also rented a doppler (which won't arrive until midweek or so). I never, EVER thought I would do something like that. Not that I was against it or anything. IDK. I just figured by baby number 9 I'd be a pro, yk? But after miscarrying the twins in February and now this, well, I'm not a pro, LOL.

Hugs to all of you strong and wonderful mamas!! I hope you had a great weekend!
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aww, big hugs amy i hope your appt went well! thank you for the recommendation! i'm taking zantac and it seems to help some.

hope you are all having a wonderful monday. only 24 more days until 3rd tri for me :
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Well, my blood clot is growing. It's 3cm by 10cm or so. the placenta moved so that's good. The baby is growing well. I'm a wreck, though. And emotionally exhausted too. I just want this to be over
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big hugs, amy!!! sending you positive vibes for better results next time they check. i had a bleeding cyst that was growing early on in pg but after the placenta took over, it started to shrink back down. thinking of you!!!

i had my shot today...i was up last night late cramping and contracting. i had to double up on the procardia so next week i'm definitely not waiting the full 7 days for the shot. also, i was all alone here with the 3 yr old monday and over did things. not doing that again, either.

i hope you are all having wonderful days filled with dreams of your new babies!!! i hung amelia's u/s pics up on the window where i look out so that i can look at her as i look at bits of the sky going past. she's so active in there and so strong!

25 weeks down!!! only 9 more weeks before we wean from the procardia and 10 more hydroxyprogesterone shots!!! also, in 9 weeks if i'm holding steady, we will be allowed wheel chair privileges and i can go shopping!!!!

hugs ladies!
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Originally Posted by CaliMommie View Post
Hi everyone! I am doing ok. I had a bit of spotting a few days ago, but after a fetal fibronectin test have been allowed to stay on modified bedrest, rather than full bedrest. I am 29 weeks tomorrow, so I'm feeling optimistic, though a bit stir crazy.

to everyone!
sending you more hugs, calimommie!!! i wish you had internet and could be here with us more. thinking of you!
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Hi everyone

Amy- I hope the clot starts to shrink soon. Good news that the placenta moved and your baby is growing.

Calimommie- 29 weeks is great. I'm glad the FFN test was negative.

Jen- It's good you have the procardia there when you need it. Take it really easy.

Girlzmommy and 2Amigos- I hope you're both doing well.

I've been really tired all week. I think I'm low in iron. I asked my dh to buy Floradix iron the next time he goes shopping. That will help.
I did do a little shopping by phone. I saw a mini co-sleeper ad on Craig's list. The woman's son only slept in it once so it's almost new. My dh went and bought it. I'm going to steam clean it and get an organic mattress cover for it. I feel better that we have something for the baby to sleep in. :

I'll be 27 weeks on Sunday. Time is finally starting to speed up.
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WOOHOOO for baby stuffs, amanda!!!

25 wks today...come on 3rd trimester!!!
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