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I saw my doctor today. Somewhat good news. I'm off of bedrest and onto modified bedrest. Which is a lot better, though I wasn't that good at staying in bed even on bedrest. But I really can't do much, no lifting, no housework, no cooking, I can't be on my feet for very long, no excercise. But at least I don't have to be flat on my back. I don't know how you mama's do it, my hats are off to you!!
She suspects that I might have too much amniotic fluid, so I have an ultrasound booked for tomorrow. That actually would make sense as I had tons of fluid come with dd2, it just kept on coming and coming and the nurses and dr had to get more towels to clean it all up.
She also told me not to expect to get off of modified bedrest until 37 weeks. And that if contractions get worse she will be putting me back on full bedrest. Oh well, I will take my freedom and run with it.
But I was talking to my best friend today and she is coming up to help me move in. It will be so much easier directing her in how I want my house set up then dh. DH gets a little grumpy when I tell him what to do.

Amandamaria- I hope you feel better soon!

boobs4milk- : that you make it too 37 weeks!
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Well the flu turned into a cold. I'm miserable and teary today. My dh is going to the store to buy some chewable vitamin C for me. I've put off taking the GD test til I feel better. I hope it's okay to get the test done after 29 weeks.
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amy-so glad things are looking up for you, congrats!

amanda-feel better, soon!!!

this morning we made a trip into L&D. i lost my mucus plug and was having contractions. thankfully, the contractions slowed way down after i took the maximum amount of my meds. my cervix is still not open, but is soft and when she went to check me, i could feel her push up on amelia's head.

she said her best guess would be that i have about 4 wks left. was released back home to meds, bedrest, and a follow-up next week with my OB.
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Jen- I couldn't sleep and decided to check in and saw your post. Very scary, glad you went in to get checked and got the contractions to stop. Another 4 weeks would be good. Positive thoughts and prayers for you and Amelia.
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thank you amanda i hope you're feeling better!
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The cold is getting better. My stomach is still iffy. I'm not sure if it 3rd tri m/s or the flu.
After I recover, I need to work on getting stronger. My mom's worried I won't be strong enough to get through labor. My dr hasn't okayed exercise yet so I'm not sure what to do. Take extra vitamins ?

How's everyone doing?
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Originally Posted by ChristineIndy View Post
Hey, mamas!

So, quick intro - I'm 27 wks along and no longer "officially" on bedrest, but I'm taking Procardia for recurring ctx (sort of pre-PTL) and though I'm capable of hanging with DS in the morning, I have to hit the couch by afternoon and stay there, or the ctx come back. I also can't clean, exercise, lift DS, carry anything, or do . . . well . . .pretty much anything. So. Not "bedrest" at least, I guess.

Anyway! I've been lurking here, but something today caught my eye and I had to post.

I'm not taking the MAXIMUM dose of Procardia at this point. I take one extended-release tab a day and in theory I could take another. I *really* don't want to take any more medication than absolutely necessary (I'd rather be on partial rest than up my dose) for a lot of reasons.

Boobs4milk you posted that in your last pg, you were induced because the medication you were on ruined the placenta - are you comfortable sharing which medication, and what dose, and how it effected the placenta??? If not, tell me to be quiet and I'll go mind my own business.

Good luck to all you restin' mamas - hope today is fun and interesting and yet totally uneventful in a pregnancy sense.
christine, i apologize for not answering this earlier. i had such a crappy week last week. welcome to the thread!!!

my last pg, i was in and out of the hospital. i was on procardia for a few weeks, but started having break through contractions and was put on procardia 10 mg every 4 hrs, and brethine (terbutaline) every 4 hours. i had to take the procardia, wait 2 hrs, then take the brethine, wait 2 hrs, take hte procardia...i was also on mag sulfate when in the hospital and brethine injections. i took the weekly 17P injections until 36 wks.

my placenta basically started to decay early. i had to do NST's anyhow because i had borderline GD, but it was seen at the 34 wk u/s that the placenta was having diminished function. by 37 wks, i was starting to swell and baby wasn't tolerating me being active. if i was up for a bit and then put back on the monitors, her heartrate would be totally erratic and not recover quickly during the contractions.

i was going to a free clinic and the county hospital, and when i asked to be induced, they tried to give me something to stop labor because they were busy. i refused the meds and then they tried to release me to go home. at that point, i was dilated to 6 and was swelling and the baby was having more instances of decels. i DEMANDED an induction, signed papers saying i would not hold the (IDIOT) dr responsible for requesting a medical procedure that he did not advise and got things underway. she was born 2 hrs after they started the induction and the placenta was dark and shriveled with calcifications present. had they left her in a few more days, she might have died from lack of oxygen!!!!

this time, we'll do NST's again starting 32 wks. natalie also had SUA and was small anyway. the dr (using that term loosely) was acting all sanctimonious because he told me she was too early to induce. he was like 'see, she's tiny I TOLD YOU' and then the other dr. said 'look at this placenta it was nearly gone' and he stfu and left the room. she was 5lbs 1 oz, 17 3/4" but she was 15lbs at 5 months!!!

this time, i'm on the procardia 10 mg every 6 hrs. i can take 20 mg every 3 hrs a few times but if i need it that much i'm to call the dr and go to L&D(which is what happened thursday).

ETA: i'm also getting the 17P shots weekly and i'm asking for steroids this wed when i go back to OB.
good luck!!!!!!
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I'm still here. Still on modified bed rest for the subchroionic bleed. I go back to the drs to check on that on Wednesday. But I've developed new problems that are keeping me home. I keep passing out. It happens daily. I can't even go to the grocery store real quick with out blacking out & ending up slumped over on the counter of an alarmed looking cashier. I'm afraid of hurting myself falling over or scaring my kids.

I drink a ton of water, watch my diet closely & it happens no matter how hot or cold it is outside. I've been diagnosed with hypoglycemia not while pg after a 6 hour GTT. When not pg, I have hypoglycemia to the point of passing out & am careful with my diet. In the past I've gotten concussions from passing out from low sugars & hitting my head.

My OB sent me to my regular dr who quickly diagnosed hypotension. My blood pressure is too low. I'm 16 weeks but have to have a 3 hour GTT this week since they think that my blood sugars are off, too either too low or too high. I already follow a pretty strict diet with eating every couple hours, getting enough protein, supplimenting with Ensure, etc. I've had to do that for many years now but it's just not cutting it anymore.

I was a dumb-dumb & said a few months ago that in the past I've had 3000 things come up & go wrong when I was pg except my blood pressure & blood sugars. : I obviously stand corrected.

I have to at least say that the various symptoms of low blood pressure & blood sugar issues (either direction) explain like 90% of my current symptoms & issues that make me feel like garbage. So it would be nice to get it under control & maybe start feeling a little better.
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OMG...girlzmommy, big s and i hope they get things figured out for you.
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Minsca- How did your ultrasound appt go?

Girlzmommy- I hope they get things under control so you start to feel better.

Jen- How are you doing?

I'm feeling better. I've been getting up some. My dh took me out to lunch yesterday. It was nice, but I'm wiped out today. I only walked a short distance to the restaurant , so my muscles are just weak.
I've had the urge to clean, but only done a little dusting. My dh actually cleaned his bathroom (it had been over 7 months ) this week and vacuumed all the rooms. The house is looking better. I won't be doing any heavy duty cleaning until the cerclage is out so I'm happy some stuff got done.
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in the hospital

Yesterday was exciting. I had my dr. appt at 3:30 and it took forever. Dh put me in the wheelchair so that I didn't have to walk but we waited longer than usual in the room while my dr reviewed my chart from last week's hospital visit. When she came back, she did heart tones which were 159 and measured my tummy which was measing 27 cm. Then she asked if I'd been down on bedrest and how my cramps and discharge were.

She decided to do a manual exam and found that I am fully effaced and dilated to 1 cm. She told me to go straight to the hospital and called the MFM. I got here and the MFM came in and admitted me. They started the steroid shots (lung development) and gave me a bolus of magnesium sulfate. During the loading, my blood pressure went down to 65/35 and the nurse decided I had had enough. She turned it down to my normal levels and it has been turned down twice so far. As soon as I get off of it or at least get it turned way down, they will move me from L&D to antepartem.

The initial assessment was that I would be here at least until Monday or Tuesday, but my MFM and my DH and I really feel like I should probably just stay. My labors are fast and I live 50 mins from the hospital. I was on home bedrest and it didn't seem to be working all that great so we think this is the best option. If I were on a different tocolytic, I could go home with a pump as we got approved for home health, but the mag requires constant blood level monitoring and blood pressure checks.

I have only had sporadic contractions and the cramping is much improved. I have an u/s scheduled for sometime today, but I'm not sure what all they will look at or if they will be doing anymore vaginal u/s or checks until before they reasses next week.;

One positive note: I'm 28 wks today!!!!!!! Baby's survival and thrival (made that word up!!!) rate is 90% at this point and by 30 weeks will be about 97% or about as good as any other infant's. We are hoping for 30 wks at this point and will take every day from here on out as a blessing and less time spent in the NICU.

The neonatalogist on call came down last night and talked to me about delivery at 28 weeks. All stuff I had heard before, but still a bit overwhelming. She said to take it day to day and that they will do all they can to keep my pregnant or help my newborn survive and thrive.

The hospital I am in has the best NICU in this part of the country and my son was a graduate back in June of 98. While I don't look forward to going there again, at least I know they have quality of care here!!!
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Jen- I read your post on the IC board. Sounds like you're getting really good care. 28 weeks is great. Hopefully she'll stay in for another 2 weeks. More baking time and less of a NICU stay. Keep us posted on how you're doing.
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Lurker here.

BFM - Yeah for 28 weeks! : : I'm still hoping you get at least 2 more and I am glad you have such great care. Keep up that positive attitude. You're doing all that you can for that beautiful baby.
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thank you so much ladies, here's today's update!!!

I had my u/s yesterday and everything looked great. My cervix isn't as gone as they thought, but isn't any better than it was before. It did show signs of funnelling. For those that don't know what this means (this will be posted on multiple places), funnelling means that the top part of the cervix is open and that the amniotic sac is beginning to bulge a little into that opening. So picture the cervix like a thin tube with a mouth-like opening at the end where baby comes out. The tubes average length is about 4-5 cm in a pregnancy at this stage (28 wks aka 7 mos) and mine is about 1.5 cm LONG or just over 1/2 inch. The mouth of the tube stays closed to keep baby in, but that mouth is open to 1-2 cm. WIDE.

Since I have been known to have fast labors, and my history shows I can go from 3 cm. to complete in less than 2 hrs, it is a scary time for letting me have much freedom. Also, the dr is worried that even though I'm in bed and not having the standard 4-6 contractions per hour that indicate labor, my cervix is still changing with the uterine irritability. The most I had last week was 5 or so contractions per day with lots of crampiness and pressure. He said it's not new to him but not unseen that someone with an irritable uterus is in labor and the irritability suddenly switches to full-on contractions.

Now the fun part of the u/s. Amelia was measuring on time and just a little ahead on her growth. She was at 29 + wks on a few of the measurements, the only thing measuring her at 28 wks was her estimated weigh gain which was right at about 2 1/2 - 3 lbs. Ultrasounds at this point are +/- 5 ounces either direction, so she could be as small as 2lbs 3 oz or as big as 3 lbs 5 oz.

We finally got some good pictures of Amelia and, not suprisingly, she looks so much like her daddy and big sister. Bill didn't get to attend the ultrasound, so he was happy to see some good pictures of her. She has some hair around the edges, JUST like daddy! She has a little turned up nose and fat little thighs and calfs like me! Her feet...well let's just say I know where big foot lives! She has wide little feet with long thick toes, just like daddy!!! Just her overall appearance reminds me so much of Natalie at this size.

*** They turned off the i.v. meds about an hour ago, and I've been crampy since. If they don't have to turn it back on, then I will be moved from L&D today into a regular antepartem room. I'll keep you all posted!

Jen, Bill, Amelia and all the rest!
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i hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. i've taken to stalking the other DDC's and reading birth stories!!!

what's everyone up to????
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I've been reading the birth stories on the other DDC's too. I'm so happy to hear about babies being born. :

My dh's dad is here for the weekend. My dd is thrilled to have her grandpa around. It's been about 6 months since he's visited last.
I've been taking it easy. I've had some back pain/cramping and bh's, but don't know if it's causing any changes to my cervix. I have a dr's appt on the 11th, but not sure if they will check for funneling and shortening. I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow.:

Jen- Did they move you to the other room? Good news that the cervix isn't as bad as they thought. More baking time for Amelia.
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How's everyone doing?
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There's not really much to update on. Amelia and I are just holding steady here in the hospital. She is very active and when they monitor her, she is very reactive and always passes their tests no problem. She is growing and pushing both on my pelvis AND my ribs!!! My acid reflux was getting so bad that I could barely eat, but the doctor gave me some protonix and I take maalox four times per day so I am now able to eat smallish amounts at each meal. I've had visits from the dietician and the recreational therapy departments making sure I'm fed and keeping my mind busy.

My insurance called and I signed up for a pregnancy health service. They asked me lots of questions and needed information to evaluate my case. The nurses here also said that the staff was doing assessment on me to see what the next plans of action are. I think, due to my history of preterm labor and birth, no one really minds if I stay here. My doctor and I are most nervous about me being so early and my home being so far away from the hospital. At the best, I'm 1 hour from the hospital and being ALMOST 29 weeks (which translates to 7 months, 2 wks) the baby is still at risk for some complications and she won't be able to breath on her own.

My doctor came in last night and I let him know that I've just had the random contractions, never more than one at a time and ZERO cramping. He has allowed me to take wheel chair rides the last few evenings, and he now wants me to get up and do more so that he can gauge how much activity I can do without causing irritation to my uterus. Apparently, sometimes just being on my feet causes the irritability, as it did last week when I was brought in.

So, we are just waiting and seeing how things go. The doctor had said in the beginning that as long as we weren't being forced out (by insurance or someone needing the room more than me), then we would just wait and see. We are thinking I could go home sometime between tomorrow and September 10th, depending on what the doctor thinks is best for my situation. September 10th I'll be 34 weeks (8 months 3 wks) and will be starting to wean off of my medications. If I have her after 34 weeks, her hospital stay would be minimal in the NICU. As things stand today, she would have approximately 5 wks in the hospital if she were born.
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29 weeks today...this is day 9 in the hospital. if all goes well, i have 5 wks left here!!!
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Jen- 29 weeks: That's great and it's good they're keeping you there at the hospital. I'm so happy that Amelia is doing so well and growing and kicking.
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