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Doulas in the Atlanta Area

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I have a friend who lives outside of Atlanta who is looking for a doula. I am a doula here in Texas, but do not have any recommendations for them in Georgia. Does anyone have any doulas that they have had a good experience with? BTW She is planning a home birth. Thanks!
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My mom acted as my doula so I didn't hire one here but my hypnobabies instructor is also a doula and she's delivered most of her little ones at home.


She was amazing as an instructor and if my mom couldn't have been there I definitely would have hired her.
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Try Labor of Love. They have 11 or 12 doulas, and have a tea every other month for moms to meet the doulas and choose one, if they find someone they like.

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the Georgia Birth Network has a big referrals list, including experienced doulas as well as doulas in training who still need certifying births

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My midwife's apprentice/assistant is also a doula and they primarily homebirth, so I think she'd be a wonderful option. I've been so happy with their care and support - she's become like a good friend to me and I'm totally confident with my birth. We're on the north/west side of Atlanta, but they work with women all over the Atlanta area and on all sides of it.

Her email is mamajunebugjones@yahoo.com. I can get a phone number for you and any other information you want/need. And if you have specific questions, I can help you with that, too.
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Decatur Doulas

Check out the website for Decatur Doulas as well (www.decaturdoulas.com). They have several doulas in the cooperative and a range of prices for their services. Although the name is Decatur Doulas, many of them will travel outside of the downtown area for births.
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I second Decatur Doulas!!
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It depends upon which side of Atlanta she is on. I'm a doula south of Atlanta.
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I second a Labor of Love! Teresa Howard is awesome.
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Another vote for Georgia Birth Network, www.gabirthnetwork.com
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I absolutely loved, loved, loved my doula. She is a crunchy one too (& I'm not crunchy, but loved everything about her). Her name is Nadine Laflamme & she is from Canada (she has a bit of a french accent). She was so energetic, knowledgable and just fantastic. She was great with the hospital staff (which is a MUST), she was great with my DH and help him help me. She was familiar with hypnobabies and helped me to focus & get very centered. There did come a point when I wanted drugs and she worked with me to slow me down, concentrate and before I knew it I was dilated a 10. I had a fantastic natural chidbirth & I COULD NOT have done it without her. Her email is nadine@bearingtogether.com or #678-628-7313
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Nadine is one of the doulas who works with me, and she's really fabulous.
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Anoher for Nadine. I am now a doula myself and I can say I would hire her again in a hearbeat!
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Hi,  I am a DONA trained doula in the greater Atlanta area who has experience with both home & hospital births, VBAC, water births, and belly casting. I offer a free, no obligation informational meeting to pregnant moms. I do not accpt more than four clients a month, so I do not overbook. My children are grown & no longer living at home so I can concentrate on my clients. If your friend is interested, she can contact me directly. I can also provide her with references of my former clients.

Thank you for your interest,


"At Your Side" Professional Doula Services


atyoursidedoula.vpweb.com    OR     Michelamt@comcast.net


"There is a secret in our culture and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong."   - L.H.S.

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