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No, it was not a recommendation to purchase an exemption as DAN doctors are not in the business of selling them. As a pp pointed out, a DAN doctor is more likely to view vaccination and its effects on the body as the pp does.

If the first DAN doctor didn't provide an exemption, would you suggest trying a different one?


Personally, I would do my best to research ahead of time (as I do everytime I am considering a doctor); if the doctor is practicing in the DAN protocol then it appears likely that they would do an exemption. If the doctor denied it, depending on why (they likelihood that most any DAN doctor would/would not agree), I might try another.


Very well. This still strikes me as outcome-seeking and evasion, which I take differently in the context of a religious summer camp (with the caveat that I know nothing about the camp or camps in question) than I do in terms of mandatory public education. If religious objections, which are often enough described as being of the "I belong to the Church of Me, Haha!" variety, are to be taken seriously, should not the requirements of a religious community or organization in the other direction be afforded equal respect?


[ETA.--I should add that this is entirely tangential to PP's original question, which suggested nothing of the sort.]

Judaism allows for personal exploration and understanding of "rules". Jews are encouraged to question and explore their understanding of God and the world around them. So, finding a way to incorporate your personal beliefs with the world with God is completely respecting the Jewish community.


I have found many many Jewish beliefs to support the fact that my family doesn't vaccinate. I can absolutely discuss them on the Spirituality board, if you would like. But, to keep it relevant to this board, I would say that it is absolutely in line with Judaism to not vaccinate your family and look for ways that Judaism supports that decision. One should not be shunned from religious experiences for finding a peace with yourself, your life choices, and God from a Jewish perspective.



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I am dealing with this same camp on this same issue right now. My older daughter is vaccinated (because I was young and stupid), but I won't give her anymore (boosters or anything else like Gardasil or menactra). The camp seems to accept this (at least last year), but my younger daughter wants to go now and they will not allow her unless I start shooting her up with these awful vaccines.

I am really ambivalent about this. I asked if we could please forgo the Hep B, since she isn't a drug user or sexually active (at age 9).


they are very strict and serious about this. last year they "required" a flu vaccine and H1N1. ACK!! (NO WAY!)

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If you think vaccines are so awful, why would you give them to your child? It's just summer camp. Yeah, I went and loved it. But plenty of kids didn't go, and we were still friends. Seems odd to consider risking a lifetime of injury for a few weeks a year for 5 years.

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I would not vaccinate my child to get them into a school or camp. Vaccinations should only be given if you believe in the health benefits of them.To vaccinate to get into a program of some sort is imo an uneducated choice. I do agree that if given a choice a child would opt to take the risk of a vaccine just so they could go be with their friends.Again,an uneducated choice and not one I would allow.

Best wishes whatever you decide.
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it's a difficult decision, but with the rigidity of the vaccination policy and their inability to bend on even ONE vaccination (hep B is next to impossible for a nine year old to acquire), I will not be sending her.
additionally, she is fine with it. She'd like to go, but also understands that I feel like the benefits do not out weigh the risks.
I just cannot believe the crap that they put into these shots. it's disgusting.
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i found a jewish camp that will admit kids who are not fully vaxed!!


it is a JCC camp, not a URJ camp, so i'm guessing that if y'all find a JCC camp in your area, you might also have luck. my dd is THRILLED she'll be able to go this summer!

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